Calling All Captains Release New Track, ‘Undone’

US heavy hitters Calling All Captains have dropped a new track, ‘Undone’.

On the track the band say: “The track is about the person in your life that makes everything about them and takes no responsibility for their own actions.”

Starting out very vocal heavy, the track then dives into their more melodic heavy side which just screams out right into your soul and from there, that all leads into a finale which I can’t wait to hear a crowd sing back.


check out the video for ‘Undone’ below or stream it via your preferred service.

Scott Magnus Release New Single, ‘The Phoenix’

Scott Magnus is a pop artist from Oldham, Manchester (UK). He creates strong, beautiful and melodious indie, pop/rock songs, bringing them to life with upbeat trap and hyper-pop production, resulting in something which is powerful, introspective and heartfelt. 

Scott is an outspoken supporter of people with disabilities, particularly those with learning difficulties, because he himself has ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia. Scott turns the experiences he encounters as someone with disabilities into music that can heal, embolden and inspire anyone facing difficult obstacles. It is his mission to help people overcome their challenges as he does. 

As an actor and model, 2020 saw Scott realizing his true passion for music and has since honed his craft for songwriting, singing, playing guitar and music production to an even more obsessive extent. He has amassed an ever-growing fanbase who not only enjoy his covers and original songs, but also the sketch comedy he creates and performs prolifically.

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, the aptly named new single “The Phoenix” was written after Scott decided to move on from a job that wasn’t aligned with him as a neurodivergent person. With a newfound sense of excitement and experience under his belt, the songwriter shares, “I emerged from the old job a new and better man. My discipline had been forged in a fire of adversity and I felt like London had so much opportunity to offer me and I was ready to make the most of it! I didn’t stop making mistakes as they are part of having learning difficulties and being human for that matter, but this song was an expression of my positive attitude upon making mistakes and receiving criticism.”

Sonically, the vocal melodies stand out in a neon glow of echoing, raw lyrics, dancing in a catchy array of melodies. The guitar riff carries a sense of stability and familiarity mirroring the artist’s freedom in leaving behind the past to come back stronger. The simple soundscape allows us to enjoy each aspect, accompanied by rocky tones which pack a punch. Scott’s voice bleeds power and peace in the euphoric atmosphere of the single, creating an overwhelming, spine-tingling sensation.

“The Phoenix” follows his debut single “Diamond In The Rough”, both of which are off of the upcoming six-track EP Comeback Stronger. The EP chronicles ‘The Phoenix’ like transformation and resilience required to come back from a fall, into a better version of yourself. 

Check out ‘The Phoenix’ via the following link.

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Sepultura release Second ‘Sepulquarta’ Single, ‘Apes Of God’

Sepultura unveils a new version of their 18-year-old sensational track ‘Apes Of God’ that they recorded together with Death Angel guitarist and Grammy-nominee Rob Cavestany as part of their weekly SepulQuarta video podcast last year. ‘Apes Of God’ is the second single to be released from their upcoming compilation album ‘SepulQuarta‘, so get ready for some stomping rhythms and crushing riffs! Check it out and download it for airplay now:

While the pandemic paralysed the entire world and prevented bands from touring, Latin America’s biggest metal export Sepultura refused to sit back and act like animals trapped in a cage. Therefore in early 2020, the legendary Brazilians from Belo Horizonte seized the moment to start their own weekly SepulQuarta video podcast, in which they invited other famous musicians from all over the world to not only discuss important topics, but also perform a track from Sepultua‘s massive catalogue together with the band. The resulting full-length compilation will now be released on August 13th, with the album containing 15 classics featuring internationally renowned guests and friends such as Devin Townsend, Matt Heafy, Danko Jones and many more.

Watch the video for ‘Apes Of God’ below.

Pre-orders for ‘SepulQuarta’ are available via the following link.

Waiting For Smith Releases New EP, ‘Hopelessness of Love’

Waiting For Smith is singer/songwriter Harry Lloyd. Formerly a ski instructor in the French Alps, Harry broke his back in two places during avalanche training. Wondering whether he’d survive in the helicopter on the way to the hospital, he had an epiphany that if he was ok that he should dedicate his life to music. After spending a year in bed recuperating and learning to play guitar, he formed Waiting For Smith, named after endlessly waiting for their original drummer Smith, who always failed to show up. Based between Amsterdam and London, Harry is inspired to write about the everyday ups and downs of life, love and the never-ending investigation of who we are and what we’re all doing here. Blending a feel for these two cities, he creates captivating acoustic led electronic pop. 

