Go Behind The Scenes On Bring Me The Horizon’s Video For ‘Parasite Eve’

Following the release of the stellar single for Bring Me the Horizon’s latest release, ‘Parasite Eve’, the band have recently shared an insight into the making-of in a behind the scenes video.

Frontman Oli Sykes explains that creating the visuals for the video was no easy task while four members of the band were in lockdown in the Uk, while bassist Matt Kean was in Los Angeles. In addition, when the lockdown was eased, they had to stick a few metres apart from eachother while keeping to the DIY approach.

“One thing lockdown has proven to us is that we can make shit happen with a lot less resources than we actually need,” Oli explains. “I’m not even going to tell how much our last video for Ludens cost, but it was fucking crazy.”

Adding to this, he says that he found inspiration from nu-metal, characters from comic books (Venom) and anime (Tokyo Ghoul), as well as “a really sick game called Hellblade” and an unreleased film titled The Inferno Unseen.

“Aesthetically, one of the main inspirations I drew from was actually an unreleased film called The Inferno Unseen by Henri-Georges Clouzot,” he reveals. “Even though the film was never properly released, some of the excerpts from that film are really sick in terms of the colours and the lighting [and] just the effects. It’s just so dream-like and haunting. We really want to try and create something in a similar vein to that for this music video.”

Parasite Eve is the first track from an upcoming series of EPs from Horizon, with Sykes saying that they want to make “four different records over the next year”.

Watch the making of video below.

And be sure to check out the full video for Parasite Eve below.

Bring Me The Horizon To Release Four EP’s In One Year

Last week saw the release of Bring Me The Horizon’s eagerly awaited new single, ‘Parasite Eve’.

This however, is not the only piece of new music the band have been working on. There’s so much more that the band have said they’re going to release four records over the next year which will have a collective title in the form of ‘Post Human’.

Oli Sykes (Vocals) confirmed in an interview with NME where every EP they will release will range “from six to ten tracks each”.

Here’s what Sykes had to say on ‘Parasite Eve’.

“This song is going to be part of a record that has the same feel along with [last year’s single] ‘Ludens’. We’ve just been winging it and recording from lockdown, and now we’re going to make four different records over the next year and they’ll all share the name ‘Post Human’. They’ll each be tonally different with their own sound and mood. That’s one thing we’ve never really done. There’s often been an over-arching theme on our records, but the music has always felt like a collage. That’s cool and I like it, but sometimes you want a soundtrack for a certain occasion and emotion.

The idea behind ‘Post Human’ is looking at how we’ve stepped out of evolution and the food chain. If we can do that, then we can take responsibility for what we’ve done to the planet and become something better than what humans are right now.”

He then went onto to expand on what the idea behind the first of these four records will be.

“You know like on Lord On The Rings where they all sing a song before battle, knowing that they might die but they’re going got persevere and see how it goes? We’re trying to embody that. This first record is about hope and anger and feels like the sonic equivalent of a riot. We’re inviting people to find the solution with us.

It’s a demonstration to pull you in and get your back up. It’s a lot more aggressive than anything we’ve done for a while. The world doesn’t need light-hearted pop music right now – it needs anthems for anger. There’s so much to be pissed off about.”

At the time of writing, there’s no plan as to when the records will drop or specifically what tracks will appear on them, where Sykes says it’s very possible that they’ll write and release new material as they wish and in a reaction to global events as and when those events occour.

“What I’d like to do is to release tracks from each of these new records whenever it feels relevant and will resonate, rather than having to wait. When a moment hits me, the best thing I feel that I can do is write a song about it. It’s a very loose plan. If we want to collaborate with an electronic artist and drop that track whenever, then we will.”

More details of the ‘Post Human’ release will be available as they’re confirmed.

You can check out ‘Parasite Eve’ below.