Deadlock (UK) Release Debut Music Video With ‘Deadweight’

British pop-punk new comers Deadlock have released a video for their debut single ‘Deadweight’. Clocking in at just over 2 and a half minutes – the adrenaline fuelled and emotionally charged offering showcases a potent taste of things to come from the Norwich based outfit. The band who cite key influences such as Neck Deep, Roam, As It Is and Boston Manor.

Check out the video for ‘Deadweight’ below.

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Mayday Parade Release New Single, ‘Thunder’

Alternative mainstay Mayday Parade have shared their new energetic single “Thunder,” ahead of kicking off touring festival Sad Summer this Friday. The track, produced by multi-Platinum music producers Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount, is an outtake from the band’s 2021 studio album What It Means To Fall Apart. 

“‘Thunder’ is a song I wrote about being in a long-term relationship, feeling like at times the fire is gone but that it’s still worth holding onto,” shares guitarist Brooks Betts“Don’t give up! All relationships are tough but the good ones are worth it.”

Stream ‘Thunder’ via your preferred service.

The Dangerous Summer Release New Video For Single, ‘All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself’

The Dangerous Summer has released the video for “All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself”. The song is now available on all music platforms.

The band recently announced their signing to Rude Records, and the re-issue of their 2020 EP ‘All That Is Left Of The Blue Sky’ and the singles “Coming Home” and “The Best Part Of Letting Go”. Their new album is expected to be released later this year. 

Check out the video for ‘All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself’ below.

Valleyheart Share New Video For ‘Heal My Head’

Massachusetts trio VALLEYHEART, who craft dynamic, cinematic alternative rock earmarked by lyrical eloquence and sweet melodies, released their second album Heal My Head on the 3rd of June, 2022 via Tooth & Nail.

“It’s experimental, glitchy — industrial, almost,” says singer Kevin Klein, offering a keen insight into the track and its origin story. “We wanted to write a chorus that would be so stuck in your head, that it would almost feel like it was driving you mad. A lot of the production choices were made from this place of wanting the listener to feel like they were losing their mind — going mad. Hard panning, filtered vocals, unusual effects, dissonant harmonies, changing time signatures. Fun fact: canvas sheets were placed over the snare drum, and in between the hi-hats to create a muted, electronic-like feel to the drums on the first half of this track.”

As for the accompanying visual, Klein says, “The director, Mark Bloodworth (Made by Bloodworth) and I started brainstorming ideas to make a beautiful yet distorted/messed up performance visual experience. The video used a visual AI synthesis method called StyleGAN that morphs faces into each other and into various abstract people. He used our faces and some others. The aspect of ‘Heal My Head’ and identity fit this visual effect perfectly. Mark also used tons of other AI and morphing visual effects in there too. A lot of it was also done on VHS and DigiCam. It was really cool to utilize tons of different ideas, cameras, styles and location to make this. The goal of this video was to provide an insane overflow of input and for the human eye and mind.”

Taking us even further into the clip, he finishes, “We shot most of the video in the basement of the church of Mark’s dad, where we actually used to practice during the pandemic and wrote most of the Heal My Head record there. It felt very full circle to be back in that same room, The other locations were deep in the woods at midnight, the backyard at Mark’s parents, and a club.”

Check out the video for ‘Heal My Head’ below.

On Your Nerves Share New Single, ‘Deep End’

On Your Nerves are making pop-punk with a youthful energy and passionate delivery. Today, the band announces their debut album, Brace for the Best, set for release on August 5th through their new label home, Static Era Records. The first taste of the record comes in single “Deep End”, a bouncy track that centers around young love. The video for the song follows the band making their own laugh-worthy skit show spliced between live performance shots.

On the single, vocalist Caleb Andrykovitch states:

“Deep End is a love song through and through. I wrote it about the significant moments of a relationship. The whole song came together very naturally because of how many feelings and personal experiences I had to work with. The main idea of the song is that life is great having someone by your side.”

