Written By Wolves Release New Track, ‘Give Em Hell’

New Zealand’s genre-bending rockers Written By Wolves are back and ready to bring their fresh and progressive cinematic rock to the world with epic new track ‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’. 

The track sees the band examining an all too real subject of how the division in our society could possibly lead to our downfall. Vocalist Michael Murphy says, “‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’ marks the beginning of a new era for Written By Wolves. An era in which we take everything that we have done before, every genre bending idea we have ever had, and put it on steroids. ‘GIVE ‘EM HELL’ imagines a dystopian future not too distant and dissimilar from today where the need to unify has become critical to survival. It warns of an inevitable and impending armageddon should we not learn how to put aside our differences and unite against those that conspire to keep us down.

Check out ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ via the following link.

August Burns Red Shares New Single, ‘Backfire’

Grammy-nominated August Burns Red have recently dropped their latest single, ‘Backfire’. A new record from the band, Death Below is set to drop on March 24 via SharpTone Records.

On the new track, “‘Backfire’ is song that musically is a punch in the face, and we wrote the lyrics to follow suit,” says ABR. “The song is about choosing who you follow wisely, and not allowing people you’ve never met to influence the decisions you make in life. ‘Backfire’ ticks all the boxes when it comes to an ABR song.”

Check out the video for ‘Backfire’ below.

Aborted Release New Single For ‘Infinite Terror’

Just in time for the kick-off of their nearly completely sold-out tour with Lorna Shore, the cinematic extreme metal masters ABORTED have released ‘Infinite Terror’, their first single in partnership with Nuclear Blast Records. The new track is a storm of thundering blastbeats, bone-shaking growls and razor sharp riffs. 

ABORTED have also delivered a terrifying new music video for ‘Infinite Terror’ in association with Grupa13. 

Check out the video for ‘Infinite Terror’ below.

Magnolia Park Announce New Record, ‘Baku’s Revenge’

Orlando-based band Magnolia Park have announced their debut album ‘Baku’s Revenge’ set for release on November 4th. 

Under the guidance of producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War) they combine elements of punk, pop and hip-hop teeming with catchy melodies, massive guitar hooks and cutting-edge production. At times lighthearted, the band is also serious about spreading a message of inclusivity and inspiring kids who look like them to start bands as a form of creative expression.

With pop-punk icons as mentors, it’s clear that all their time invested on the road has helped further develop their sound. While their Heart Eater EP (2022) was recorded in a week, the band had much more time to finetune the songs for ‘Baku’s Revenge’— In fact within the span of a month the band wrote 30 songs for the album before fleshing them out with Andrew Wade who helped the guys “trim the fat and think about what we’re trying to say” according to Tristan Torres. 

This attention to detail is evident on Baku’s Revenge, through dynamic vocal performances the band addresses depression and mental health, toxic relationships, as well as their own experiences with institutional racism. With songs as thought-provoking as they are accessible, the band members’ lived experiences are present in every second of the 24 minutes that make up the album.

“I think when [listening] to the messages in our songs and seeing the videos, you see that we’re more than a playful pop-punk band,” says bassist Jared Kay. “We can have a good time and be silly, but we also show that there are some serious real-world problems going on in the world that we want to address and expose.”

Check out the Album Artwork, Tracklisting and Music Video for the latest release, ‘Misfits’ below.


1. ? 

2. Feel Something (feat. Derek Sanders) 

3. Misfits (feat. Taylor Acorn) 

4. Radio Reject 

5. !! 

6. Drugs 

7. Paralyzed

8. Addison Rae

9. Ghost 2 U (feat. FRED & Joshua Roberts) 

10. $$$ 

11. I should’ve listened to my friends

Pre-orders for the upcoming record are available via the following link.

Third Party Incidents Release New Track, ‘Vest’

After receiving enormous praise for their previously shared effort ‘Chair’, which was regularly circulated on Amazing Radio upon its release, London-based outfit Third Party Incidents make their stunning return with the rip-roaring new single ‘Vest’.

Bringing back more of that bold and energetic indie-punk vibe they are building for themselves, ‘Vest’ makes for a wonderfully fresh and driven release. Jam-packed with swaggering hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and killer vocals littered throughout, they are certainly looking to cement themselves as one of the more engaging new bands on the rise right now.

The bands second release, ‘Vest’, their second release, is a short/snappy rock ‘n’ roll banger with a catchy chorus and erratic rhythm that will keep you on your toes. The remainder of the 5 track EP will be drip-fed to the public over the course of the next 7 months, leaving them salivating for more with each intoxicating bite.

The Video: Showfield’s moving out of his Brick Lane flat after 8 years, a celebratory send-off? Perch The Flying Ganesh perilously on the ‘balcony’, fire up some amps on the lane, hail some percussion on the pavement, arm TC Free & Showfield with wireless guitars, and you have the potential for a spectacle. A helping hand from one of the OG fans ‘The Robster’, responsible for causing a traffic diversion added a je ne sais quoi… This was followed by a two- year hiatus, during which time Showfield developed a number of new songs with a vision to rebuild the band as a four-piece. Thankfully, the stars were on his side, and soon enough, meets TC Free, a fresh-faced Australian in the heart of London, while on their respective dates at a bar.

Enjoy what you read? Check out the video below.

Rising Artist Rory Carney Releases ‘A Little Magic feat. Matilda Mae’

Rising producer and artist Rory Carney has released ‘A Little Magic’.

Centered around thumping kick and rhythmic bass plucks, the production is stylish and reminiscent of current taste-makers Purple Disco Machine. The catchy melody is a true earworm, sung by up-and-coming vocalist and artist in her own right, Matilda Mae. The lyrics are a post-covid reminder to enjoy the freedom and appreciate the good times even if times were tough.

“‘A Little Magic’ is a feelgood smash for the summer, hoping to bring happiness and a beat to anywhere it plays. The intention with all of my music is to try and convey an emotion while making feet tap, and hopefully this’ll make people get up and move too.”

Hailing from London, this latest smash continues Carney’s progression to a more electronic sound. Following his experimental last track ‘One4me’ and his biggest tune ‘In The Shine’, this highly playlistable sound is perfect for radio. His previous release, ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’, had a glowing reception, with posts in Earmilk and Purple Melon, and it marks a busy summer for Carney with another release following the month after.

Taking his tracks from inception through recording and mixing, Rory Carney is truly a multi-talented artist, and, with ‘A Little Magic’, it marks possibly his most skilled hit yet.

Check out ‘A Little Magic’ below.