Northlane Announce New Record, ‘Obsidian’

Northlane have announced their new album, ‘Obsidian’.

The full-length is set for release on 1st April via Believe, preceded by new single ‘Echo Chamber’, a song about the internet.

“It’s hard to be on the internet without seeing people get continuously angry about something,” says frontman Marcus Bridge. “We’re addicted to having a hot take about nothing and it’s quite exhausting. At the same time I shouldn’t let it bother me that much but it’s like a ringing in my ears after a while, so I’m praying I go deaf.”

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

1. Clarity
2. Clockwork
3. Echo Chamber
4. Carbonized
5. Abomination
6. Plenty
7. Is this a Test?
8. Xen
9. Cypher
10. Nova
11. Inamorata
12. Obsidian
13. Dark Solitaire

Check out the latest release, ‘Echo Chamber’ below.

Northlane Announce Acoustic EP, ‘2D’

Aussie metalcore outfit Northlane have announced details of an acoustic EP, ‘2D’, which is set to be released on May 21st 2021 via UNFD.

Vocalist Marcus Bridge explains:

“Recording an acoustic EP is something that we’ve wanted to do for quite some time and felt right with the personal nature of the songs from ‘Alien’. I wanted to strip these songs back to the bare minimum to juxtapose the soundscapes of the album, a 2D version of sorts. A song like ‘Rift’ has a completely different energy in this context and took on new meaning with the recording in the depths of lockdown, now almost feeling like a cry of frustration and despair.”

You can check out the EP artwork, full track listing, and a stream of the acoustic version of ‘Rift’below.

01.) Bloodline (Acoustic)
02.) Rift (Acoustic)
03.) 4D (Acoustic)
04.) Enemy Of The Night (Acoustic)
05.) Sleepless (Acoustic)

Pre-orders for the EP are available via the label’s Webstore.

Northlane Release New Single & Video For ‘Clockwork’

A frantic and pulsating fever dream, “Clockwork” sees Northlane build on the foundations they laid with their award-winning album, Alien, while continuing to smash through all boundaries and expectations. “Clockwork” was penned by frontman Marcus Bridge and serves as an insight into the mind of a musician forced to be creative after a devastating year and the toll this took on him. With a looming deadline and no inspiration, “Clockwork” is the soundtrack to unrelenting anxiety in the face of uncertainty. 

Bridge explains: “Clockwork reflects the pressures and anxieties I felt as we jumped back into writing after an uninspiring year. I always want to push myself creatively but with life on hold and with no end in sight, I felt empty and lonely, running out of time as our self-imposed deadline approached.” 

Check out ‘Clockwork’ below.

“Clockwork” came together with everyone recording their parts remotely then shipped off to be mixed and mastered by Adam “Nolly” Getgood and Ermin Hamidovic respectively – the same team behind Alien. It’s also the first song recorded as a newly minted four-piece after the departure of bass player Brendon Padjasek, who has stepped away from the band to focus on his home life. 

“Clockwork” will serve as the official theme song for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Oceanic Nationals esports League. Alongside a thriving professional esports scene and a community of over 70 million registered players, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the fastest growing competitive team combat games in the market. The 2021 season kicks off on March 21, and the first stage will be broadcast on Twitch via the Rainbow6Bravo channel.

“We’re really excited to be able to work with Northlane for the Oceanic Nationals, Rainbow Six Siege’s premier esports league in our region,” said Edward Fong, Managing Director of Ubisoft Asia Pacific.

“As esports continues to grow in Australia, it opens up more opportunities to collaborate with other industries and talent to provide our players more ways to connect with their favourite games. We’re thrilled to have Northlane’s new song “Clockwork” as the theme song for our local Oceanic Nationals.”

As festivals in Australia slowly start to reemerge, Northlane are excited to headline Full Tilt later this year, where they’ll perform “Clockwork” live for the first time. Until then, the band will be bunkered down hard at work on their sixth album. While it’s been challenging to write during a pandemic, Northlane have adapted and have a bank of demos ready to go.

Northlane Have Parted Ways With Bassist Brendon Padjasek

Northlane have announced they have parted ways with their bassist, Brendon Padjasek. He has stepped down to focus on his home life and his work as a producer.

Formerly a member of Structures, Padjasek joined Northlane in 2018 and appeared on the band’s 2019 full-length album, ‘Alien’.

The band have also announced they have left Australian label UNFD, and have opted to go independent for the foreseeable future.

Northlane are expected to release their sixth studio album later this year, with more details expected to follow in the coming months.

Northlane’s Live At The Roundhouse Is Now Available On Youtube

Back in 2020, Northlane streamed their headline performance from Sydney’s Roundhouse in full. The show was part of their ‘Alien’ tour, which was a massive milestone for the band.

The performance is now available for you to watch.

Check out the live show below.

Download Festival Adds More Bands To 2021 Lineup

There’s some massive news from Download Festival today as the organisers have confirmed 17 more acts which will perform at the 2021 iteration of the festival.