His debut EP Hopelessness of Love is centered around the theme of communication in love. Each track has their own story, artwork and colour, all inspired by the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. 

The wholesome glow covers the EP in a folk, honey wash oozing warmth and familiarity. Reminiscent of Vance Joy, the tracks allow room for a depth of emotion without drowning in too much feeling. His silky harmonies echo in ripples of calm over a twanging acoustic line up of strums and plucks, all carried by a gentle wave of drums and rhythm. His most notable feature is his soothing, serene voice that lays down a path of sunshine for his lyrical creativity to flourish. 

Title track “Hopelessness of Love”, represented by literature, touches on the power of words and how they make others feel. Ultimately, love is about finding ways to accept the highs and lows of any connection.

“Little Old Book” is about self-acceptance and finding ways to tune out of the radio of self-criticism. Waiting For Smith shares, “the way we hold each other, a gentle hand on the shoulder timed at the right moment, can say in many ways more than words can ever express”.

“As I Saw You Then” is the single that sounds like falling in love. Focusing on the power of listening and communication, the track is a gentle folk flushed reminder of the ability we all have in relationships, to refresh our image of the person we love, and to drop back into those feelings of discovery for another. 

“Tired Mind” is the single of ‘feeling blue’, touching on the power of thought. The mind can be a volatile battle ground and this single leans a caring hand into themes on mental health and accepting that being happy for 100% of your days is impossible; unexplained feelings don’t always need justification, just kindness.

“Best Side for You” is the rosey glowing single that narrates wanting the best version of yourself for your other half. Covering themes of falling in love, learning the ropes of relationships and understanding how affects of harmonious relationships differ to toxic connections.

Check out the EP via the following link.

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Rising Vancouver Artist Chi Debuts new Single, ‘Demons’

Rising star Chi is the latest artist out of the bubbling Canadian music scene, and he’s made an impressive return with new single “Demons”. Although a newcomer in the industry, the 20-year-old, Vancouver-based artist has already showcased his huge talent on previous successes “19” and “Gemini”, which drew attention online, and he looks set to accelerate his rise with this latest release.

Having been interested in music since elementary school, where he sang in his first talent show, Chi showcases his full repertoire of talents on “Demons”, with the track highlighting his smooth cadence, strong lyricism and sharp storytelling abilities. Combining his powerful lyrics with contrasting dreamy and hard-hitting 808s, “Demons” makes for a fascinating listen. The candid track refers to a period of time when Chi was homeless. “Sometimes I think about the past / Cold nights with frozen hands”, he reveals on the track. Chi’s story of overcoming and perseverance only adds further to his relatability and appeal.

Speaking more on the release, Chi says, “‘Demons’ was one of the many songs I made during a trip I took to make new music. After a few long nights of partying and making music, I was feeling very empty and thinking about how my life used to be, comparing and contrasting it to now and contemplating if the things that I’d always wanted were worth the price I would have to pay. That’s what inspired me to make this song.”

A force to be reckoned with and artistically at the top of his game, it’s clear from “Demons” that Chi is one to watch out for and is surely about to make some huge noise over the next year. And with more singles cued up for release and an EP expected before the end of 2021, he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “Demons” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

Check out the track, ‘Demons’ below.

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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Release New Track, ‘Complete You’

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are on a roll!

Recently the band dropped their latest tracks, ‘Gone Are The Good Days’ as well as the lovely ‘Bitter’ and we just can’t get enough of things!

The band have now shared another track from their upcoming record, ‘Gone Are The Good Days’, and it’s adding to their streak of impressive tracks.

‘Complete You’ adds to their range and evolving nature where it still has the punching breakdown as well as a sax solo! Also, Aj Perdomo makes a guest appearance.

Check it out below.

 The bands upcoming record, ‘Gone Are The Good Days’ is set to release on July 30th 2021.

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

The Bottom Line Release New Single, ‘Long Time Coming’

The Bottom Line have dropped a bouncy new track, ‘Long Time Coming’ which channels just exactly what they do best.

Cal Amies (Vocals) had this to say about the tune:

“It’s a bit of a weird one to say exactly what Long Time Coming is written about as when we first started the writing process it was before the pandemic. We had been let down by a few people and even felt like we’d been advantage of in some cases. 
“Over the recording process LTC took on a life of its own and we all feel it means so much more than that now… This song belongs to all of you. Whether a celebration of the pandemic slowly becoming a part of our history, something you’re proud to have conquered or a middle finger to people who haven’t believed in you, we really hope and believe that anybody can connect to this song. So however you interpret it, we hope you love it, and we can’t wait to get back to playing live so we can play it for you. Stay healthy, stay happy!”

