Music Singles Roundup 24/04/20

Hello and welcome to the brand new segment here on the Almost Anything Media page. This is a brand new post where I pick out five of the latest and my favourite tracks to give everyone a taste of what is going out in the world – music-wise. This is where I’m going from genre to genre for any type of track so anything goes in this!

First up is Strange Bones. The Blackpool rockers recently released a cut off of their released a new EP, ‘Blitz PArt 2’, which was released the other week.

Bobby (vocals) has said: “It’s about forgetting how to breathe, understanding mistakes. It’s an acknowledgement of reality, consequential in moving forward. Finding no peace when your head is a minefield.”


Continuing the heavy hits are Welsh protegees Holding Absence with their recently released single, ‘Birdcage’ which acts as the second half off their double A-side single, ‘Gravity/Birdcage’.

On the track Lucas Woodland, frontman of the band has said:

“‘Birdcage’ is probably the most poppy track we’ve ever released as Holding Absence, and we’re really proud of the outcome. Working with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon/Twin Atlantic/Don Broco) gave us the great opportunity to refine our sound in a way we’d not yet tried before, so the aim for this track was to make it as catchy and sleek as possible. We’re very happy with the outcome and can’t wait for people to get their hands on the double-sided picture disk!”

Check out the track below.


We’re going straight across the pond for this next act two is Singer/Songwriter The Homeless Gospel Choir (Derek Zanetti) whom has shared a new track ‘Blind Faith’/

It’s the latest track off his record, ‘This Land Is Your Landfill’ which was released today. On this track, he’s said:

“There’s a sparkle in the eye of those in positions of power when the people are scared, paranoid, and in need of guidance. The danger with Religion is that it holds hostage common sense and good basic reason for something that is intangible, unexplainable, and without proof. Theres is a comfort in blindly following something. I think people feel secure with clinging to an answer even if they know that the answer they have is wrong. That’s what they are banking on, and that’s the scariest part.

This song is about continually witnessing others getting beat by blindly following something they know is broken, and not being able to get through to them.”


Heading across to a little band across the pond in LA, California known as Point North who have ‘A Million Pieces’ for the masses. In 2019 they signed over with Hopeless Records and now they have something more to add to their arsenal for their Alt-Pop fans.

“‘A Million Pieces’ is pretty much me talking myself down and letting myself know that I have to pick myself up. It’s about forgiving myself for my guilty conscience and reassuring that everything is going to be ok.” Says Jon Lundin 


And lastly today we have Patent Pending featuring Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight.

It’s funky, fresh and fantastic where you have two great bands coming together to collaborate on something great in these trying times plus it brings the bands back together from when they toured the UK together in 2018.

Check out the track below.

And that brings about an end to this week’s Music Singles Roundup! Be sure to check back soon for another look at some great new tracks!

In addition, if there are any bands that come across this post and want to see their tracks in the spotlight, be sure to send Almost Anything Music a message via our contact page!

A Conversation With… Patent Pending

Time for more Pop-Punk interviews! Right, the first time I saw these guys was when they supported Bowling For Soup around six or seven years ago! Time does fly but Patent Pending have been busy as hell in that time! I’ve seen them since and even caught up with a few members at Slam Dunk Festival two years ago. When I saw they were due to support Waterparks on their headline UK tour, I knew I had to try and get a chance to talk to someone from the band!


Jack: Hey Joe, how’s it going?

Joe: It’s going how are you doing this evening?


Jack: I’m not too bad, I’m just glad I made it down tonight because of the weather, I nearly wasn’t able to come nearly not down here but I’m so glad to be here, I haven’t seen you guys since you played Slam Dunk a couple of years ago!

Joe: Well, welcome back.


Jack: and it’s great to see your hair is as crazy as ever to!

Joe: We’re totally back, we’re both back!


Jack: Now the last record you released was called Other People’s Greatest Hits! What compelled you to do that instead of original material?

Joe: I personally love doing covers and we hadn’t done one in a really long time and we knew we weren’t going to release an album last year and we wanted to release something so I’m happy we did.


Jack: I was going to say Shoutout To My Ex, I really didn’t expect that one to be on the covers.

Joe: I love that one, I love that song.


Jack: And is there any new material coming out this or early next year?

Joe: Well, we didn’t know about this tour, we literally found out about it three weeks ago so as soon as we finish this tour, we’re going to be working on that.


