Oxymorrons Release Anthem New Single, ‘Think Big’

Alt hip-hop band Oxymorrons are kicking off the new year in a massive way with the release of their anthemic single ‘Think Big’.

Produced by Zach Jones (Crown the Empire, Fever 333, We Came As Romans) and Marc Orrell (Dropkick Murphys), ‘Think Big”’ is an electrifying genre-bending masterpiece with an undeniable, head-banging hook and a breakdown made for the mosh pit. It’s Oxymorrons through-and-through, a signature sound fans have come to expect from the NYC-based band.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, the band collectively shared, “Think Big is our stadium anthem. Free your mind, be unapologetically yourself, and dream huge. This track makes us want to jump off the top of the turnbuckle and hit ‘em with The Peoples Elbow. It sonically embodies so much of our high octane live energy, while reminding you of the OXY ethos: never subject yourself to a ‘box,’ don’t let anyone or thing define you – think bigger, live better. So let it be a tribute to all the great thinkers that opened doors to better ideas for a better tomorrow. Be big, think big, save yourself!!!!”

Check out the track, ‘Think Big’ below.

Oxymorrons Pay Tribute To 90’s Hip-Hop, Rock And Blackness With ‘Django’

New York City-based alternative hip-hop band Oxymorrons have dropped another undeniably catchy single that drives an important message. Following their anti-racism warcry ‘Justice’ and the braggadocious banger ‘Green Vision, the band’s new song ‘Django serves as the third single from their anticipated ‘Mohawks & Durags’ EP. The project is slated for release 20 September, 2021 via Jason Aalon Butler’s (Fever 333 / Pressure Cracks / Letlive) artist collective 333 Wreckords Crew.

Pulling from their multicultural backgrounds and experiences (the members are of Haitian, Dominican, and Venezuelan descent), the band sought to put their existence as men of colour in society – and in navigating the music industry – into perspective.

When asked to expand on the inspiration behind ‘Django’, Oxymorrons as a group shared, “Django is not only our tribute to 90’s Hip Hop and Rock. It’s about being black and proud. It’s an unapologetic celebration of our melanin. We used Django because so often our society only celebrates fictional embodiments of black resistance, while erasing the actual black revolutionaries throughout global history. The systems in place don’t want us to see ourselves in those that look like us… that fought for our peoples liberation (see Haiti, DR, Africa, etc). We say, fuck that. I look like him, You look like him, We look like him. DJANGO!!!”

Continuing their trend of taking iconic rock covers and flipping them on their heads – ‘Justice’ with Queen’s self titled, ‘Green Vision’ with Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ – the ‘Django’ artwork is an Oxy-fied spin on Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’.

Oxymorrons will be hitting the road hard in North America this autumn in support of their upcoming ‘Mohawks & Durags’ EP. First opening for Anti-Flag Sept-Oct, and then opening for Neck Deep alongside Boston Manor, Zero 9:36 and Heart Attack Man, Oct-Dec.

Check out ‘Django’ below.