Check out the video for track below.

Witch Fever Announce Debut EP, ‘Reincarnate’

Witch Fever have announced details of their upcoming debut EP, ‘Reincarnate’, which is set for a release date of October 15th 2021 via Music For Nations.

The band have also shared a new single called ‘In The Resurrect’.

You can check that out below along with the EP cover artwork, full track listing and stream of ‘In The Resurrect’ and pre-order options.

01.) Reincarnate
02.) In The Resurrect
03.) Abject
04.) In Birth
05.) Initiation
06.) Bully Boy

Pre-orders are available via Rough Trade.

Vancouver’s REBEL PRIEST Bring The Mean Streets To Your Ears With “Back Alley Blues”

Vancouver’s Rebel Priest took a trip to Japan in 2019 and from the drunken debauchery they wrote a few songs, now being released as a four-track EP, the aptly named “Lost In Tokyo”. The second single off the EP is the second track “Back Alley Blues”.

Instead of a full-length concept album, Rebel Priest decided to make a punchy, succinct EP. They set the tone on each single by adding a few similar elements which bind them together on the album as a whole but each track is a juggernaut on its own and will stand strong independently. “Back Alley Blues” is a slinking little ditty about an imaginary place that is half sunset strip, half Detroit rock city, and about hanging with your crew. The band explains further:

“Imagine if you will, you’re a stray cat, walking down the street. You come across a mean old junkyard dog, you’re not afraid ‘cause you’re a tough-as-nails, street thug. The dog starts barking, you keep walking, and the smell of a kitty of the other persuasion is in the air. You’re now hotter than on a summer day, you see an alley with an intoxicating scent. As you walk down the place you feel most at home, your nostrils spike because there is something else in the air. As you get to the end of the alley you see the kitty you have been looking for and they have a bag of catnip. That’s just the beginning of your night.”

Lived experiences, vivid imagery, and wild rock n roll is the name of the game for Rebel Priest. The writing process for the band is simple and organic, the result of them working together previously and being no strangers to their craft. They will write a riff, work on it together, and then if it has wings, they let it fly. There is no microscope to put tracks under and obsess over, in this world of autotune and time-shifting, it’s all about trying to find the ghost in the machine, and Rebel Priest is bringing the Ouiji board!

Greasy, smooth, and catchy, “Back Alley Blues” is recommended for fans of ZZ Top, Rose Tattoo, and Deep Purple.

Listen to ‘Back Alley Blues’ below.

Capstan Share Latest Single, ‘Blurred Around The Edges’

Florida five-piece CAPSTAN continue to satiate their fanbase with new music in the lead-up to the release of their second album SEPARATE,out July 23 via Fearless Records

Capstan have shared the video for the new song ‘blurred around the edges’ featuring an unexpected yet stunning guest appearance from sax sensation Saxl Rose. The song is intimate — almost too intimate — and anchored by a quirkily resonant riff and DeMario’s impassioned vocals.

“It’s a vulnerable look into my mental state at its lowest point, but writing and playing it has helped me work through a lot of what I was feeling. I hope those who are feeling similar things can find catharsis in it too,” says Mabry about the song that goes so deep it hits marrow.

Check out the video for ‘Blurred Around The Edges’ below.

Capstan fire off a high-energy and unique mix of post-hardcore, prog rock, and metalcore, fusing deeply emotional lyrics and melodic choruses with major breakdowns and techy, push and pull instrumentation. The band has toured across the U.S., Canada, and Europe over the course of their career, supporting Silverstein, Bayside, Trash Boat, Set It Off, and taking part in the final Vans Warped Tour in 2018. They released their debut full-length record, Restless Heart, Keep Running, through Fearless Records in September 2019. 

As the world locked down in 2020, Capstan took advantage of their time off the road to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct songs for what would become SEPARATE. Having recently gone through a divorce, it was a tough time for guitarist Mabry. Most of the songs are about the depression and reflection he experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Capstan entered the studio with producer Machine [Lamb of God, Fall Out Boy] with one goal in mind: To make a record with no filler and all bangers.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-order options below.

1. pretext
2. shades of us
3. take my breath away // noose 
 4. alone (Featuring Shane Told)
5. blurred around the edges (Featuring Saxl Rose) 
6. tongue-biter
7. abandon 
8. shattered glass 
9. sway  (Featuring Charlene Joan)
10. decline  

Pre-orders are available via the following link.