MIKALYN Releases Shimmering Single, ‘Ready To Love You’

Mikalyn’s ascent in the music business has been, in some respects, an atypical journey thus far. She gained an initial unconventional foothold when a Brazilian record label discovered her original, piano-driven music on Soundcloud and offered to transform them into EDM hits. What followed were monster collaborations with the likes of Zuffo, Diskover, Ownboss, and Evokings. These collaborations, although not the direction she expected to take at the beginning of her career, were crucial stepping stones in building her repertoire and fanbase, ultimately introducing new listeners to her original alt-pop stylings. The Canadian songwriter pens relatable songs which touch on relationships, love (or lack thereof) and everyday experiences and emotions. Inspired by the likes of BETWEEN FRIENDS, Tears for Fears, Billie Eilish and Marina, Mikalyn’s sound is a vibrant and colourful blend of infectious pop melodies, soaring vocals and polished production. 

Her latest release “Ready to Love You” was written about needing to backtrack on a relationship. It’s about realizing that you’re in too deep and explaining to your partner that you’re not ready to fall in love yet. Mikalyn confides, “The idea of love is scary and overwhelming sometimes and this song is about trying to avoid it where possible.” Produced and co-written with Murray Daigle, “Ready to Love You” is built upon an 80s inspired beat. Echoing vocals, oscillating synths and a groove-laden bass provide the foundations for this shimmering, catchy tune, while Mikalyn’s soulful vocal tone oozes with an honesty, as she sings, “I’m all doubts, you’re holding out, but I don’t feel it, I’m okay, but you’re in pain, ya I think you need this.”

Check out ‘Ready To Love You’ below.

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Teen Alt Pop / EDM Prodigy Mikalyn Releases New Single ‘I Love You Too Much’

At 2.5 Million streams, Canadian alt-pop and EDM prodigy Mikalyn Hay unfurls an infectiously grasping new single, “I Love You Too Much” — available now! 

“It’s dreamy, it’s heartfelt, and it’s got a melody that floats along at a pace that reminds me of life in the small city I grew up in,” the Guelph, Ontario-based chanteuse offers of the track that’s a sonic sidestep from her EDM foothold. “The distorted drums and 808 bass from Chris give it an urban touch.”

She’s referring to producer Chris Grey (88Glam, K. Forest), with whom she’s collaborated with since they were early teens. “We’ve long worked together,” Mikalyn details, “since we were discovering who we are as individual artists, and as a combined force.”

Just like their songs and production, the duo shot and conceptualized the video to accompany the track. “The video for ‘I Love You Too Much’ captures and reflects the mood we wanted the listener to feel,” she shares, adding that it underscores “the longing, the hopefulness, the caution, and the beauty of the moment when you realize ‘I love you too much’ about someone.”

Mikalyn has shared the stage with Tyler Shaw, Virginia to Vegas, and more; she recently debuted “I Love You Too Much” while opening for Scott Helman’s livestream concert.

With an inimitable voice that’s been lent to the likes of Machine Drivers, Öwnboss & Zerky, Röde, and more, Mikalyn’s 2020 singles include “Gravity (w/ XtraKyd & F51),” “Next to Me (w/ Discover, Bored Machines & Xtro),” “Close (w/ RQntz, 39 Kingdom & Xtro),” “Sleepless Nights (w/  Zuffo & Envoy Music),” “Nothing but Blood,” “Antidote,” and “Deep End.” 

“I Love You Too Much” is available now.

Check it out below.