Kirk Hammett Of Metallica Announces Details Of Upcoming Solo Project

Kirk Hammett of Metallica has announced that he is releasing a solo EP, his first solo effort

That EP is called ‘Portals’ and will be released on April 23 via Blackened Recordings.

It will be made up of four songs of instrumental music that will be a “collection of gateways to myriad musical and psychic destinations”.

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting below.

01. Maiden and the Monster
02. The Jinn
03. High Plains Drifter
04. The Incantation 

The EP also features contributions from Edwin Outwater, who plays keyboards and leads the orchestral players from the LA Philharmonic in their appearances. There’s also pieces played by drummers Jon Theodore and Abraham Laboriel, Greg Fidelman on bass, Emmy-winning arranger Blake Neely, and Bob Rock.

Kirk had this to say about it:

“This music was created with what I describe as an Audio-Cinematic approach. They’re soundtracks to the movies in your mind.”

Check Out Metallica’s Enter Sandman Reimagined By Travis Barker

This is a massive week for Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Bill Bailey announced he’s dancing to it on the programme Strictly Come Dancing and now, it features on Sound Of Metal which debut’s via Amazon Prime Video but this time, it’s been reimagined by Travis Barker (Blink 182).

The film centres around a drummer, played by Riz Ahmed (aka Bodhi Rook from Rogue One), who has to come to terms with his loss of hearing. Travis’ new version of the song features actor Paul Raci, who signs the lyrics, along with Elise Trouw, and drummer Carey Watkins, who also sings.

Check it out below.

Watch President Elect Joe Biden Mashed Up With Metallica

So America elected a new president recently: Joe Biden. While the confirmed loser of the 2020 election Donald Trump is making sure the jokes about his defeat write themselves all over the Twittersphere someone has created this genius edit where Joe Biden is mashed up with Metallica’s King Nothing with the snippets of Biden’s Speeches.

It’s both epic and hilarious at the same time as I introduce you to IRON BIDEN!

Check it out below.

Metallica Announce 2020 Gig, To Be Shown At Drive In Theatres

Metallica fans have been wondering what the hell has been going on. Aparently the band have been rehearsing but nobody can be there for a show. Surely.

On the other hand, that’s not true if the gig can be filmed.

The metal gods are going to be performing and recording their first live show of 2020 near their California HQ, where set is to be shown for one night only at drive-in theatres across America and Canada later this month.

In addition to the live performance, Three Days Grace will also perform where those who buy tickets for the show will receive four (that’s right four!) digital downloads of Metallica’s upcoming S&M2 album, which is set for a August 28th 2020 release via Blackened Recording.

In a statment, Metallica say:

“It’s been a crazy, hectic, thrilling and exciting time at Metallica HQ as the four of us have all been in the same room making music for the first time in almost a year! ‘What’s going on?’ you ask? We’re recording a concert to appear at your local drive-in theater… that’s what!

“We’ll be the first rock band to be featured in the Encore Drive-In Nights series, with a full set screening August 29 at hundreds of drive-in and outdoor theaters across the United States and Canada. We’ve been rehearsing at HQ for a show that will be shot specially for the drive-ins at a location nearby later this week and then we’ll pass it off to our award winning production team to then be edited and mixed at the highest standards possible to be beamed into your cars from the big screen.”

The pre-sales will begin August 12th (tomorrow) while the general sale will begin on August 14th 2020 (Friday).

More info can be found via the following link.

A Woman Used A Metallic Track To Scare Off A Cougar

Don’t be deceived by the title of this article, this is actually true! This prompts an old saying whenever in doubt just stick on a Metallica track!

Dee Gallant, a Canadian woman was walking her husky near Duncan, British Columbia when she encountered something which she wasn’t anticipating for, a live cougar!

Dee said she noticed the animal after feeling like something was watching her. She explained to KeownaNow that; “I looked over to the right and there it was. I couldn’t make it out at first and thought, ‘Oh, that is a strange color. That’s not a tree.’”

Eventually, she took action. “It didn’t respond to that either, it just stayed locked on to me and seemed really interested, so that is when I decided to stop recording and try to do something else.

“I quickly rifled through my iTunes and found Metallica Don’t Tread On Me, as soon as it started to play, he buggered off into the bush.”

“I guess he didn’t want to eat anything that leaves a Metallica taste in his mouth,” she added.

The full footage of the enounter can be seen below.

12 Year Old Playing Bass For Korn?!

In case you’re wondering if the title of this article is correct? Yes, a 12-year-old is playing for the Legendary band, Korn.

But this isn’t just any 12-year-old, this is Tye Trujillo, the son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo.

Check out the band’s statement they made via Facebook below



Watch: Metallica Perform With Lady Gaga

Watch below, Lady Gaga and Metallica performed together at the 59th Grammy Awards.

They both joined forces to perform Metallica’s Moth Into Flame., from their new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct. Although, there was a little microphone trouble.

Have a viewing below:

Metallica To Perform at the Grammy’s

Not only have Metallica been nominated for a Grammy Award this year, they have announced they will performing as well!

The band said:

“First, it was a total honor to be nominated, but now this?!!? We’re beyond excited that we have been invited to perform on the 59th annual Grammy Awards telecast on Sunday, February 12, 2017. It’s been three years since we were lucky enough to participate in the awards show when we last performed with world-renowned Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang and we’re thrilled to be asked back.

We have something very unique and special planned for this celebratory night, so tune in to watch on CBS-TV… check those local listings for your timezone and keep watching here for more information.”