On Brace For The Best, the band set out to not only be their most expressive to be to also channel inspiration from every iteration of pop-punk. The album was recorded with Zac Eisenstein (Man Overboard) and Pete Zen at Landmine Studios who helped the band push their creative boundaries and really hone in on their sound.

Eisenstein comments:

“I worked with On Your Nerves because I literally heard them on Instagram and was like ‘wow these kids get it.’ I was so thrilled to find younger guys with talent and an open mind. They worked so hard before and during the recording. I couldn’t have had a better time working with them and Pete. And I couldn’t be more proud of what we have!”

Check out the video for ‘Deep End’ below.

Julian Rose Drops New Music Video For ‘How Deep’

Fresh off the release of his debut EP, Los Angeles-based artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julian Rose is back with the music video for the EP’s title track, “How Deep.”

Julian broke out last month with his 3-track debut EP, ‘How Deep,’ which he made with producer extraordinaire, Bret Epic Mazur. While many know Epic from his band Crazy Town, many don’t know that Bret is not only an artist himself but also a producer who has helped develop some of the biggest names in music (Black Eyed Peas, New Edition, BBD). Speaking about his working with Julian, Bret writes, “there is something timeless and iconic about Julian Rose, something just as bright and unique as any of the mega stars I have been involved with. The kids got it.

Constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles, Julian’s music defies genre boundaries. He challenges the expectation that an artist must remain in one singular genre, ruthlessly coloring outside of the lines with his dynamic musicality. 

Eades Release Music Video For ‘A Welcome Goodbye’

Leeds quintet Eades release the music video for ‘A Welcome Goodbye‘ – taken from acclaimed debut album ‘Delusion Spree‘ – out now via Heist or Hit.

Self-produced, and recorded live a la inspirations Parquet CourtsPixies and The Strokes’ early work, there is an energy alchemised by the confidence each individual member has in their craft. This is amplified by the psychic connection established by hours of practice, and the rough and tumble of auxiliary commitments as an indie-band in this day and age. 

Check out the music video for ‘A Welcome Goodbye’ below.

Spiritbox Release Three Track Single & Video For ‘Rotoscope’

2021’s hottest heavy band, SPIRITBOX, have today announced the release of their first new music since their incendiary, chart topping debut album, ‘Eternal Blue’. The new release comes in the form of a 3-track single titled ‘Rotoscope’ and sees the band bringing their unique spin to a more industrial, 90s alt-rock-tinged sound.

The full 3 songs can be streamed via the following link.

The video for ‘Rotoscope’ can be viewed below.

The Ever Living Release New Single, ‘De Emulate’

THE EVER LIVING share their unrelenting new track “De-Emulate,” accompanied by a retro-futuristic video. The band will also host a listening party for their new album ‘Artificial Devices’(set for release on the 15th of July 2022) via the virtual reality hangout app Bigscreen.

The app can be downloaded for free and is compatible with Oculus, Valve, Microsoft and Vive devices. 15 guests picked at random will be able to interact with band members Chris and Andrei before an advance preview of the new album a week before release. Fans can apply for the event by emailing

Speaking on their new single and accompanying video Chris Bevan Lee comments:  

“De-Emulate is all about how our emotions can feel inbuilt and pre-programmed which holds us back and prevents us from progressing. The video was inspired by the early 90s when music videos had a more experimental aesthetic.” Beven Lee jests adding: “Certainly not like the carbon copy studio shoots you see today. I always try to make sure the style suits the theme and mood of the track and the fragmented visuals both illustrate and represent our sound. One foot firmly in the past with the other in the future”

Check out ‘De Emulate’ below.

The Ghost Inside Release Video For ‘One Choice’

Celebrating the two-year anniversary of The Ghost Inside’s fifth studio album The Ghost Inside, the California band is as powerful as ever with their video for “One Choice

Musing on the announcement, the band shares, “This is our first full band music video since our hiatus so it was important to us to involve our fans and make the video for this song a community affair. Now that Covid regulations are easing up with cities, places, and venues, we’re SO stoked to be able to share these songs live with our fans all around the world this year.”

Check out the video for ‘One Choice’ below.