Jack: Is it going to be released this year then?

Joe: It all depends on how long it takes to find the right sound because I wanna make sure we do something new but I want it to rock! It’ll be a little more rock than the last couple of albums.


Jack: More like Second Family then?

Joe: Yeah but what we wanna do is find a new way to do it so it’s not the same thing again.


Jack: One of the first times you were over here was in support of the compilation you did with Bowling For Soup.

Joe: One Big Happy. That was some good times!


Jack: I haven’t looked at the setlists, is Psycho In Love going to be n there?

Joe: Hell yes. We’re playing that tonight.


Jack: I love that song! So would you do a track like that ever again?

Joe: Absolutely. We wanna find a way to get back to that sort of rock but we want to find a way to do it so it’s new.


Jack: That’s literal music to my ears. going back to the tour. You said you only found out about it three weeks ago, was that the label asking you to do it?

Joe: Well, fun fact, two years ago waterparks was a really small band and we were bringing them here, we were about to announce it but then they had to go on tour with good charlotte and did a bigger tour and we were like go for it, do it and we’ve been trying to put this together ever since.


Jack: Well at least the waiting’s over, you’re finally on tour together, I call that a win!

Joe: Absolutely, great band and great guys to.


Jack: You guys’ have only have played one show at the moment because of the weather right?

Joe: you, you guys have a lot of snow over here at the moment don’t you? A Snowmageddon, a Snowpocalypse.


Jack: I know, but let’s be honest, Canada is probably laughing at us at the moment

Joe: Yeah, they’re like these guys can’t handle it.  we kind of are as well aha. So yeah, the Dublin date was rearranged, we’re going back on Monday, but we’ve done one show so far, their fans were polite, and ours were welcoming as well.


Jack: I’m just imagining a wall of death between the two fans but it’d be very non- violent

Joe: It’d be very funny

Jack: Maybe something like Braveheart. Or Lord Of The Rings, whichever would be more epic.

Joe: Oh then Game Of Thrones, Battle of the Bas***** except everyone would hug each other after.


Jack: Apart from the shows, what have you guys guys been up to?

Joe: Well, personally my wife and I just had twins so I’ve been changing diapers but it’s been crazy and wonderful.

Jack: Are they going to be added to the Patent Pending family when they’re older?

Joe: We’ll see, we’ll see what happens.


Jack: It’s amazing the way people see musicians juggle their personal and family life.

Joe: Well, as long as you can take care of the family first you can continue the other stuff.


Jack: As long as things don’t get too crazy on tour.

Joe: Well, I’m the most boring person on tour. I wake up, go to the gym, go for food, play the show, watch Friends and go to bed.


Jack: Well, honestly do remind me of Joey a bit.

Joe: I have been told that before, how you doin?

Jack: The comparisons are unparalleled now. Can you speak French like him though

Joe: I cannot. I don’t think so.


Jack: And what’s the plan for the rest of the year?

Joe: Well that’s it for us. We’re going to make the album and figure out how to release it and figure out when we’re going to come back and keep touring.


Jack: And on future festival appearances, where would you love to play?

Joe: Reading and Leeds, bigtime, I’d love to play Download to.


*There was a little weird thing happening there in the interview. Joe kissed a patch.


Jack: What the hell was that?

Joe: Before every show, we kiss the mission patch from the movie Armageddon, it’s tradition.

Jack: that is one of the most random things I’ve ever seen at a show

Joe: Oh that’s us through and through


Jack: And lastly, what three words would you use to describe patent pending?


Joe: Oh, erm… cowabunga dude totally.


You can watch Patent Pending’s video for Wasted/Wake Me Up below.

Live Review: Waterparks @ Stylus, Leeds

Stylus, Leeds. 03-03-18

Support: Dead!, Patent Pending

Now, before I write this post I have to say this one almost didn’t happen because of the weather in the UK at the moment. Trains were cancelled/delayed on the day and made it a little difficult for me to go down. There was also an interview with a member of the supporting band which will be up in due course. That’s another story because of delayed emails on both fronts. Nevertheless, I got there and got to see all bands on the lineup!

Waterparks are one of the most exciting bands coming through the scene right now. Their newest record, ‘Entertainment’ was a revelation to fans all over the world and has set them up to have possibly the best record of 2018 so far. Backed up with videos and their ever-growing star power, the Texans brought their new record to Leeds for the growing number of fans at the Stylus.

