Meet Me @ The Altar Release New Track ‘Feel A Thing’

Meet Me @ The Altar have shared a new song, and it is, of course, fantastic.

You can check out the track alongside a beautifully animated video below:

The track is set to appear on the bands upcoming EP, ‘Model Citizen’, set to be released on Fueled By Ramen on August 13th 2021.

The band say the following on the release:

“We are SO incredibly excited about Model Citizen being our first major release on Fueled By Ramen – these are absolutely our best songs to date.

“Model Citizen was originally a different set of songs, but we decided to throw it all out just days before the EP was due because we knew we could write a more cohesive story with lots of energy. With a heavy easycore influence, we hope Model Citizen knocks everyone out of their seats!”

Check out the Artwork and Tracklisting below.

01. Feel A Thing
02. Mapped Out
03. Brighter Days (Are Before Us)
04. Now Or Never
05. Never Gonna Change
06. Wake Up

Strange Bones Release New Video For ‘Deathwish’

Stange Bones have shared a new music video for their track ‘Deathwish’, the latest cut from their upcoming record, ‘England Scream’s.

Frontman Bobby Bentham says: “Nobody is getting out alive. Deathwish is about feeling trapped by your surroundings and understanding the restraints that we have are put in place by nobody but ourselves. I have a strange relationship with Blackpool, UK, the dystopian Disneyland sea-side town that time forgot, the good and the bad of this place and how it has influenced me is portrayed in the song”.

Check out the intense video below.

Sleep Waker Share New Track, ‘110 Minutes’

Sleep Waker have dropped a new single, ‘110 Minutes’, their latest cut from their upcoming record, ‘Alias’.

Speaking about the track, the band had this to say.

“‘110 Minutes’ is one of the most energetic songs on the record, but it still holds the same melancholic theme of change brought from loss. This is a concept we decided to carry over from the new song ‘Distance.’ We felt that making one of the hypest songs on the record connect back into the story our past song, ‘Relief’ [from 2018’s ‘Don’t Look At The Moon’], all the while making this song relate sonically to ‘Don’t Look At The Moon’ with heavy, crushing, fast-paced riffs and constant background effects to build atmosphere. We really wanted to highlight that while ‘Alias’ may have more melodic experimentation with songs like ‘Distance’ and Skin,’ a song like ‘110 Minutes’ is a perfect showcase of our signature heavy sound that we’re still developing while perfecting the newer elements.”

Check out ‘110 Minutes’ and its video below.

‘Alias’, the bands second record is set to be released July 23rd 2021 via UNFD.

Pre-orders for the record can be made via the label’s webstore.

Between You & Me Release Latest Track, ‘Supervillian’

Between You & Me are well and truly back right now!

The band have dropped their latest track, ‘Supervillain’ a track which shakes with atmosphere and that hook? top notch.

Vocalist Jake Wilson had this to say about the tune:

“Supervillain is a track about the notion of wanting to be liked by everyone and coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like you. The modern desire for approval, appreciation, and acceptance from others is magnified thanks to social media platforms. Being the singer of a band, there can be an unhealthy desire to uphold a certain persona or image to feel accepted – like you belong.

Supervillain is the embodiment of the online façade we all create and let control our thoughts. When writing for this record, I consciously separated myself from social media to focus on my true values.”

Check it out below.

A Few Too Many Release Huge New Track, ‘Unhealthy’

A Few Too Many have returned with a huge new track. 

The track, ‘Unhealthy’ incorporates the rousing and raucous parts of the genre to the best of bands abilities.

The band had this to say about the track and its themes:

“Unhealthy was written about being stuck in a very toxic and ultimately ‘unhealthy’ relationship – it’s a defiant anthem for anyone who has ever been stuck in the same position and wanted to get out. If you’re in a damaging relationship, whether that be a friendship or a romantic connection, let this song be your sign to get out of it.”

You can check out the video for the track below:

Hardcore Quartet War Criminal Share New Single & Video ‘From Tha Gutter’

Setting off their next chapter as a band, today New England hardcore act War Criminal has shared their new single, “From Tha Gutter.” Taking inspiration from the fusion of the late 90’s hardcore scene, the track showcases some of the band’s heaviest riffs and an in-your-face vocal attack. Originally premiering on No Echo, the video serves as a crash-training course of what it takes to be in a band, pulling inspiration from cult favorites like Office Space and The Office. “From Tha Gutter” also marks a revised line-up for the band, with drummer Tyler Lamkins shifting to vocal duties and the return of founding guitarist Mike Bohanon, with bassist Jamie Way and guitarist Anthony Brown still rounding things out. After gaining notoriety with their 2020 EP, God Failed Me, War Criminal is ready to continue bringing their modern twist on old-school hardcore to the forefront of heavy music. You can watch the video for “From Tha Gutter” here now and stream the track here.

Check out the video for ‘From Tha Gutter’ below.

Perseide Release New Single, ‘9th Life’

The utterly fantastic Perseide have dropped a new music video for their track, ‘9th Life’.

On the release of the video, the band say: “Time has run out, the world is dying, it’s time to surrender! If we were cats, it would be our 9th life; as humans, this is our last. Let’s react before it’s too late. This song deals with the emergency of the worldwide situation: global pandemic, ecological disaster… It’s not about giving miraculous solution; it’s about raising awareness and to reflect all together concerning the best solution. We can do it!”

Check out the music video for ‘9th Life’ below.

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BXB LOVE — the nom de plume of Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and artist Natasha Pheko — releases her new single, “Losers.” 

