Check Out AFI’s Two New Tracks

Remember how I posted the other day that AFI are releasing two brand new tracks?

Well, they dropped today!

The two releases titled as ‘Twisted Tongues’ and ‘Escape From Los Angeles’ and you just have to listen to em because they’re two top tracks.

On the tracks, lead vocalist Danny Havok says:

As I recall, ‘Twisted Tongues’ came of the Blood era and was the first piece of music we explored on the new album. The dreaminess of the music lyrically inspired themes of unforseen severance. It is a pining song of being set adrift by those who once feigned to share the same anchors.”  

Check it out below.

And as for ‘Escape From Los Angeles’ for which Havok says:

“Los Angeles, like most of my loves, is imbued with a darkness and radiance. Musically, ‘Escape from Los Angeles’ called for my own vantage to this classic theme of the city’s dichotomous allure.”  

In addition to this Jade Puget (Guitar) adds:

“Anyone who knows our catalog knows that no two records really sit together. Some sit a little closer, maybe. We do certain things, just by virtue of who we are, that are consistent, but those things come about organically. Every time we do something, I have to judge it on its own merits. Some fans are going to judge a new album, or a new song, based on what’s come before. But as artists, we can’t do that, because it would only hinder our creativity.” 

The tracks are set to be released on a limited special 7′ record which can be purchased via the following link.

Holding Absence Release New Track

Holding Absence have started 2021 on a massive high with the release of their latest track, ‘Afterlife’.

They’ve combined their haunting atmosphere which the band are known for with a performance that just elevates themselves to new heights which show just what they’re capable of.

Lucas Woodland (Vocals) says:

“We truly believe this song to be one of our best yet, with its pounding chorus and emotive vocals. Just listening to this song is making us itch for the return of live music so we can get out and play it to you all!”

Check out the track below.

Guccihighwaters Confirms Second Record

Emo Rapper and Singer / Songwriter Guccihighwaters (AKA Morgan Murphy) has announced the details of his upcoming second full length record, ‘Joke’s On You’.

This is the follow up to his 2017 ‘Post Death’ is set to be released on January 22nd 2021 via Epitaph Records’.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, the latest single, ‘Hold Somebody’ as well as the previously released tracks ‘Straight Jacket’, ‘Expectations’ and ‘Rope’ as well as Pre-Order options below.

01.) ​tragedy
02.) ​hold somebody (feat. Powfu & Sarcastic Sounds)
03.) ​rock bottom (feat. ​nothing,nowhere.)
04.) ​highschool (remix) (feat. ​convolk)
05.) ​sometimes
06.) ​true 2 me
07.) ​straight jacket
08.) ​lovesick (feat. Ellise)
09.) ​intentions
10.) ​catch – 22
11.) ​coming down
12.) ​expectations
13.) ​won’t let in (feat. Laeland & Softheart)
14.) ​rope
15.) ​novocaine

Pre-Orders are available via his Webstore, Epitaph Records, Amazon and Itunes.

GHLOW Announce debut album ‘Slash and Burn’

Russian-Swedish duo GHLOW have announced that their debut album ‘Slash and Burn’ will be released 02 April 2021 via underground icons PNKSLM Recordings. The album is a thrilling clash of punk and electronica that fizzes with a furious energy and is telling of its creators’ unique musical and artistic journeys. Its first single ‘Hold On’ sets up dramatic juxtapositions of sound, which are indicative of the album as a whole.  

For Emille de Blanche and Nikolay Evdokimov, their first album as GHLOW represents a rebirth. Both are multidisciplinary creatives; de Blanche works primarily in sculpture, whilst Evdokimov is a tattoo artist. Both have colourful musical backgrounds stretching back decades; de Blanche is a former child prodigy violinist who took up the instrument at the age of two, while Evdokimov, a Russian native, formed his first, politically-charged bands in the early nineties, against the backdrop of the fall of the Soviet Union. 

“We came up with a lot of ideas we wanted to develop,” explains de Blanche of their initial union. Her  previous bands had seen her turn her hand to everything from post-rock to hip hop. “We realised that, together, we could pursue them. We both wanted to experiment. There had always been weird, genre-bending stuff we’d wanted to try out in previous bands, but we couldn’t get whoever we’d been working with to go with it. Now, we could just put all of that away and follow our instincts.” The division of labour is equal across the board; de Blanche handles vocals, bass and the band’s art direction, with Evdokimov on guitar, synths, drum machines and production duties. 

