New Saviours Are Back With ‘Flame’

Following up on their last single “Alive”, hardrock band New Saviors are back with their new single “Flame” out today. The single was recorded at the bands’ home studio and brought over to Danny DiBella (who also helped with the band’s last single and EP) at DiBella Studios for mixing and mastering. The single was inspired by the stress of the global pandemic, focusing on turning fear into hopefulness in order to survive. 

“Flame is about the self-realization that your scars are there to remind you how strong you really are. Life’s not always easy but sometimes when it gets hard you have to hit it head-on, and use it as fuel to keep going.”

When going into the studio to write the song the band knew that they wanted to go in and write something upbeat and fun while still having a relatable message. The band hopes that the takeaway from this release is that it gives people the courage to move past that hopelessness and fear of COVID-19 and gives people hope that all this fighting through was worth it.

New Saviors doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon, with a lot more music on the way before the end of the year!

“Flame” is available on Spotify and most other online streaming platforms. You can check out the video for the track below!