Through genre-bending musical production, reflective lyricism, and multidisciplinary creative works, BXB LOVE captures the charm, discomfort, and introspection of being 20-something in the year 20-something. She steps outside the proverbial box, allowing her artistic expression to honestly reflect the world around her. By choosing a purposefully ambiguous and androgynous pseudonym, LOVE is able to explore the fluidity that is the human experience and liberate herself from the unspoken expectations placed on women of color in the music industry. 

For her third single “Losers,” LOVE invites the people of planet earth to cast off their masks, and take a good hard look at all the parts of themselves — the good, the bad and the ugly — with acceptance, love, and compassion. “’Losers’ is my claim that we are all really just losers trying to fit in,” LOVE says. “I believe, if we really committed to being who we are, and loving that unconditionally, we might all feel a little more free and a little less anxious about the potential perception of us that others may have.” Created with fellow songwriters and producers Jaime Estalella and Michele Canova, a mere few weeks before COVID-19 changed life as we know, “Losers” came together as a synchronistic dance of lyrics and sounds, entirely unrestricted by trends or genre limitations. “There was no goal or destination in mind, only a shared commitment to be in the present, in the process and following the joy, the excitement, and the inspiration,” LOVE writes.

One of the most magical things about the BXB LOVE project is that you never quite know what you’re in for — it’s always enthralling and the messaging is loud and clear, but LOVE plays with genres and sounds so boldly and effortlessly. With each new release, she explores new musical dimensions and breaks down personal, projected and perceived barriers. Released in April, LOVE’s first single, “matrix,” was a soft, acoustic-led number that instantly landed on Spotify’s highly coveted New Music Friday and Fresh Finds playlists. Her follow up, “IGNORANCE SONG,” was released in May and described as an “in-your-face punch” that “perfectly captures her generation’s feelings about our ever-evolving identities” (PAPER). With her next single “Losers” on the horizon, this is really just the beginning of Natasha’s journey as BXB LOVE as she continues to reveal bits and pieces of the inner workings of her mind and invites us all to come together to explore the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

Listen to ‘Losers’ on all streaming platforms.

Pink Elefant’s New Single & Video ‘Foolish’ Out Now

Pink Elefants — the project of Maryland-based artists Finch and Illeven — return today with the release of their new single & video, “Foolish.”

Packed with funky guitar licks, atmospheric hip-hop beats, swooning synths and catchy pop melodies, “Foolish” illustrates Pink Elefant’s effortless ability to incorporate a wide range of inspiration into one song. Lyrically, the song is an ode to authenticity, specifically as it pertains to dating. Breaking down the meaning behind the conversational-styled lyrics, the duo says, “the song is simply saying, ‘hey, I am not like those other guys, you know, the type who hit you up at 3am.’ This is an anthem to the people who are authentic and who will actually work for the ones they love.”

Pink Elefants is the project of long-time friends Finch (Flores) and Illeven (Joshua Matthew). Previously performing in the rock/metal band Megosh, the duo created Pink Elefants as an outlet to explore other genres and, in the process, quickly became experts at defying genre boundaries, pulling widely from a plethora of influences. The band name was inspired by the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence in Disney’s Dumbo (1941) and much like the transformation of the elephants in that scene, the band’s ethos is to be ever-evolving with their sound and the world around them. 

The band made their debut as Pink Elefants in 2019 and have continued to pump out a steady stream of singles since. Pink Elefants’ true passion lies in the creation of the music — “writing together brings back a lot of the fun for us,” they say. “The limitations are removed and we can just write without worrying too much about all the other hoopla that comes along with being in a musical entity with business-like endeavors. This project is a dream team of passionate and hungry musical virtuosos.”

Listen to ‘Foolish’ on all streaming platforms.

Check out the music video for ‘Foolish’ below.

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Folk Rock Artist David Omlor Emerges Onto the Scene with Powerful Debut Album “Entropy”

Florida based singer-songwriter David Omlor is an artist that should be on every Folk-Rock and Americana lovers radar. Storming onto the scene with passionate debut album “Entropy”, the release brings back experimental and variety to the world of Folk and Americana. With a sense of freedom throughout the tracks, the exquisite release has already received rave reviews from The Ark of Music and SleepingBagStudios. David’s first solo album sees him push boundaries not only musically but also via songwriting too.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Jason Isbell, Ben Harper, Aimee Mann and even Phoebe Bridgers to name a few, David refuses to follow your typical rulebook, and that’s what makes him stand out further from the crowd. From first track ‘Let You Know’ and its vibrant production, this is a track that you can simply get lost in and forget any sort of worries you may be feeling. To sentimental numbers such as ‘Truth’, ‘Falling All Apart’ & ‘Ghosts in Oklahoma’ pulling at the heartstrings, there’s also many moments of energy and optimism in tracks such as ‘It Ain’t Over’, ‘Surprised’ and ‘Overflow’.

Sharing his thoughts on the album process, David explains, “During the complete insanity that was 2020 I locked myself in and created a solo record titled Entropy. Through the magic of modern technologies like Dropbox and Zoom I was able to collaborate with amazing musicians from all over the US to put together nine songs that try to make sense of an extremely strange and difficult time and come out of that darkness with some hope.”

Having grown up with listening to the greats such as Bob Dylan and George Harrison, you could say that music is a way of life for David. Knowing his way around the industry, David plays in a Florida based band called Benjamin Road. Playing large festivals across Florida with Benjamin Road, David was also in an Philly band called Somebody Else’s Problem. SEP even played some shows warming up for George Thorogood & The Destroyers, who you will remember from their iconic track ‘Bad to the Bone’!

Listen to ‘Entropy’ below.

Checkout David Omlor via: