Live Review: Don Broco @ Academy, Newcastle

Support: Kid Brunswick, NOISY

Date: 25/10/21

We’re well and truly back now and so are Don Broco. For some, it might be their first show back and for others, their fifth, tenth or even more (for myself I’m around the fifteen to twenty mark). Whatever the number you’re currently on let me be one to say welcome back! Tonights show was the charismatic and incredible Don Broco on their debut show of their massive UK tour in support of their latest record, ‘Amazing Things’.

Kicking the evening off was Kid Brunswick. An artist that is outside the spectrum of the scene which has your usual heavy taste before that beat thumps everything into action once again. One thing I do have to mention is that this artist is very soulful at times, one part of a musician you don’t normally have the chance to see and this is the part of the performance which you’ll connect with the most where when that happens, more and more fans start to react.

Now switching things up a little more to Rock N Roll Ravers Noisy and from the first few tracks there’s more of a theme going on. There’s a similarity to Don Broco in some tracks they play but they each have their own unique spin of things to remain different and exciting. The only difference here is that I think the Newcastle crowd weren’t as warming than most to NOISY which is a real shame not only because of the potential but more based on what their music offers which is raw escape as well as singing about the bad weather if my hearing isn’t playing up. If that’s not British then I don’t know what is.

Now for Don Broco. There’s a real silence in the air moments before they come on and this is a powerful silence as in you could cut the tension with a knife in that room. That’s when it all kicks of in, a symphony of what makes this band so pleasing to watch. ‘Manchester Super Red’, ‘Technology’, ‘Pretty’ all get things going and quite a few crowd surfers, making anyone who wasn’t there for their Slam Dunk Festival sets all the more envious.

Blasting their way through their energetic set, the crowd delved into a few hits and mosh pits with their previous record in ‘Technology’ including the enormous title track and quite surprisingly towards the end of the set, a stripped back and emotional version of ‘Nerve’ which just hits you in a way the track has never done before.

Now with Amazing Things just being released, it meant that some tracks got their live debut with ‘Uber’, ‘Endorphins’ (where they just released the music video the other day) as well as ‘Bruce Willis’. The track that had the most impact though? That has to be ‘Bruce Willis’ and that is down to the chants that came back at the band. Mark my words, this could become a track that is there to stay in the bands setlist.

Now lastly the encore consisted of the highly energetic and crowdsurftastic ‘Everybody’ but let’s be honest, it’s not a Don Broco show if this isn’t busted out to get the crowd going again and again to lose themselves and hit that absolute peak before their finale for ‘T-Shirt Song’ where they’re just spinning around above everyones heads in awe of everything they’ve witnessed.

I have to give it to Don Broco but I’ll say this and that is they deserved a larger stage and audience for the performance and hopefully next time, more people will be jumping with us.

And very lastly, people will have to tell me how many people were dressed as Power Rangers each night of the tour. I think two or three was the number to beat at this show!


Be sure to Check out Don Broco’s latest record ‘Amazing Things’ via the following link.

Newcastle To Open UK’s First Socially-Distanced Music Venue

In the middle of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Newcastle is set to be the first city in the UK to be opening a dedicated socially-distanced music venue this summer.

The Virgin Money Unity Arena, at Newcastle Racecourse will be able to hold audiences of up to 2,500 people and is set to open in August. The venue is going to be hosting a variety of gigs, Dj sets, comedy shows and family entertainment performances.

The venue promises to follow all social distancing mandates from the parking to the bathrooms to the viewing area. Food and Drink outlets will be available for guests with orders having to be made in advance and food delivered to your own spot in the arena.

Fans will have to arrive by car, opposed to public transport and park in socially distanced car park spots. Once inside, all visitors will be kept two metres apart and will need to follow a one way system in order to use the toilets.

The venue has confirmed they already have sever artists lined up to perform and will donate a number of free tickets to each show to NHS workers.

You can find more information on the venue’s website.

GroundCulture Release Huge New Track

Ground Culture Have unveiled a huge new track from their upcoming debut record, ‘How Well Do You Really Know Yourself’.

The record is set to drop May 1st 2020 via Hopeless Records.

The track, ‘Take My Breath Away’, has some melodic nu-metal features which is just dying to be listened to.

Check out the track below.