Music Video Roundup 16/08/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. Up first this week are newcomers Like Giants. They’ve recently announced their debut UP, ‘Sovereign’ where frontman Daniel Kai has said:

“We wanted to create something that infused elements of bands that we have all separately taken influence from, with heavy breakdowns that will excite fans of heavier music, but the jumpy pop punk rhythms and melodies that will excite fans of bands like Neck Deep, State Champs and the like, with lyrics that everyone who listens can relate to, talking about issues that most people will experience in their day to day lives.”

Their lead single for the EP, ‘Cut And Run’ can be viewed below.


Switching things up to a more well known band, Bring Me The Horizon have recently released a video which features a montage of live shots, animated clips and anime! Yes, anime! Here’s ‘sugar honey ice & tea.


Ahead of their headlining stance over at this year’s Reading & Leeds festivals, Twenty One Pilots have dropped a video for their track, ‘The Hype’, which they filmed over the weekend of their hometowns show in Columbus, Ohio. Want to know what to expect? Check out their video below.


Next on the list, we’re heading across the pond to Essex for InMe. They’ve recently beefed up their line-up to a quintet as they’ve released, ‘The Next Song’.

On the track, frontman Dave Mcpherson has commented on its lyrical concept.

“This is a song about constantly singing about someone to the point of mental excess, and promising that the next song is going to be the last one I write about that person. The guys ran with this from the demo I made and painted their melodies all over it to make a much bigger sound, a big anthem that’s also quite heavy in its own way. ‘The Next Song’ is pop catharsis for me.”

Check out ‘The Next Song’ below.

Going to Kentucky for the next five-piece band in the form of White Reaper. This is another band who’s also at this year’s Reading & Leeds festivals but they give the fans just what they want. Check out ‘Real Long Time’ below.


Moving to the rising rockers Black Futures who’s released a new video for ‘Body & Soul’,  which is set to be on their soon to be released record, ‘Never Not Nothing’

On the track, the band have said:

“‘Body & Soul’ is a simple, singular expression. We are all the same cocktail of matter squished together to form a body. A vessel for experience and feelings. It’s time to free yourself from the shackles of conformity.

Drain your brain of hyper capitalist smug and become steward of all life! An empathy machine! Humans; the protectors of existence! Gather as a mass of humanity and have an apocalypse prevention party! Giving the meaningless meaning! I am you and you are me! Make Weird & Live Free!

Or summink like that! At least that’s what Joe Strummer told me in my dreams.”


Have we had any more bands from Scotland on the list apart from Woes lately? Now we do! Neshiima have got a lead single off their upcoming ‘Green’ EP! This will be the final instalment of their EP trilogy series.

Liam Hesslewood (Vocals) has said:

“This song was a tough one to write, as the theme is suicide prevention. The main hook outlines negative emotions that can trigger the need to take life into our own hands. The verses reflect on those that we are willing to let go, to see if they return to us or not.

It’s a plea to those in need to recognise that sometimes the dark clouds aren’t permanent. There is always a better way. It addresses the fact that numbing out the world through isolation only makes the situation worse.

With both this song and its video, we’re trying to show that we all need each other. The grass may not always be greener on the other side, but you must nurture what you have and learn to grow in your own way with the support of others… and by being a support to them.”


Everyone knows about Twilight right? The vampire film that’s not really scary or very vampyric in any way? Christina Perri had a song on one of the films (I have no idea which one, because I ‘ve never seen any of them).

Now though, New Found Glory have covered the track where they have not only recorded a cover, they’ve made a video for the track!


Everyone who is a Korn fan! I know I’ve kept you waiting until the final two videos here but the wait is worth it. This video isn’t your usual video as well, it’s a very trippy visualiser so there’s something different in this weeks list as well!

Check out ‘Cold’ below.


And for the final selection of this weeks Music Video Roundup, this has to be my favourite video this year. It’s silly, weird but fantastic! Alex Gaskath has a directors credit now for Simple Creatures latest video and what does the latest music video for his side project with Mark Hoppus contain? Sock Puppets! Just watch this video to believe it.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.