The new bands confirmed to play are as follows:

Boston Manor, Ayron Jones, Dead Poet Society, Descendents, Fire From The Gods, The Injester,Massive Wagons, Megadeath, Monster Truck, Northlane, Renounced, Salem, The Skints, Static Dress, Uncured, Venom Prison.

Check out the full lineup as it stands below.

A.A. Williams
A Day To Remember
Anchor Lane
Ayron Jones
Biffy Clyro
Blackout Problems
Black Veil Brides
Bleed From Within
Blues Pills
Boston Manor
Cellar Door Moon Crow
Cemetery Sun
Control The Storm
The Darkness
Dead Label
Dead Poet Society
Dead Posey
Dirty Honey
The Distillers
Dying Fetus
Electric Wizard
Employed To Serve
The Faim
Fire From The Gods
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Funeral For A Friend
Gender Roles
The Hara
Higher Power
Holding Absence
Hot Milk
The Injester
Killswitch Engage
Kill The Lights
Jamie Lenman
JJ Wilde
Joyous Wolf
Lacuna Coil
Lotus Eater
Marianas Trench
Massive Wagons
Modern Error
Monster Truck
Myles Kennedy & Company
Of Mice & Men
Press Club
The Pretty Reckless
Rise Against
The Scratch
The Skints
Sleep Token
Static Dress
Steel Panther
Stone Broken
System Of A Down
Temples On Mars
Theory Of A Deadman
Those Damn Crows
Tiny Moving Parts
Twin Temple
Venom Prison
Wage War
Wayward Sons
The Wildhearts
Will Haven

Download Festival 2021 will take place on June 4th – 6th 2021 at Donnington Park.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online from the festival’s official website.

Music Video Roundup 31/07/20

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new music video roundup. We’re here for a roundup of ten of the best recently released music videos. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week is Jamie Lenman. With his EP, ‘King Of Clubs’ getting closer and closer, he’s released a new video in the form of ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’.

This initially premiered over on Louder, the video was shot during lockdown, and features a handful of familiar faces from bands such as Black Peaks, Ithaca, Wargasm, Haggard Cat, and more.

This is what Lenman had to say of the song.

“After my last originals album ‘Devolver’ was a quite a contemplative, inward-looking record, I started looking outwards for ‘King Of Clubs’ and obviously I got pretty angry pretty quickly about the state of the world. The first single, ‘Summer Of Discontent’, was all about feeling helpless in the face of corrupt governments, and now this new single is about calling out unacceptable behaviour amongst your own peers.

I’m fed up of all the excuses people use to explain away things like bullying or racism and it felt good to finally say something about it publicly. I feel like there are a lot of lines being drawn in the sand at this time and hopefully here’s one more.”

We’re heading over to Buffalo for our next pick in this weeks countdown with the metalcore quartet Until I Wake, with the band’s latest release in ‘Less Of Me’, shot during lockdown.

Cody Johnson (Vocals) says:

“‘Less Of Me’ is a song that shows our softer side. We recorded the video ourselves due to lockdown from COVID-19. The lyrics are about giving up on a relationship that feels one sided, watching someone move on and not seem to care while you are left hurting.”

Who’s up for a live performance?

Northlane recently announced the details of a streaming event where they’ll be showcasing their sold out Roundhouse, Sydney show from October 2019.

“Like everybody on this platform around the world, we really miss live music. Both watching and performing, it’s a life changing and defining passion that runs through our veins. We’ve always wanted to bring this experience home to you, and right now there is no better time to do that.

If you’ve watched Negative Energy, you’ll know how big of a deal it was to come and sell out the Roundhouse in Sydney on the Alien world tour, after such a difficult time prior to this landmark album coming out. We knew we’d want to revisit this night so we brought in a whole camera crew, captured all the audio and had it pro mixed & mastered. Many of the older songs sound better than they ever did on record.

This will be your ONLY chance to watch this show in it’s entirety. Tickets are $10USD per stream. Not bad for the price of a beer in Sydney. We’ll be live chatting to you during the event too.”

Now, here’s what you can expect with a live video of ‘Bloodline’.

Keeping things Aussie for one more track but switching up the genre, we have Yours Truly. The bands animated video venture for ‘Together’ is the second track from their upcoming debut record, ‘Self Care’ where they have a Mortal Kombat style to things

‘Self Care’ is set to be released on September 18th via UNFD.

Vocalist Mikaila Delgado had this to say about the album:

“There was this almost electric feeling of excitement about getting to sit down and write our first record but also a huge feeling of anxiety at the same time.

We didn’t want to release something and have people say that we’re actually not that good and weren’t worthy of all the success we were getting… it was like we all had imposter syndrome.”

Moving to the Rap Metal genre for the next video of choice but still keeping the animation theme going are the California’s Body Count.

