Gallery – Metal Blues – Fulford Arms, York

January Metal Blues at The Fulford Arms, York (19/02/23) featuring Recall The Remains, Disinfo, Cast Out, Cast In Tephra, Old Selves

Images by Jack Liddle.

Old Selves

Cast In Tephra

Cast Out


Recall The Remains

EP Review – Old Selves – Two Minds

Blistering, Powerful and Thumping. Those are three words to describe the debut EP from York based OLD SELVES. They produce a masterful release quite unlike any other band on the up and coming scene right now where they produce something of high quality standard which could rival releases of names much larger than themselves. Their no holds barred attitude on the six track EP show they are a force to be reckoned with and live, it will be unquestionably manic.

The haunting intro of ‘Sonnet For Sorrow’ brings about a medieval theme which for the band pairs well with their location and makes the way for the smashing ‘Two Minds’. “Get out, just get out” rings in perfectly for the band in a way that’s unexpected from the outset and just leaves you wanting more. The most obvious riffs in comparison are that to Bullet For My Valentine which offers an intense rage you can feel sweltering out of the music before the drums offer a cathartic release to culminate in the closing of the track.

‘Population’ offers more of the intense riffs by the band as you feel the energy to make this one of the more confrontational bands that you’ve heard in a while but what’s more is that the solo taps into the potential where you think they peak? No, they’re capable of much more to the point of which Old Selves are following in the footsteps of the scarce metal scene York have had recently but add so much more to it.

‘Lost’ is a quaint instrumental interval to help you recalibrate and leads into ‘444’. The start of the track makes your hairs stand on end where the sound just erupts where you get the addition of the political aspect of the band making its full swing in lyrics such as “Stop, I’m trying to breathe” which is just so eire as they echo just what has happened in the world in the last year. The colossal sounds are the very foundation and the backbone which propels the EP to make it a debut you won’t forget anytime soon.

In the fianle of the the EP, there’s something a lot cleaner about the sound of the guitars to finish as the track fades but not before more social commentary hits home where they end on such a strong note.

Now at the moment, Old Selves do have touring plans of the UK planned for later this year, assuming all goes to plan with the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and if the same intensity and ferocity can be delivered, they will be the best band to come of of the Yorkshire scene in a while and undoubtedly one of the best.

Image may contain: text that says "OLD SELVES SUMMER TOUR JULY 2021 04.07.2021-BRISTOL EXCHANGE 05.07.2021 -TBA 06.07.2021 SOUTHAMPTON THE HOBBIT 07.07.2021 NOTTINGHAM THE NAVIGATION 08.07.2021-DERBY THE HAIR DOG 09.07.2021 -YORK THE FULFORD ARMS"

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Claw It Back 2021 Announced


That’s what’s been described for Claw It Back, a brand new all dayer for the Yorkshire scene as the live music industry will try to get back up on its feet and with the help of some Rock and Post-Hardcore bands, this is surely set to host some spectacular sets for one of the first shows of 2021.

Here is the lineup.


Old Selves


Amongst Thieves

This House Is Haunted

Cast Out

Pray For Hayden

Fizzy Milk


Matter Of Mind

Air Drawn Dagger

Claw It Back is set to take place on Sunday 31st January 2021 at The Fulford Arms, York.

Tickets are available via The Fulford Arms.

£9 Advance (Online Only)

£12 On The Door (If Available)

Live Review: Home Wrecked @ Fulford Arms, York

Support: Kiss Kiss Kill, Old Selves, Palmist

Date: 21/02/20

I’m back at the Fulford Arms for a few homeowners as well as a few out of towners tonight. What’s great about these gigs is that it brings so many people together on the night; friends, family, other bands and new faces. It’s fantastic to see more and more people come down and support everyone on the bill and especially for Doncaster’s very own Home Wrecked, York was more than accommodating for our Yorkshire brothers in arms.

First on the bill for the evening was Kiss Kiss Kill. This is one local band I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing but you know what they say, there’s a first time for everything. For me, it was a half-decent performance as there was some half-decent parts of their, i.e. the introduction in the style of a flight attendant for one but apart from this not much else. To hit top gear, they need to be able to take a step outside of their comfort zone to match the other bands on the bill.

I don’t think these guys are capable of putting on a bad set. Ever since their first set a few months ago a the end of 2019, I was anxiously awaiting just what Old Selves would come up with next. Here though, they’ve built on the anticipation of that first show with a few new tracks, including their huge sounding debut ‘Strength In Four’. There was some room for improvement but I have faith that they could be the ones touring themselves soon. What stood out to me was their (I’m assuming he’s a lefty because we certainly are a rare breed) was the energy Kiel Hodgson always seems to emit when he plays live. I just hope he’s able to give off more high energy performances as this band blossoms in the future.


Moving up in the ladder and the energy are Palmist. From the outset, they do have some Don Broco vibes fused with some punk to give off a well-rounded performance at both ends of the spectrum. What is a little more Punky is the vocals from Sam Paterson as he shifts from all ends of the stage, clearly someone you can’t tie to one place to connect with each and every audience member in the room. More than that, it gives a little freedom to the other band members on the stage in order to have a little breathing space from the infectious rhythms that inevitably come during their set.


Now, finally, we’re upon Home Wrecked. With two EP’s, one or two singles, they’re ready to unleash some carnage. ‘What You Want’ is definitely one track which could define that band going forward into 2020 and with this tour as well as an appearance at Pop Punk Pile Up 3, is it a staple track in their set moving forward? One thing that’s for sure, my expectations were smashed because it’s great to see everyone down for this band and join in with everyone as far as vocalist Joe Daniels is concerned as well as getting being quite photogenic as far as you can see in the gallery below the music video I’ve linked in there. Soaring higher and higher into heir set, the Pop Punk feels just become more apparent with some old school touches which just hype the band up even more. Brothers in Arms for Yorkshire Rock indeed.


Rating: 6.5/10