Live Review: Hands Off Gretel @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Witch Of The East, My Wonderful Daze, As Sirens Fall

Date: 10/07/19

Rising Alternative Grunge Rockers Hands Off Gretel provide a great time on a Sold Out show for everyone. With the genre always in evolution, every act on the evening provides a look into the future where it shows that this is what is needed.

Hands Off Gretel are just about done with things in the UK but the year isn’t over yet as they look to the back end of the year as they’re gearing up for an EU tour at the beginning of October. With a dark punk vibe to get things going in small rooms up and down the country for the ‘I Want The World’ headlining record tour, I doubt it’ll be long before they’re in larger rooms with a few moshpits to match.

First ones on the bill are Witch Of The East, a dark horror-themed duo who provided the senses and a great time, playing to the masses who show they deserved t be back. With them playing a trick on the senses, they play off each other’s strengths where the chunky riff work and psychedelic drumming shows they’re a band to be reckoned with on the touring circuits.

Moving into the harder territory were York’s very own My Wonderful Daze. Energetic, loud and spooky, there wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about this band, except for one thing, the vocals. At times there were some bad vocals from vocalist Flowers but most of the time everything sounded absolutely bang on where their sounds were almost animalistic and if this is any indication of their potential, then their energy was simply put: amazing.

It’s only a while before the flamboyant and infectious As Sirens Fall take up the reigns on the stage and you know that band you really love but can’t wait to see again and again because they’re just so damn entertaining on stage? This is As Sirens Fall. It might be their choice of clothing for the evening, their rhythmic pulses or their chemistry on stage but you just ask the question after and after, when are they coming back? Their lunging into the sub-genre they are could birth something almost new in a time when music is at its peak. If you’ll make one discovery today, go check them out but be careful, you might become mesmerised as I’ve been.

Before I go into Hands Off Gretel, their vocalist Lauren posted a statement via Facebook a few days prior addressing Sexism on the scene, something which As Sirens Fall did address as well, it’s played so much support and its a topic I think just goes completely unnoticed and something that’s just talked about much less. In actual reality, it needs to be addressed more, there’s no place for it in the scene and anyone who says there isn’t a problem, then fuck you. You’re the fucking problem!

Also, if you’re confused as to why Lauren and Becky look like they have fake moustaches and that, they decided to perform in York as guys to highlight ti address sexism.

I’ll link a few Facebook posts from HOG (Hands Off Gretel) so you can take a look at the posts.


So HOG’s set. It’s not only emotional but heartwarming to see that this band are powering through no matter what obstacles either their individual members or the band as a whole are going through. If anything Lauren’s posts are only highlighting how strong of a band the band and a genre as a whole are to say fuck this misogyny because The Fulford Arms, York had a room full of people who were willing to back themselves.

The knock out some absolutely great tracks during their set, with the crowd just wanting more of their energy while vocalist Lauren is just encouraging more and more. It’s tracks such as S.A.S.S And Be Mine which offer a little more of a bite into their set which livens things up, where everyone wants to be at the front by that point.

Especially with ‘Freaks Like Us’ and ‘Kiss My Girl’, I’ve not been in a room that’s had as much fun in a while. Hands Off Gretel have a growing congregation to their following and the room will keep on filling up until you’re sucked in as well.

Rating: 8/10