Niall McNamee Releases New Emotional Anthem, ‘All I Need’

Niall McNamee is an Irish singer-songwriter and actor, known for his own passionate, thoughtful and full-blooded songs. He has starred opposite Pierce Brosnan, fought with Jackie Chan, played comic foil to Bono, and romantically duetted with Imelda May. He also landed a starring role in the feature film Love Without Walls, which saw him performing his own compositions, as Niall’s art and life comes together. 

A self-taught musician, Niall has been immersed in music his whole life. Throughout years as a struggling young actor, Niall supported himself performing Irish folk songs, resulting in his knowledge of traditional music growing rich and deep. But all the while, he was writing his own material, drawing on that heritage but pushing into contemporary rock and pop territory. He finds inspiration from artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Pogues, Christy Moore and more recently The Undertones. 

Following the release of his EP Step By Step, Niall has unveiled the stunning and heart-wrenching “All I Need”. Narrating the story of a man in his last moments before death, we see his life flashing before his eyes. The songwriter shares, “He sits in the pub of his mind and looks around at his friends (all going off to war soon) with the knowledge they’ll not return the same. But ultimately it’s about an impossible promise. To get home safe and make his way back to Edinburgh from London where his sweetheart waits for him.” 

Written when he was just 18 years old, Niall had been reading about wars and all the working men that died needlessly. Inspired by the anti-war song “Willie McBride,” Niall felt compelled to write about the loved ones left behind and the young men who were changed forever. Over the years, “All I Need” became a fan favourite and almost a national anthem for his friends and supporters. Finally taking the leap to record and release the song, the artist graces us with the  beautifully emotional track. 
Niall has garnered notable acclaim from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, American Songwriter and Rolling Stone to name a few. He also co-wrote and duetted a song with Imelda May off of her #1 album. Niall has built a devoted fanbase and performed sold-out concerts at notable London venues including The Dublin Castle, Dingwalls and The Water Rats.

Check out ‘All I Need’ below.

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