Post Hardcore Trio Murals Release new track, ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Spine’

Post-hardcore outfit Muralsreleased a powerful new single Out Of Sight, Out Of Spine” ft Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) on Equal Vision Records.

Written about the famine and suffering occurring in Ethiopia’s Tigray region,this new track seeks to draw awareness to the humanitarian tragedy the country has faced over the last year. The band will donate a portion of all proceeds from the song toRefugees International. You can streamthe song and learn more about Refugees International here.

On the theme of the song, Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell has this to say: 

In July of last year, I learned of the genocide that’s happening in Ethiopia, and my gut instinct was ‘how the f*** have I not heard about this?’ Whole villages of men, women and children are being slaughtered, their bodies decomposing in the sun. It really troubles me that I can share a planet with these people and have no idea that that’s going on. The drawback of our myopic focus on COVID is that there are some human rights violations that are not nearly getting the worldwide audience and chorus of people calling for change.”

“People can affect change in a lot of different ways, and I hope people hear this and want to know what’s going on there, and get involved beyond a local level. We can’t turn a blind eye to atrocities happening on this Earth right now. We’ve all been given this unique, crazy privilege of being human beings for some amount of time, and it’s our responsibility as adults on this Earth to try to do something about this as this is happening in our time.”

Murals Guitarist Shane Gann had this to add:

“This song was always meant to hit a specific emotion – sort of an intriguing type of uncomfortable – and we’re honored that Garrett was inspired by the song in such a way that allows us to bring light to such an imposing topic as the massacres going on in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.”

Check out the track, ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Spine’ via your preferred streaming service.

Post-Hardcore Outfit Murals Share Debut Single, ‘Windbreaker’ ft. Peter Rono

Murals have begun their musical journey with “Windbreaker”, out now on Equal Vision Records. Dedicated to the memory of late Feverwar singer Nicholous Thomas, the song features Kaonashi vocalist Peter Rono. “Windbreaker” kicks off with fast guitar blasts and caustic percussion that sound like anything but a first single, which can be attributed to the sizable experience each member boasts. Murals showcases three talented instrumentalists – Shane Gann of Hail The Sun / Sufferer (guitar), Blake Dahlinger of I The Mighty (drums) and Tony Bautista formerly of Mannequin Mishap (bass), alongside a revolving roster of vocalists. The main influences for this project are actual stories from the vocalists themselves, which drives the band to make powerful works that fully capture the feelings involved. While they may finish a song before it’s presented to the vocalist, they revise their arrangement and production approach to correlate the music to support the story being told. All three core members are rhythm-section players at heart, and the listener can distinctly hear their love for solid foundations and infectious riffs.. 

“Windbreaker” features a vocal tour de force courtesy of Peter Rono of Kaonashi, lending his singular style of emotive singing and lyrics to the song. The title of the track refers to Rono’s late friend and beloved Feverwar vocalist Nicholous Thomas, who was often seen wearing a ubiquitous blue and pink windbreaker.

On the themes of the song, vocalist Peter Rono has this to say: 

“I wanted to take this chance to write a song for my friend Nicholous Thomas who passed. Since Kaonashi is a concept band, I don’t get many chances to speak on other things so I’m very glad I could do this for him. Feverwar forever.”

Guitarist Shane Gann has this to add: 

“Suicide has sadly affected so many of us, and it seemed most fitting to start with Peter’s story, given that our previous project surrounded mental health. This song is our way of going a little further, to provide support in another area” 

With the release of “Windbreaker” and other upcoming singles, Murals is placing emphasis on the importance of community. With each single drop, a portion of profits will be directly donated to organizations and causes of the vocalist’s choice in an effort to give back to those who need it most. 

Check out the track, ‘Windbreaker (Feat. Peter Rono) below.