17 Crash Channel Cobra Kai For New Music Video ‘Strike First’

Italian rockers 17 Crash‘s fourth studio album “Stamina” is now available.

For the album’s release day, the band is channeling the power of the Kobra Kai (Karate Kid) for their new music video for the full-length’s closing track “Strike First”.

The band continues to explain the song:

“We took the inspiration for this song from the Karate Kid/Kobra Kai – movie/pictures, series. Therefore, it’s necessary to be on guard, without, however, being defeatist or pessimistic. Be always prepared when things are going against you. Be brave and show no mercy to the ones with bad intentions towards you. Don’t let them smell your fear, let them smell the taste of your fist.”

Check out the video for ‘Strike First’ below.

Check Out Palaye Royale’s New Video For ‘Oblivion’

We all know that every Palaye Royale music video we’re given is amazing… it’s beautiful and stunning but we might have their best one ever with the release of ‘Oblivion’.

This is a video which perfectly captures their musical talents as well as the directors vision for the band.

Get lost in ‘Oblivion’ below.

Lake Malice Release Genre-Pushing Track ‘Black Turbine’

Alt Metal Duo Lake Malice have a visual treat for us today as they have dropped their latest effort, the track ‘Black Turbine’.

“’Black Turbine’ is a commentary about toxicity in codependent relationships. It’s an ode to being independent and holding onto individuality.” Lake Malice vocalist Alice Guala is clear about the intent of the band’s new single, the brutally anthemic ‘Black Turbine’.

Its accompanying music video is horror-tinged which is something we all love! This is becoming a massive statement of the band infusing the heavy sound with the person to match.

Check out the music video for ‘Black Turbine’ below.

Sunsetto Shares New Single & Video For ‘Too Fast’

Toronto-based singer, songwriter and producer sunsetto has shared his new single & video, “too fast.” Layering an indelible, haunting chorus over an acoustic hook, sunsetto explores the power of attraction with compelling lyrics like “probably should be cautious / but you make it hard to do.” 

“‘Too Fast’ was inspired by the feeling of entering a new relationship and not wanting to take things slow because the vibe is so good,” 
sunsetto explains. “I wrote the song with no music, I was just hitting my chest on a voice memo and Lenno (producer) built the track around that.” 

Check out ‘Too Fast’ below.

Lzzy Hale Release Gory New Video For ‘The Cutter’

GWAR have dropped their latest video for ‘The Cutter’. IT’s one epic track which features Hailstorm’s Lzzy Hale.

In the video, Lzzy plays a big part in the piece and it’s pretty dman good!

Frontman Blothar had this to say:

Lzzy Hale is wonderfully talented. Few realize she is also an undercover Scumdog who came to Earth with the rest of GWAR aeons ago under her true name Clitaurus Maximus of the Maximus clan. We are delighted to have her voice and image on this work of absolute genius.” 

And Lzzy added this:

“I, Clitaurus Maximus The She Bull… hereby declare, THE CUTTER as myFIRST feature in a MOTHERFUCKING GWAR SONG!  Thank you so much to these interplanetary warriors for the much-appreciated bloodletting, and for giving this lil’ beast the opportunity to rear her three ugly heads!” 

Check out the video for ‘The Cutter’ but please be warned, it is extremely NSFW and not one for the squeamish.

The Happy Fits Release Music Video For Single, ‘Little One’

Indie rock band The Happy Fits have released the music video to their single “Little One”.

“Little One” is a sweet ode to the band’s future children, inspired by English singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal’s many songs dedicated to his daughter.  It is ultimately a track that encourages one to feel everything they need to feel, to embrace vulnerability. While a bright future can be difficult to grasp, the track’s chorus finds comfort in the uncertainty.  It fits right in with The Happy Fits’ goal of their live show, and their music’s messaging–the desire to offer each other support, and a place to belong. 

Check out the video for ‘Little One’ below.

17 Crash Release New Music Video For ‘Higher’

In anticipation for their new record, ‘Stamina’, 17 Crash have released their new music video for ‘Higher’.

The opening album track “Higher” is a punch in the stomach. The band continues to explain the song:

“We wanted to start on fire, getting in your ears like a Tornado. Our comeback after two terrible years is finally here, so it must be fast, heavy, and loud. This song speaks about our need to reach our life goals, focusing on what we love to do and trying to leave all the negative things behind. It’s a primal scream, a jump to reach the highest top. We all know how hard is to reach the top and remain free.”

Foreign Hands Share New Single For ‘Tearing Down Your Reality’

Delaware metalcore band FOREIGN HANDS have shared their new single ‘Tearing Down Your Reality’, out today on SharpTone Records. Strewn with chaotic riffs and raw emotion, the track finds the band expertly blending mosh-fueled chords with infectious hooks. 

On writing ‘Tearing Down Your Reality’ vocalist Tyler Norris stated:

“‘Tearing Down Your Reality’ was written and recorded at the same time as ‘Chlorine Tears,’ although it shows the more aggressive side of our band. Lyrically, the song is about people who exploit anyone and use any tactic to get what they want at the cost of being their genuine self. It’s the type of ignorance that comes with being materialistic, egoistic, etc. While some may never come to address that part of themselves, the music video shows how some do in an unsettling way.”

Check out ‘Tearing Down Your Reality’ below.

Inhaler Releases New Single, ‘:one Will Get You There’

INHALER have announced the details of their new album ‘Cuts & Bruises’ and share uplifting new single ‘Love Will Get You There’.

The Dublin band’s eagerly awaited sophomore album will be released on February 17th via Polydor Records.
‘Cuts & Bruises’ is the follow-up to Inhaler’s debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ which debuted at no.1 in both the UK & Irish Official Charts. Released in July 2021, ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ became the fastest-selling debut album on vinyl by any band this century and saw Inhaler become the first Irish group to top the Album Charts with a debut in 13 years. 
‘Love Will Get You There’ is the second track to be unveiled from ‘Cuts & Bruises’ and follows soaring anthem ‘These Are The Days’ which was released in June. The accompanying video for ‘Love Will Get You There’ sees the four band members – vocalist and guitarist Elijah Hewson, bassist Robert Keating, guitarist Josh Jenkinson and drummer Ryan McMahon – performing on a spoof Late Late Show alongside some very intriguing personalities and a game of Ready, Set, Gunge!

‘Cuts & Bruises’ features 11 tracks and was produced by Inhaler’s long term collaborator Antony Genn. 
The tracklisting is:

  1. Just To Keep You Satisfied
  2. Love Will Get You There 
  3. So Far, So Good
  4. These Are The Days 
  5. If You’re Gonna Break My Heart
  6. Perfect Storm
  7. Dublin In Ecstasy 
  8. When I Have Her On My Mind 
  9. Valentine 
  10. The Things I Do 
  11. Now You Got Me

Check out the video for ‘Love Will Get You There’ below.

UK Metalers Powerful Systm Present ‘Awake’

Awake is the new track from Powerful Systm, taken of the bands upcoming EP, ‘Endless Transformation’, set to be released on 28th October 2022.

The sound inspires a deeper connection with one’s true identity and elevates consciousness from the material experience into a higher dimension.
Powerful Systm’s music draws inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Davin Townsend, and Blind Guardian.

Check out ‘Awake!’ below.