RedHook Release New Single Featuring Mikaila Delgado (Yours Truly)

Two of the most prominent women in the Australian heavy music scene, RedHook’s Emmy Mack and Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado, join forces on ‘Imposter’.

Emmy explains the inspiration behind the track: “There’s no head-fuck quite like discovering that the person you love most, and who you think you know better than anyone else, has been lying to you and manipulating you the entire time. At first, it feels like death, you grieve for the person you loved as if they’ve died, and yet somehow they still exist. It’s almost as if some kind of evil, alien life force has taken up residence inside their body and is walking around wearing their skin. Eventually, it causes you to question your own sanity; you question whether that person who meant so much to you ever really existed at all.”

On the topic of tapping Yours Truly for the collab, she adds: “This song was already so special to me and one of my absolute favourites off the record. We approached Mikaila to be involved because we love Yours Truly so much and thought her voice would sound amazing on the track. But what I didn’t realise was that she’d actually been going through an eerily similar situation to mine in her own personal life. We trauma-bonded a lot during the process of putting ‘Imposter’ together and the extra vocal parts and lyrics that Mikaila added still give me goosebumps every time! She took this song to a whole new dimension and I’m so grateful to her for it. This is our joint break-up anthem and we hope it empowers other people who’ve been through similar nightmarish bullshit to stay strong.”

The song also comes packing a quirky, science fiction-inspired music video directed by Colin Jeffs of Ten of Swords Media (Make Them Suffer, Alpha Wolf), which takes its cues from cult sci-fi flicks like ‘Species’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’, as both women slowly morph into deranged lizard monsters with a taste for human flesh.

Check out ‘Imposter’ below.

Imperial Tide Reveal Video For ‘Off The Leash’

IMPERIAL TIDE have shared the video for their crackling-with-intensity new single “Off the Leash.” 

The video is meant to grab your attention — and keep it — minus any BS or artifice. “We wanted to make a music video that the audience could immediately identify who we were as a band,” says Hill about the visual. “No glitz or glamour — just raw, black and white, and in your face. We made the point to film this video entirely by ourselves, with no filter between us and the fans.”

Regarding the deeper meaning behind the song, Hill continues, “‘Off the Leash’ is about cutting off those around you with disingenuous motives. We build a support system through life and sometimes those we surround ourselves with don’t have the drive or intentions to match. The lyric ‘All Bark, No Bite’ explains how some people just want to talk about what they want…but we’re here to take action ‘with nothing left to lose.'”

“Off the Leash” follows last year’s “Slip.”  An unholy union of crunchy riffs, booming bass, and breakdowns, Imperial Tide champion an independent mindset in all aspects of their music. The group has built itself from the ground up. They screen-print their moniker on their own t-shirts, hang it on the banisters they build from scratch, and conceptualize it in visual metaphors they film themselves.  

Check out ‘Off The Leash’ below.

Neolia Release Music Video For ‘Carried Away’

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of dynamic soundscapes and intricate musicianship as Israeli progressive metal band Neolia drops their anticipated debut self-titled album. Brace yourself for a genre-bending journey that will leave you begging for more. In advance of this release, they have a new music video out for the track “Carried Away”, which gives an up-close look at the band playing live and continues the story of the fictional character Alex who the album is about. They share the story conveyed in the single:

“This is a bitter, sweet memory, a sharp twist to a childhood memory from age 7. Being barely woken up, after fainting out repeatedly and passing out from rat poison fumes that were sprayed throughout the house, Alex was experiencing hallucinations while being unconscious and imagining being at the same location where he found his mother dead while nature around him came to life in the form of a nightmare. But even within this horror show, while feeling scared, cold, and alone he managed to take control and put up a fight.”

Check out ‘Carried Away’ below.

As December Falls Share New Single, ‘Alive’

Nominated for Best UK Breakthrough Artist at this year’s Heavy Music Awards as revealed earlier this week and announced as first headliners for Make A Scene Festival, As December Falls are unstoppable in the lead-up to the release of their forthcoming album Join The Club (out 21st July 2023), unleashing their new single “Alive” today.

“Alive is a dark, upbeat track about overcoming darkness.” Bethany says “It’s about when you’re depressed, everything that makes you sad comes alive and is ten times more terrifying than it otherwise would be. It’s about being enveloped in the blackness and coming out unscathed on the other side. Most of the time, the demons are just in our heads.”

Check out ‘Alive’ below.

Brooklyn Indie / Emo Trio Wakelee Releases New Single/Video For ‘Tug Of War’

Brooklyn, NY indie/emo trio wakelee has unveiled “Tug Of War” the new single and music video off the upcoming self-titled 12-track album, produced by Superbloom’s Brian DiMeglio (Bartees Strange, Stay Inside, Proper) and out April 14.

Of the track, frontman/guitarist Alex Bulmer says, “We had the structure for this song since 2021, but it took so long to land a vocal melody. We got so frustrated with it that we decided to get into a room together and loop the instrumental over and over again. We would then present our individual verse and chorus ideas to each other. We played the theme from “Shark Tank” as we did our pitches. It was ridiculous, but it turned out to be one of our favorite tracks from the album.”

Of the video, Alex says, “We wanted to film a music video ourselves, so we put our iPhone on cinema mode and spent 3 hours in our rehearsal space putting it together. We love how it came out! We wanted it to look like one continuous shot. It was really fun to make.”

Check out ‘Tug Of War’ below.