This track of choice for ‘Three Critical Beatdown’ is off their recently released record, ‘Carnivore’, which is available now via Century Media Records.

Who wants a new band to be checking out?

I haven’t found much information on this band as I’d like to for the post but there was something so compelling about the track and the video an exception had to have been made. I’ll be keeping an eye on Coldcasket in the near future as they storm on the video for ‘Letting Go’.

From Pouring Rain to their raging fires, Malevolence have their release of ‘The Other Side’ which is something must be watched because visually, it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in a while.

Vocalist Alex Taylor had this to say about what the song means to them:

“The Other Side is a big step outside of our comfort zone both musically and visually. Anyone that has followed us since the beginning will be aware that we have tested the waters with a more melodic sound previously but we have never taken the full plunge until now. 

“We were very apprehensive as to how The Other Side would be received by our supporters, since it seems that progression is something that is rarely welcomed within the metal world. However, we strongly believe that we have a lot more to offer as musicians than just heavy riffs and hard mosh parts, and that the strength of the song would be enough to win over even the most skeptical metal purists. 

Lyrically the song covers the topic of losing someone, whether we are referring a romantic relationships or bereavement is open to your interpretation.”

Moving into Arizona territory right now with one of Rude Record’s latest signings in Sundressed.

The video for ‘Your Frequency’ is the band’s first new track since their signing with the label where their second studio record, ‘Home Remedy’ will be released September 18th 2020.

Frontman Trevor Hedges had this to say of the track.

“‘Your Frequency’ is about the “side-hustle” culture. How it’s never okay to relax, how something always comes up when you’re almost ahead. This song is about the desire to have less worry about essential needs and have more time to be human.”

After releasing their latest track a few week’s ago, Hot Milk have now a visual approach for ‘California’s Burning’.

The band had the following to say:

“We had something to say so we just fkin said it. Not anti-American, just anti-asshole.

“This is a rally cry against greed and the ruling class that so desperately cling to control the freethinkers and the good hearted.  We are all children of today and mavericks of tomorrow.

“We can build a bridge because their minds are too narrow.”

In addition, the track is available to buy on 7′ record with a portion of the proceeds going to the Black Lives Matter movement as well as Stop Hate UK.

Last week Neck Deep released their fourth record as a group which was ‘All Distortions Are Intentions’ where this video was the last before the album cycle started. The track they had for this video? ‘Sick Joke’.

On the release, Ben Barlow (Vocals) had the following to say:

“It’s a song that questions the fabric of reality whilst battling mental health. Jett contemplates whether life itself is even real, in fairly ethereal terms, due to the internal suffering he is experiencing. Shredding solos, punchy rhythms and stomping drums drive the song along, and it sonically represents the more minor driven side of the record.”

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best singles out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Northlane’s Marcus Bridge Performs Acoustic Set Over Livestream

Northlane are one of the most fantastic and exciting bands in the metalcore genre right now. When you get it stripped back and acoustic however, it’s something else entirely.

You just have to see it to believe it, in the form of this special livestream which frontman Marcus Bridge gave the world.

Classic tracks such as ‘Dream Awake’ and ‘Grateful’ were played as well as newer cuts in the form of ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Enemy Of The Night’.

Check it out below.

Northlane are set to release a deluxe edition of their latest record, ‘Alien’ which will feature instrumental versions of each track as well as the song ‘Enemy Of the Night’. This release is set for 31st July 2020 via UNFD.

Check out ‘Enemy Of The Night’ below.

Northlane Announce Support For Upcoming Tour

It should be named the Australian invasion tour by the way things are going.

Northlane are set to invade the UK with their tour in November with their ‘Alien’ world tour but they have some fellow talented individuals in Polaris joining them as the main support on the UK and EU leg.

Void of Vision and Silent Planet are also on the run which will see them play 25 shows this November and December.

Northlane’s upcoming record, ‘Alien’ is set to be released August 2nd via UNFD.


Northlane Announce New Record, Announce UK Dates Of World Tour

After some teasing from Aussie Metal Favourite’s Northlane, the band have announced the details of their upcoming record.

It’s going to be called ‘Alien’ which is going to be released via UNFD. Check out all the details for the record including Tracklisting, Album Art and more below.


01. ‘Details Matter’
02. ‘Bloodline’
03. ‘4D’
04. ‘Talking Heads’
05. ‘Freefall’
06. ‘Jinn’
07. ‘Eclipse’
08. ‘Rift’
09. ‘Paradigm’
10. ‘Vultures’
11. ‘Sleepless’

And the first single to be released off the upcoming record, check out ‘Bloodline’ below.

Northlane have also released some UK dates as part of their World Tour for November and December 2019. Here is where they’re playing.

November 2019

26th – Leeds Stylus

27th – Manchester Academy 2

28th – Southampton Engine Rooms

29th – Glasgow Garage

30th – Birmingham O2 Academy 2

December 2019

1st – London Electric Brixton