Check Out Paramore As They Perform ‘This Is Why’ For The First Time

In the last week, Paramore dropped their first new material in the last few years as well as making their long awaited return to the stage.

They played the new track, ‘This Is Why’ in all it’s glory in Bakersfield over at the Mechanics Bank Arena.

How amazing is it to have the band back playing music live?

Check out some fan shot footage of the performance!

Are Paramore Gearing Up For Music?

The rumour mill is afoot! Are Paramore up to something in terms of a release?

The band have changed their profile pictures on their social media accounts but more specifically, their Instagrams.

As well all know though when something such as this happens, it’s about to go off.

The new photos of band members Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Zac Farro all show them pressed against water-stained glass.

Check them out below.

Hayley Williams Teasing New Paramore Record?

Earlier this year Hayley Williams stated that she was ​“ready for the next Paramore album” following her two lockdown solo records: 2021’s FLOWERS for VASES / descansos, and last year’s Petals For Armor. And now, could the follow-up to 2017’s After Laughter be on the way?

Williams shared a screengrab of a conversation with drummer Zac Farro referring to ​“paramore 6”, with the pair reflecting on ​“getting oooooold”

As well as that, the vocalist has announced an Earth Day collaboration with fashion label Collina Strada, with new ​“RIOT!-esque” pieces benefitting

“Paramore have collaborated with fashion label and social issues/awareness platform Collina Strada to create some exclusive pieces,” Hayley says. ​

“Collina Strada partners with to source upcycled tees from Kantamanto Market in Ghana where unsold/donated clothing is causing an ecological disaster. This one’s hand-dyed and features a vintage Paramore design screenprinted on front.

“And the piece de resistance: the Collina Strada x Paramore circa 2007reusable water bottle. Collina Strada made these bedazzled bitches famous a few seasons ago or more(?) and you see em all over fashion week. Can’t believe I own a Pmore themed one now.”

Check out Hayley and Zac’s text exchange below:

And the Merch for Earth Day?

Paramore Are Reissuing Riot! On Silver Vinyl For Fueled By Ramen’s 25th Anniversary

Fueled By Ramen are coming to celebrate their 25th anniverary and with that, Paramore have announced a reissue of their second record, ‘Riot!’.

With the release, it will see the band release the record on Silver Vinyl as well as asking fans to help design some Paramore merchants to go alongside the drop.

“For Fueled By Ramen’s 25th anniversary, Paramore are releasing a special silver vinyl edition of Riot!” the vocalist says in a video on Twitter. ​“And around the re-issue’s release, which will be in May, we wanted to do something really special with you because, you know, it’s been a minute. It’s been a while. 

“So, we’re partnering – again – with our friends at Creative Allies; we did a contest with them back in 2013… that’s almost a decade ago, what?! And, basically, you go to, submit your design, make it Riot! related, it could be lyrics, it could be anything you want, and the winner will have a design reproduced in the web store, and you’re going to win $500.”

The full description on Creative Allies’ website explains: ​“Creative Allies is partnering with Paramore again to host a fan art design contest. We worked with them in 2013 for the debut of their self titled album Paramore. You can check out that contest here! This art will be used for merchandise sold on their web store.

“Riot! is the second studio album by Paramore. It was released in the United States on June 12, 2007 and Paramore wants to do something special for the album’s re-release on vinyl coming this May. Paramore’s Riot! Album gave us some amazing tracks such as Misery Business and CrushCrushCrush and we need some really great art to match all of the fantastic songs on this album.

“The band will pick their favorite design and the grand prize winner will get $500. Please send any questions to”

Watch Hayley’s video update below:

And here’s what that glorious Silver Vinyl looks like:

Paramore Have Three Unfinished Documentaries

Hayley Williams has shared that the band have three separate documentaries about them that were never completed.

Williams shared this with a fan via Twitter, confirming that the three documentaries were filmed across the past decade but “were never finished”.

Hayley Williams: “I’m Ready For The Next Paramore Album. Let’s Go”

Following the surprise release of the record, ‘FLOWERS for VASES / descansos’ earlier this month, Hayley Williams has been answering fan questions on the record in a Twitter Q&A where it’s been revealed the solo chapter is done for now and focus is shifting to Paramore.

