Metal Icons Xandria Release New Single, ‘You Will Never Be Our God’

After breaking the silence with their recently released standalone single “Reborn”alongside introducing a new line-up, German symphonic metal icons XANDRIA continue this next chapter, promising adventure with a brand new song, titled “You Will Never Be Our God”. The exciting, fresh offering features none other than Primal Fear frontman Ralf Scheepers, whose heavy voice scintillates along with the dynamic range of new XANDRIAvocalist Ambre Vourvahis.

XANDRIA on “You Will Never Be Our God”:
“‘You Will Never Be Our God’ shows how diverse our next album will be. This song alone features elements from different metal genres, classic and modern, and melts them into something new that shows how well and fresh it can come together. But, at the same time, it reflects everything that XANDRIA stands for, including bombastic film score orchestrations and big choirs!”

Check out the video for ‘You Will Never Be Our God’ below.

Bloodbath Drop New Single, ‘No God Before Me’

Massive death metal beasts BLOODBATH are prepared to annihilate with their sixth full-length album, “Survival Of The Sickest”, out this Friday via Napalm Records. Vicious, unrelenting, and thrillingly violent, the critically-acclaimed, cult-followed band has no limitations, leaving the scene in shreds while skillfully fusing old-school Scandinavian harshness with a dose of Floridian U.S. death metal.

BLOODBATH have now revealed their most crushing track yet, “No God Before Me”, released alongside a brand new lyric video today! On this relentless offering, “Old Nick” Holmes and his bandmates crucify with a blasphemic explosion, ensnaring with a sinister churning riff while coalescing elements of death and doom metal. Boasting one of the album’s most hair-raising solos, “No God Before Me” is a prime example of the band’s triumphant evolution.

Jonas Renkse on “No God Before Me”:
“‘No God Before Me’ is a slow, churning hymn of death, a description of a godless afterlife as well as a massive nod to the masters of sickness themselves: Morbid Angel.”

Check out ‘No God Before Me’ below.

Pryti Share New Single, ‘Wasteland’

Pryti has shared her new single ‘Wasteland’ via her own label Welcome To Pariahville Records.

“‘Wasteland’ is about saying goodbye to habits and thinking patterns or people that aren’t good for you,” says Pryti of the cathartic cut. ‘Wasteland’ follows Pryti’s previous 2022 singles ‘Warning Sign‘ and ‘Archive‘, the British Indian singer, rock artist and multi-instrumentalist’s first music releases since her debut LP ‘Tales of a Melancholic’ in 2015.

Pryti has been obsessed with music for as long as she can remember, singing from the time she learned to speak, and playing piano from a very early age. But it was in her teens when she discovered her calling. “Linkin Park’s album Hybrid Theory is what got me into metal,” she shares, “I was 15 years old and didn’t fit in, and they opened the door to a world of metal and rock music.” It wasn’t long before she picked up guitar and started playing bass too. In university she pursued a degree in Music and Media Management, and would use those skills to start her own independent label. “I love the business side” she shares, “I wanted to start my own label and be in charge of my career since learning about the music industry.”

Check out ‘Wasteland’ below.

The Fair Drops New Industrial Rock Banger, ‘My Frozen Heart’

Throughout the year, The Fair Attempts retreated to their shadowy studios to create their fourth album. Now the gas mask wearing band has emerged again and released the first single from the album, “My Frozen Heart.”

Friendly Timo, the man behind the music, revealed his inspiration for this song. “I got inspired by the state of the world after all of this Covid panic. The world around us seems to be teeming with all kinds of conflicts and crises that potentially continue to create even more conflicts. In the dystopian story of TFA, mankind finds itself in a state of the world brought on by constant conflict. I wanted to depict a state of soul and mind of a person in the middle of it all. Some of us live in a constant state of conflict even within ourselves.” 

He also said, “I started writing this song at the same time as I was producing the “Bloodsport” cover song for Jessi Frey and MC Raaka Pee from Turmion Kätilöt, so I feel it has a lot of the same type of energy in it.” In the middle of never-ending conflict, The Fair Attempts almost celebrates it at the same time as shedding light on the root cause of it all. 

“My Frozen Heart” is an energetic Industrial Rock song with a beat that makes you want to dance.

“My Frozen Heart” below.

Lazy Queen Move Into A New Chapter With Single, ‘243, New Moon’

As we await the follow up to Lazy Queen’s refreshingly impressive EP “A Human Reaction”, the Norwegian-New York bubble punk hybrids are welcoming a new era with their new single “243, New Moon”

Set for release on Swedish tastemaker label Icons Creating Evil Art, the new single sees the band continue their partnership with long-time collaborator Morten Øby at Taakenheimen Lydriket in Oslo. Appearing as a more sonically laidback version of Lazy Queen, the new single is nevertheless loaded with emotionally-confronting lyrics and earworming guitar melodies from the off. Simmering out the self-antagonistic air evident in the band’s previous work, “243, New Moon ” is no less passionate than before as it hints at a new evolutionary stage of Lazy Queen.

“243, New Moon marks the start of a cycle. One that’s unaware of itself; of its own significance as a beginning. It’s feeling like change is the only option, but not knowing where to start” says Henrik García Søberg.

Check out ‘243, New Moon’ via your preferred streaming service.