Dragged Under Release New Music Video For ‘Suffer’

Dragged Under have released the official video for “Suffer,” one of the colossal stand-out tracks from their latest studio album ‘Upright Animals’

Talking about “Suffer” singer Tony Cappocchi shares, “Suffer’s message is pretty simple, it’s about asking someone to suffer or be uncomfortable for you, because that’s really the test of any relationship. It’s about how you navigate the hard times that define the strength of your connections. We’re really excited about the release of the suffer video. We worked with Monte, who was the director for Brainwash Broadcast and All of Us and is a rare talent with exceptional creative vision. Always a great time working with him. We love this song and think it deserves a video, which couldn’t have come at a better time as we’re about to go back to Europe to tour with our friends in The Ghost Inside and play one of Europe’s biggest traveling fests!” 

The bands upcoming UK dates include a five-date run supporting The Ghost Inside; 29 Mar – O2 Institute Birmingham, 30 Mar – O2 Ritz Manchester, 31 Mar – SWG3 Galvanizers Glasgow, 2 Apr – Rock City Nottingham and 3 Apr – SWX Bristol. They will also be playing Slam Dunk Festival on 27 and 28 May.

Check out the music video for ‘Suffer’ below.

Confedants Enlist Legendary Rapper The DOC For His First New Verse In 19 Years For ‘Fast Ones’

Codefendants have dropped the series finale of their music video pentalogy today for brand new track ” Fast Ones”.

Both the song and the video feature legendary rapper, The DOC, who lends his first new verse in 19 years to the track.

Speaking on working with Codefendants on the new track and video, The DOC says

“My experience was nothing short of exhilarating, as I found myself surrounded by an ensemble of gifted individuals and luminaries from the underground hip-hop and punk rock scene. I am eagerly anticipating the release of our collective creation, and I can’t wait for all of you to witness the magic we have conjured up.”

Adding to this, Ceschi Ramos shares

“We were raised on hip hop & punk. To us, blending those sounds is not some cute fashion statement or gimmick that we can suddenly abandon for the next trend. I always think of that photo of Public Enemy wearing Minor Threat shirts in the 80s and realize how that image alone sums up a good chunk of my musical & cultural upbringing. Getting to record alongside the legendary DOC and watch as he crafted ferocious, wisdom-laced bars was an absolute honor. Heads in the know understand that this is a rarity, DOC doesn’t just rap on anyone’s shit, it had been many years since he unleashed the growl & we spent time together to eventually create a Codefendants call to arms theme in an organic fashion. When we were able to film the video with Indecline so much of our artist family came through – Myka 9 of The Freestyle Fellowship, 2Mex, Awol One, Factor Chandelier, Stacey Dee of Bad Cop Bad Cop, Jenn from the Bombpops, Zeta, Rick Thorne & many others…Punk Rock & Underground Hip Hop were properly represented – it was an unforgettable day.”

Check out ‘Fast Ones’ below.

Psychotic Apes Release New Music Video For ‘Stab’

“A New Lifetime” is the second studio album by the band Psychotic Apes. The album features the songs from the “Lifetime” EP, remixed and remastered, and four new tracks. The album was preceded by the singles “Under the Dusk” and “Stab”, each accompanied by a music video directed by Thales Victor and Ayrthon Medeiros, respectively. The material has just been released by the Latin American label Electric Funeral Records.

“Under the Dusk” brings a sound between grunge and hard rock, very characteristic of the band. The lyrics deal with dreams, redemption and the inevitable encounter with the beast that exists within us. “Stab” is certainly one of the band’s most direct and heaviest songs, with metal influences being more present. The lyrics are a catharsis of symbolic brutality against the tyranny that plagues the present day.

In addition to them, the disc also features a hard rock version of “Lovely Dirty Words” (recorded on the first album in acoustic format), “Foot Wound”, “Lifetime”, “Lighthouse”, “The Day When the Beast Returned” and “Modern Primate”. 

Check out the video for ‘Stab’ below and stream the record, ‘A New Lifetime’ via the following link.

PVRIS Shares Video For New Single, ‘Goddess’

Earlier this year producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist PVRIS (Lyndsey Gunnulfsen), released her new single GODDESS” via Hopeless Records.  The single is a gritty, punchy and action packed dance party that channels female rage, power, confidence, and autonomy all in one. Today she shares the video for the song and says about the track, “Goddess is a gritty, punchy and action packed dance party that channels female rage, power, confidence, and autonomy all in one. It’s a celebration of femininity, all shapes and forms, and a cathartic, guttural scream at the same time.” 

“Goddess” is the follow up to the pair of singles that PVRIS shared in late 2022 – “ANYWHERE BUT HERE” and “ANIMAL”.  Together they served as a reminder of the range and multifaceted nature of Gunnulfsen’s artistry.  Accompanying the singles was PVRIS’ first short film, directed by long-time friend and tourmate Jax Anderson.

Check out the video for ‘Goddess’ below.

ROMES Release New Single, ‘CHOKER’

One of Canada’s hottest emerging acts, Toronto-based ROMES, return today with ‘CHOKER’, a captivating ode to the classic grunge and alt rock sounds of the 1990’s. The single, which marks the band’s heaviest track released to date, perfectly captures the nostalgia of that era with its raw emotion, crunchy distortion rich guitars and edgy, punchy drums.

We grew up on 90’s grunge and alt rock and a lot of those influences naturally found their way into writing CHOKER. We wanted to capture the nostalgia of the music we first fell in love with – the raw emotion and energy that inspired us to start making music in the first place,” share ROMES. “Certain production choices blur the genre lines that sparked the record resulting in the heaviest track we’ve done to date, both lyrically and sonically.”

‘CHOKER’, which follows the infectious, lyrically poignant and introspective single ‘WE NEED SOME HELP’, is now available on all major streaming platforms here and the lyric video can be viewed below.