They share influences too, running the gamut from Dead Kennedys to The Prodigy, as well as fellow Swedes like revered post-hardcore outfit Breach and doom metallers Switchblade. They agree, though, that their joint outlook on music runs deeper than that: “It’s always been about emotion and passion, for me,” says Evdokimov. “That’s more important to me than genre. I have to understand the outlook of the artist; I need to be burned by it a little bit, almost.”

de Blanche’s razor-sharp lyricism blends the personal and political to stirring effect, and ‘Slash and Burn’ could be read as a cutting treatise on Sweden in 2020. She’s keen to leave the interpretation to the listener, though, and the pair insist that her words are only one part of what is a scorched-earth mission statement – a manifesto announcing a powerful new moment both for themselves and for rock music. “There’s a rawness and a violence to ‘Slash and Burn’, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” says Evdokimov. “It’s about starting again. You might be chopping things down, or setting fire to something, but that’s a reset – something positive comes out of the flames.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, Stream of the Single ‘Hold On’ and Pre-Order options below.

Displaying ghlow-slash-and-burn-artwork-1500.jpg

Listen to ‘Hold On’ right here.

1. Not Fit For This
2. Mess With Me
3. Take It
4. Sleep
5. Slash and Burn
6. Hollow
7. Hold On
8. Spit

Pre-Orders are available via PNKSLM’s Webstore.

NOFX Announce Details Of Their New Record

NOFX have announced the details of their upcoming record, which will be their 14th.

It’s titled as ‘Single Album’ and will drop on February 26th 2021 via Fat Wreck Chords.

The Cover Art, Tracklisting, Stream of the single, ‘Linewleum’ and Pre-Order options can be viewed below.

01. The Big Drag
02. I Love You More Than I Hate Me
03. Fuck Euphemism
04. Fish in a Gun Barrel
05. Birmingham
06. Linewleum
07. My Bro Cancervive Cancer
08. Grieve Soto
09. Doors and Fours
10. Your Last Resort

On the track, ‘Linewleum’, Fat Mike has offered up some insight into the purpose of the track:

“I have no idea why ‘Linoleum’ is THE NOFX song that is covered by so many bands while other NOFX songs get hardly any attention. ‘Linoleum’ wasn’t a single, it had no video, it got no radio play, and most importantly, it didn’t even have a chorus!!! All popular songs have choruses! WTF! So, One night I stayed up till 4:00 am checking out all the different versions on YouTube. Watching hundreds of bands from over 28 countries (mostly Indonesia) doing “Linoleum” was a humbling experience for me.

So I decided to write a song that was a shout out to all those people that learned those four chords and remembered the non-rhyming lyrics.

Then I asked the biggest of all the bands (Avenged Sevenfold) to play some leads on the song. Then M Shadows suggested we do a video together. Then I figured I should put all of the bands in the video. Well, I couldn’t fit all the bands, but I picked a bunch of cool ones! A song about not playing a song that’s not a hit song with a video about other bands covering the song! This is why I love punk rock writing punk songs. Rules out the door!” 

And ‘Doors And Fours’ was released back in 2020.

Pre-Orders are available via Fat Wreck Records Webstore and King Roads Merch Webstore.

Citizen Announce New Record, ‘Life In Your Glass World’

Toledo Trio Citizen have announced the details of their upcoming fourth record, ‘Life In Your Glass World’, which is the follow up to their 2017 effort, ‘As You Please’.

The record is set to be released on March 26th 2021 via Run For Cover Records.

You out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, new single, ‘I Want To Kill You’ and Pre-Order options below.

01.) Death Dance Approximately
02.) I Want To Kill You
03.) Blue Sunday
04.) Thin Air
05.) Call Your Bluff
06.) Pedestal
07.) Fight Beat
08.) Black And Red
09.) Glass World
10.) Winter Buds
11.) Edge Of The World

Pre-Order options are available via the bands Webstore, Amazon and Itunes.

AFI Teasing New Track Release For Tomorrow

After confirming at the start of the new year that new music would be on the way in the form of their 11th record, AFI have announced that their latest single will drop tomorrow (Friday 15th January 2021).

They haven’t confirmed the title of the release but a nine second snippet can be heard below.

In the announcement that the follow-up to The Blood Album was on the way, AFI said; 

​“With the end of a year that has been, at best, challenging for all, we have news that we hope may bring you some joy. Very soon, new songs shall be yours. Before the year’s end, our 11th album will follow.

“We could not be more happy with our latest work and hope you will feel the same. Thank you for joining us upon this next journey. We are thrilled to take it and honoured to have you at our side.”

Check out the nine seconds below.

Lonely The Brave Release Mini-Documentary, Share New Track, ‘Keeper’

Ahead of their record, ‘The Hope List’, which is set to be released on January 22nd 2021 Lonely The Brave have released a brand new track as well as a mini documentary.