Low Island share New Track, ‘Kid Gloves’

Earlier this summer Oxford electronic-pop quartet Low Island announced their sophomore album Life In Miniature for November 4th via their own label Emotional Interference. Newly confirmed to support Hot Chip at the iconic Brixton Academy on September 24th, the band will first reveal the next single, ‘Kid Gloves’

Speaking ahead of their latest release, the group explained: “‘Kid Gloves’ is a love song to childhood and to ‘home’, whatever or wherever that may be. Like so much of the new record, it’s about life’s pushes and pulls: how leaving home can mark a new and exciting chapter in our lives, but necessarily involves leaving a part of our childhood behind; how falling in love can make us feel more distant from our friends, or how just generally we are so often confronted with situations that pull our emotions in opposing directions. I’m obsessed with this line in Future Islands’ ‘Seasons’ where Sam T Herring says ‘when people change, they gain a piece, but they lose one too.’ There is both such a cruelty and beauty in that, and Kid Gloves tries to capture that feeling and provide reassurance: home is there. you are still you. there’s still time. life is good:.

Check out ‘Kid Gloves’ below.

Paraside Release New Single & Video For ‘Movin On’

Paraside have dropped their latest single, ‘Movin On’

Movin’ On is the second single from the first chapter of songs by Hungary- based American/Hungarian band Paraside. The style is an all-melodic rock sound with some 80s vibe mixed with symphonic and dance/trance elements. 

Paraside was formed in 2021 by Vic, Pete and Matt. Danny joined the band in 2022. Paraside is continuously working on new songs, so you can be sure that some new powerful tracks will arrive soon. 

Blending Matt and Danny’s love for modern rock and Vic’s passion for rock, EDM and musical comedy with huge soundstages, Pete’s progressive rock counterpart, you get a sure recipe for a complex, yet still melodic sound, combining catchy melodies with bass guitars and symphonic and dance/trance elements.

Check out the video for ‘Movin On’ below.

Introducing Angel Numbers, ‘Long May I Reign’

Angel Numbers are ready to make an indelible mark on the UK music scene with their crashing creativity, splicing electronica, shoegaze, pop and rock-fuelled elements to craft their own “electrogaze” aesthetic. Their vibrant new single ‘Long May I Reign’ is out today with music video, ahead of the band’s performance at Burn It Down Festival this weekend. They’ll also be supporting Holy Fawn in Manchester later this month. 

Says frontman and instigator Petr Vybiral of the new track: “‘Long May I Reign’ is inspired by a vision of the battle with the self as we confront the darkest corners of our collective psyche. It presents transformation as the only path forward in this day and age as we approach the breaking point on a societal and spiritual level. Honouring the forces that enable our existence is the primary message of the exploding chorus, the real climax of the song, whilst the verses illustrate how understanding ourselves, destroying ourselves and healing ourselves leads to the same results on the outside too. Whether or not we make it through the dark depends on how willing we are to confront it.”

Check out ‘Long May I Reign’ below.

Holy Fawn Share Cinematic Performance For ‘Void Of Light’

Holy Fawn, whose eagerly-awaited new album, Dimensional Bleed arrives on the 9th ofSeptember via Wax Bodega, have released a cinematic video for “Void of Light”, with the Chase Warren-directed clip featuring a muted colour palette that mimics the imagery around the upcoming release.

“I’m not sure what it is about our nature as musicians but at our core, we love to tinker,” explains Ryan Osterman. “Whenever we get something new, we have to set it up and hit record just to see what happens. For ‘Void of Light’ in particular, it was a new reverb pedal from a company called ‘Dr. Scientist.’ It’s called ‘The Atmosphere’ and I feel its name is pretty self-explanatory. This pedal truly felt so expressive and opened up so many creative avenues for us to revisit over and over again. Once it entered the studio, it just didn’t get turned off. ‘The Atmosphere’ really had a tremendous impact on the first half of the song and I’m so thankful this pedal found its way to us. It truly is so customizable, down to the finest of details, and it really allowed us to create as musicians. This was definitely the first song we ever played as a group during rehearsal for Dimensional Bleed and it just felt so new and raw. You can just tell when you’re performing something with your friends that it’s resonating and everyone just feels so connected. This is one in particular we’re really excited to play live.”

Check out ‘Void Of Light’ below.

New York Indie Pop Newcomers Me + Nobody Share Infectious Single, ‘SoHo’

New York indie-pop newcomers Me + Nobody share their infectious new single ‘SoHo’. Richie Anderson (vocals/guitar), Thomas Kinsella (lead guitar), Vinny Sutera (drums) and Joe Genduso (bass), each bring differing tastes and elements to their sound resulting in music which is full of pop sensibilities whilst retaining an air of passion and musical depth.

Bright, vibrant and yet, also emotive and melancholic, the new single ‘SoHo’ possesses an effortless likability with catchy vocals topping an uplift indie soundscape. Layers of intertwining picked guitar lines merge with synths and the bopping drums to create a track full of youthful energy, captivating musicality and commercial appeal. Instantly comparable to The 1975’s ‘Chocolate’, the single possesses all the hallmarks of a potential indie breakout. 

Speaking about the single, the band explain: “This song is about a lover who leaves for a while and the two of you fade apart. Some time goes by and then you see them out with a new person.”

Check out the track, ‘SoHo’ below.