When asked if Hayley has more material following FLOWERS for VASES and last year’s debut Petals For Armor, the musician reveals that she does have more songs – but she doesn’t know how they’d be used in a solo capacity, or if they’d be right for her day job either.

“There are more songs, yeah,” Hayley writes. ​“But I’m not planning on another solo album. And I’m not sure if they’d be great for Paramore. I’m ready for the next Paramore album. Let’s go.”

Having written and recorded the entirety of FLOWERS for VASES / descansos in a career first during lockdown, one fan quizzes Hayley on if she will be ​“more involved with the instrumental writing process in Paramore albums now”, to which she responds: ​“I wouldn’t say I’ve been un-involved up till now but the thing is we grew up playing together and learning (and the re-learning) how to write together. They are my favorite musicians in the world. I’m excited to see how our writing together grows for this next project.”

Hayley also adds in another answer that, ​“I’m most looking forward to hearing whatever the next Paramore songs will sound like.”

Get excited world! I wonder how long this will? I’ll be waiting in anticipation!

Have Paramore Hinted At New Music?

While Hayley Williams has been releasing new solo material in 2020 in her debut record, ‘Petals For Armor’, fans of Paramore have been suspecting she’s been working on new material with the band.

Earlier this week, the band took to Twitter to hint at this saying that they don’t want their fans woken up ​“just yet”. If the rumors do turn out to be true, it’ll be the first release in three years since their 2017 record, ‘After Laughter’.

The rumor mill started because Jimmy Fallon joked on The Tonight Show that Taylor Swift keeps released record after record in 2020, with her second being recently released in the last month. After receiving more notifications, he then joked “Paramore just released a new record called Taylor Swift,” with it coming full circle.

Retweeting the video, the band wrote, ​“jimmy, don’t wake the pmore stans just yet”, sending their entire fanbase into a frenzy over those two final words: ​“just yet”. That’s got to mean something is on the way soon, surely?!

Earlier this year, Hayley reiterated the fact that her solo venture did not mean the end for Paramore. ​“I can’t deny there’re frontwomen in history who went solo and didn’t go back, so that’s where I have to trust that the band knows I’m not looking for greener grass,” she said.

Hayley Williams Professes “There’s A Reason” To Paramore’s Line-Up Changes

Paramore’s Hayley Williams have taken to Twitter recently to confirm the band’s stance with the LGBTQ+ community as well as stating that “there’s a reason” for the band’s past line-up changes.

In the tweets, Williams assures fans that Paramore “do not condone religiously/politically dogmatic beliefs” after saying that “there’s a reason there are only 3 people left in paramore, surprise, haters, it ain’t cause of me.”

Though Williams tweets don’t specifically mention any previous members of Paramore directly, it is assumed that they are in response and reference to ex-guitarist / vocalist Josh Farro who allegedly posted a comment on social media recently where he stated that homosexuality is “a perversion”.

Both Josh and Zac farro left Paramore in December 2010, shortly after the touring cycle for their third record, ‘Brand New Eyes’ finished.

Zac Farro returned to the band in 2017 as their drummer and does feature on the bands latest record, ‘After Laughter’.

Hard Times By Paramore Surpasses 200 Million Streams

Paramore’s ‘Hard Times Have hit a new massive milestone over on their Spotify.

The track has now surpassed over 200 Million Streams on the website.

That’s the fourth track of the bands which has hit the milestone, which follows ‘Misery Business’ from their second record, ‘Riot!’ as well as ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and ‘Still Into You’ from their Self-Titled Record.

It’s also certified Gold in the UK and US.

Check out the video for ‘Hard Times’ which surpassed 100 Million Views recently over on Youtube.

Hayley Williams Gives Shout Out To “Badass” Drumming Grandma

If you’re familiar with the platform TikTok or Twitter, then you’ve possibly seen the profile of Dorothea Taylor. She’s a rock drumming Grandma who’s been playing for 56 years!

She’s impressed with covers of Disturbed, Paramore and more where now, Hayley Williams has been checking her content out when she covered the bands track, ‘Ain’t It Fun’.

Previously, the drummer has inspired others by stating: “Drummers come in all ages, sizes, shapes, ethnicities… and regardless of how good you are, how old you are, we’re all still part of a drumming family. So remember: don’t judge a drummer, or anybody, by their looks, and always, always, always keep sharing your drumming passion with the world.”