Modern Baseball Talk Sudden Hiatus

Modern Baseball have gone on a sudden hiatus and everyone’s been wondering why. This is what band member Jake Ewald has said to The Fader about it.

“The next time the four of us wake up and really want to do this again, then we’ll fucking do it. We’ll do it that day.

“That’s how it was in the beginning; we all loved doing it, and wanted to do it every day.

“Then we got to the point where we didn’t want to do it any day, and that was a confusing feeling.

“We just said, let’s not call it a breakup and make a huge deal about it and have a “Last Show Ever” or anything like that. Let’s just take it easy for now, and if we wake up and want to do it again, then let’s do it.”

Modern Baseball Are Taking A Break!

Modern Baseball have announced they’re taking a break and have cancelled all of their upcoming tour dates.

Here’s the statement Jake Ewlad posted.

As much as it pains me to say this, we have decided to cancel our upcoming U.S. tour dates and festival appearances to take a break from Modern Baseball for a little while.”

“Over the past few months the band has become an immense source of anxiety for me,” he continued, “and it wasn’t until I opened up to Sean, Ian, and Brendan about it that we realized we were all feeling the same way.”

“The project we started as a source of joy and positive expression had become something that was slowly eating away at our mental health and our friendships. We have been championing the importance of mental health for a while now, and we recently realized that it would be wrong for us to ignore our own health any longer.”

“Please know that we don’t take a tour cancellation lightly, and under any other circumstances we would not even consider it an option, but in this instance we have to put our health and friendships first. You’ve supported us unconditionally throughout this crazy ride and we could never thank you enough.”

“We never really learned how to do this whole ‘rock band’ thing the right way, but you kept coming to the shows and talking to us and assuring us that we’d figure it out sooner or later. We could not have done any of this without you. Be honest with those you love and don’t be afraid to lean on them when you need to. Odds are they’ll need to lean on you pretty soon too.”

“With all the love in the world, MOBO”

He also shared links to mental health crisis hotlines.

Here’s the Instagram post. I’m hoping that is someone is suffering from mental health issues, then this post will help them.

Modern Baseball Member Pulls Out Of Tour

Brendan Lukens will not take part in the band’s upcoming UK/EU tour, as he takes time to focus on his mental and physical health.

He wrote a statement on the band’s Facebook page. He wrote:

“Hello fam – Bren here.

“I have some unexpected news. I will not be joining Modern Baseball on the upcoming Europe / UK tour. I am okay — but I need this time at home to focus on my mental and physical health. The band will continue on with the tour thanks to help from mega friends Thins Lips, Superweaks and all the MOBO crew. This was an incredibly hard decision for me, and it was even harder confronting myself and the band about how I am feeling. Still, I know this is what I need right now. I can never thank MOBO and our crew enough for taking on the roles they have to support me.”

“I love y’all very much.”

Mental illness is very serious and should never be taken lightly. It’s a long journey to understanding and coping with your illness but I have so much faith in y’all, and myself. If you or a friend ever feels lonely, depressed, sad, confused, whatever here are some crisis hotlines you can call. Again, I love y’all very much — talk soon”\


The tour dates for the UK are:


13 – BRISTOL Bierkeller
14 – NEWCASTLE Riverside
17 – MANCHESTER Academy 2
18 – LONDON Forum

10 Acts to see at Leeds and Reading.

Well, the annual Leeds and Reading festivals are around two months away and people are still making their lists of who to see on each day. I’ve composed a list of my top ten acts to see, even though I probably won’t be there. But here are my top ten acts to see at Leeds and Reading that aren’t on the main stage day by day including the stages they’ll play! So here we go:

But without further interruption here are my top ten acts to see at Leeds and Reading that aren’t on the main stage day by day including the stages they’ll play! So here we go:


1. Tonight Alive (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)

2. Good Charlotte (LOCK UP STAGE)


4. Modern Baseball (LOCK UP STAGE)

5. The King Blues (LOCK UP STAGE)

6. Greywind (LOCK UP STAGE)

7. Waterparks (LOCK UP STAGE)

8. Beach slang (LOCK UP STAGE)

9. The 1975 (NME/BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)

10. Arcane Roots (LOCK UP STAGE)


1.Twenty-One Pilots (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)


3. Crossfaith (LOCK UP STAGE)

4.Asking Alexandria (LOCK UP STAGE)

5.Citizen (LOCK UP STAGE)

6.Creeper (LOCK UP STAGE)


8. Nothing More (LOCK UP STAGE)

9. Alunageorge (BBC RADIO 1 DANCE STAGE)

10.Fickle Friends (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)




3.Brian Fallon and the Crowes (FESTIVAL REPUBLIC STAGE)

4.Milk Teeth (LOCK UP STAGE)

5.Ghost Town (LOCK UP STAGE)


7.The Dillinger Escape Plan (LOCK UP STAGE)

8.Mastodon (LOCK UP STAGE)

9. Two Door Cinema Club (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)

10. Sunset Suns (NME / BBC RADIO 1 STAGE)