In the film, the band take fans inside the beautiful Keeper, which was the first track they finished with their new frontman, Jack Bennett.

“Keeper was the first song we fully completed for the album and remains one of our favourites,” enthuses bassist Andrew Bushen. ​“It will always hold a special place as the beginning of the new chapter.”

But even more than just being significant for the band, Keeper also serves as a touching tribute to those who have helped us through this enormously tough time; as you’ll see in the doc, Lonely The Brave discuss their own personal ​‘keepers’ throughout the pandemic (spoiler: there’s lots of lovely family stuff and cute dogs).

Discussing The Hope List as a whole, guitarist and founding member Mark Trotter says, ​“Given everything that’s happened to this band, it would have been remiss of us to try rushing into this or do something that wasn’t right. It takes time. We’ve been a band for over 10 years and stuck in our ways a lot. There has been a huge shift in dynamic now. It’s a completely different vibe from where we were before. There’s a renewed energy and a renewed focus. Everything feels very positive in the Lonely The Brave camp.”

You can watch ‘Keeper’ below.

And Check out the track below via Spotify.

Space Cadet Sign With Wiretap Records, Debut Record To Release In 2021

Matt Hock (vocalist) and David Walsh (guitarist) of veteran punk band The Explosion have formed a new project named Space Cadet and they enlisted a powerhouse group of their musician friends to lend a hand on the band’s debut album ‘Lion On A Leash’ set for release on March 26 via Wiretap Records.

Recorded at Little Eden in Asbury Park in July 2020 with Pete Steinkopt (Bouncing Souls) producing, ‘Lion On A Leash’ features guest appearances by Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat)Mike Sneeringer (The Loved Ones, Strand of Oaks)Matt Olsson (Dave Hause, Brian Fallon) and Chris Gonzalez (The Explosion, The Loved Ones).

Space Cadet has unveiled the album’s first single “Forever For A While” as a preview of what’s to come.

Matt says, “By the time the world shut down, we had four songs written and Forever For A While was the first. We just kept pulling at that thread, experimenting more and more until we had an album. In a very real way, the song was the catalyst for all of that, and for the band itself. But it can also just be seen as what happens when obsessive lunatics get their hands on some reverb pedals.”

The formation of Space Cadet began when Dave and Matt (bandmates and friends of almost 25 years), had each been writing and recording eerily similar songs, completely oblivious to each other’s work. What’s all the more surprising is that it wasn’t the punk of The Explosion (Virgin, Jade Tree), the band they formed together with friends in 1998. Instead, the music was indicative of other sounds they’re into – post-punk, new wave, Brit Rock – not to mention their shared obsession with guitar pedals. From their respective homes of Clinton, Massachusetts and Brooklyn, Dave and Matt have created an album’s worth of lush soundscapes (“Forever for a While,” “Safe and Sound”), dark synth dirges (“No Accident,” “Lose Control”) and anxious anthems (“Scream for You”).

Check out ‘Forever A While Below.

Devil Sold His Soul Announce New Record

Devil Sold His Soul have announced a brand new record.

Titled as ‘Loss’, the record is set to be released on April 9th 2021 via Nuclear Blast.

Vocalist Paul Green had this to say about their signing to the label and what the album represents for the band:

“We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of our 4th album, ‘Loss’, through Nuclear Blast Records. ‘Loss’ comes from a dark place for us, life was cruel in the years before and during we wrote this record, this was our fuel for the songs. ‘Loss’ is an honest snapshot of that time in our lives, and it is our way of paying respect to those we loved and who are no longer with us. We couldn’t be more proud of these 10 songs and where they have pushed our songwriting, and we hope they truly connect with the listener. I don’t think any of us imagined when we were writing this album, that we would end up signing to the biggest metal label in the world. It’s given us that added validation that we’ve created something special, and we now have the platform to push it to where it needs to be.The belief that the team at Nuclear Blast has shown in the record is truly humbling, we’re extremely proud to be a part of this great label, and to be on a roster alongside so many bands we love and respect.”

Check out the Artwork, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options below.

01. Ardour
02. Witness Marks
03. Burdened
05. The Narcissist
06. Beyond Reach
07. Signal Fire
08. Acrinomy
09. But Not Forgotten
10. Loss

The first track to be released from the album is ‘Beyond Reach’, which Paul has described like this:

“Our first single ‘Beyond Reach’ tells a story of the struggle and the impact that losing someone has, it speaks about the positive impact that individuals can have on us, and how loss can leave you unable to function. Despite the song coming from hard times, the track is positive, uplifting and carries plenty of energy. The message is far from sombre, instead it comes from a place of gratitude for having had that person in our life.”

Pre-Orders are available via the bands Webstore.