Dead! were the badass lads you’d expect them to be. Having put out a record of their own, ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’ back at the end of January, they showcase just what that album represents, ballsy punk music and ambition because if they continue on this trajectory for a little while longer, it’ll be them on that headlining slot. Also, the set just proves how much fun the band can be on stage when the slicing guitar riffs and hard pounding drums intertwine to compliment their emphatic lyrics to a pretty almost full pit.

Moving to Patent Pending, it’s almost as if the band had never left! I mean the last we saw them was Spring Break 2017 and that was a party and a half! This time was no different. Storming into their set, they showcase just how much fun a band can have on tour. All Pop-Punk bands will have a competition embedded into their set in the near future and they’re no different. Patent Pending’s is the UK Swimming. I won’t go into it too much but I’ll just say their frontman Joe won! With tracks such as ‘Psycho In Love’ and ‘Classic You’ (sung with Geoff Wigington of Waterparks) at their disposal, fans every will flock back no matter what. Also, a stage such as the Stylus is one fit for these princes of the genre. With the bands syncronised dancing and the emotional words from Joe Ragosta, the band just proves they’re what’s needed because it feels like they’re a second family to everyone at the venue and thinking about that for a second, makes the thought all the more beautiful through their music.

So… Waterparks. I do have to say I think they gave a pretty solid set. We laughed, we cried and screamed. Let’s be honest, it was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. They started off strong, diving head first into material from the new record, I mean its the Entertainment tour for a reason! How could they not? The visuals were quite engaging but I’m sure Awsten faded in with the blue from time to time. I could’ve been mistaken but if he did, that would a great story on his part! He could become the new genie of the blue light for crying out loud! A little far fetched but after, ‘Blonde’ and ‘Peach (Lobotomy)’, that’s when we took a trip back to the Double Dare era accompanied by Awsten’s absolute favourite track of all time, ‘Take Me To The Moon’ ], that’s when it hit one of the peaks for the emotion factor in the set. I’ll say during ‘Lucky People’ that was mine because of the songs natural beauty in a live setting. You have to see it to believe it, (which you should) but I guess the music video will do for now until they take the tour to the rest of the world.

The only major concern I had from the set was the sound quality coming from Waterparks. All I’m going to say is that I’ve heard better sets from that stage but unfortunately I do have to bump the rating down overall. That sucks because had the sound gone according to plan, it would’ve been possibly the best gig in a while for myself. I have to give it to Waterparks though for making it out. Technically it’s the second day of the tour and with all the fans in the pit, they couldn’t have cared less because, for them, it looked like they were just having the best time!

Rating: 6/10




Patent Pending



Waterparks Announce Tour Support

Waterparks tour just got even better! If seeing them wasn’t enough for fans, then they’ll be joined by tow awesome bands, Patent Pending and Dead! next month!


Here are the dates.


1st – Birmingham Institute

2nd – Dublin Academy

3rd – Leeds Stylus

4th – London Koko

6th – Glasgow ABC

7th – Manchester Ritz

8th – Cardiff Y-Plas

9th – Southampton Engine Rooms

10th – Brighton Concorde 2



Patent Pending Announce Covers Album, ‘Other People’s Greatest Hits’.

New York Pop-Punk outfit have announced a brand new album full of covers. Now they’ve announced a few details for this.

The album is titled, ‘Other People’s Greatest Hits’, and is set to be released May 26th via Rude Records.

If everyone’s wondering what these covers are going to be, here’s the tracklisting.

1. Wasted / Wake Me Up (Tiësto / Avicii cover)
2. Spice Up Your Life (Spice Girls cover)
3 Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons cover)
4 Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley cover)
5. Shout Out To My Ex (Little Mix cover)
6. Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin cover)
7. All Time Low (Jon Bellion cover)
8. Mr. Brightside (The Killers cover)
9. Shape Of You (Ed Sheeran cover)
10. See You Again (Miley Cyrus cover)

And this is what the album art looks like.


You can pre-order from Merchnow and Amazon via the links.

Teddy Rocks 2017 SplitsDay Splits Confirmed

Teddy Rocks has announced it’s day splits for its 2017 festival!

Headlining are Twin Atlantic and the festival will take place between April 28-30th in Charisworth Farm in Blandford Forum.

The festival was set up dedicated to fighting children’s cancer.

Check out the poster below: