Pierce The Veil Announce UK Arena Tour

Pierce The Veil are just a few away from releasing their new album, ‘The Jaws Of Life’, but they are already looking ahead to 2024 with some massive UK shows.

The band have announced a new set of dates for the UK, some of their largest to date!

Vocalist Vic Fuentes had this to say about it:

“Our upcoming UK/Europe tour, The Jaws Of Life Tour, will be the biggest undertaking in our band’s history.This is the show that we’ve been dreaming about putting on for our fans ever since we started touring overseas. It’s a monumental celebration of everything that we have all built together over the years. 

Since this will be our first time playing in UK arenas and larger European venues, we are bringing everything we have at our disposal to create a special, memorable experience that our fans deserve. If you ever wanted to see our band play live, this will be the tour to see. We are counting the days till then.”

Here are the tour dates.

April 2024

05 – NOTTINGHAM Motorpoint Arena
06 – MANCHESTER Victoria Warehouse
07 – DUBLIN 3Olympia
09 – GLASGOW Barrowlands
10 – GLASGOW Barrowlands
12 – CARDIFF  International Arena
13 – LONDON Alexandra Palace

Tickets are available now via the following link.

Pierce The Veil Announce Record ‘The Jaws Of Life’

Pierce The Veil  have announced their new album ‘The Jaws of Life‘ which is set to arrive February 10, 2023 via longtime label Fearless Records.

“There’s so much desperation underlying the lyrics of this song,” shares Fuentes. “It talks about a relationship where one person is ready to take things to the next level while the other is still unsure. One person is begging the other to either move forward or to let them out because being stuck in the middle is torture.”

He continues, “I wrote this song in Seattle at Mike Herrera from MXPX’s home studio. He let me live there for a couple of months while working on the record. I love writing in Seattle because it gives me all of the ’90s grunge rock vibes. Plus, it rains all the time, and I love the rain.”

As for The Jaws of Life as a whole, Fuentes says, “This album has truly brought us closer than we’ve ever been. It was extremely difficult for us to be off the road and apart for so long. We’ve never missed anything more than playing music together and never had such an strong appreciation for recording, touring, and simply being in the same room together than we do now. The Jaws of Life is about how life can sink its teeth into you and try to devour you. The negativity in the world and within your mind can be a vicious thing. We’re extremely grateful for this record, our fans, and the opportunity to play live music again.”

Check out the video for ‘Emergency Contact’ below.

Pierce The Veil Release New Music Video For The Track, ‘Pass The Nirvana’

Pierce The Veil have shared the video for their video for their explosive comeback single, ‘Pass The Nirvana’.

The song was a juggernaut from the start — landing play listing at Rock This, Rock Hard, Rock Rotation, All New Rock, Rock Out, New Noise, Volume Máxim, Breaking Rock, Rock Arena, and more. It also netted over 6 million streams in the month since release.

“‘Pass the Nirvana’ is about the many horrible traumas that the youth of America have endured over the past few years,” said frontman Fuentes previously about the song’s powerful, relatable, and topical subject matter. “COVID, no proms, no graduations, an insurrection, school shootings. The list goes on. Their lives have been tossed around like clothes in a dryer, as the tensions within our country have infiltrated our own homes, friends, and families. To me, the song represents a euphoric detachment from all of that anxiety and stress and about finding some form of peace or nirvana.”

Check out the video for ‘Pass The Nirvana’ below.

Pierce The Veil Return, Share New Lyric Video For ‘Pass The Nirvana’

Pierce the Veil are back.

The San Diego band has just shared the lyric video for the brand new song “Pass the Nirvana.”

“‘Pass the Nirvana’ is about the many horrible traumas that the youth of America have endured over the past few years,” says frontman Vic Fuentes about the song’s powerful, relatable, and topical subject matter. “COVID, no proms, no graduations, an insurrection, school shootings. The list goes on. Their lives have been tossed around like clothes in a dryer, as the tensions within our country have infiltrated our own homes, friends, and families. To me, the song represents a euphoric detachment from all of that anxiety and stress and about finding some form of peace or nirvana.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘Pass the Nirvana’ below.

Pierce The Veil Announces UK Touring Dates

Pierce The Veil have announced that they are going on a headlining run of the UK the December!

It will be their first shows on these shores in six years. 

Vocalist Vic Fuentes had this to say about the announcement:

“I can’t believe it’s been six long years since we’ve played a show in the UK. Needless to say, we are dying to come back and see our fans again. We miss all of you dearly, and we’re excited to return with some very talented friends to put on a special show just for you. We’ll be debuting some new material off of our upcoming album and, of course, playing some old songs that we can all sing together at the top of our lungs. See you at the shows!”

And here are the dates:


01 – CARDIFF Great Hall
02 – LONDON Kentish Town Forum
03 – LONDON Kentish Town Forum
05 – GLASGOW SWG3 Galvanisers
06 – NEWCASTLE Boiler Shop
08 – MANCHESTER Academy
09 – BIRMINGHAM Academy
10 – LEEDS Academy

Tickets will be on sale from this Friday (March 18) at 10am GMT. 

Pierce The Veil Confirm Mike Fuentes Left The Band In 2017

The post-hardcore foursome Pierce The Veil have settled the confusion which surrounds their band at the moment. The now threesome band confirmed that ex-drummer Mike Fuentes left the band back in 2017.

Back in November 2017, Mike was the subject to allegations of sexual misconduct, which resulted in Fuentes stepping down from his duties but it was unclear if his departure was temporary or permanent.

This confusion only rose more when the band uploaded a home performance of the track, ‘Hold On Till May’ via Youtube where Mike appeared on drums.

Now though, Vic Fuentes responded to a fan on Instagram asking about the drummer’s status in the band, confirming that he is no longer a part of Pierce The Veil.

Vic also confirmed that the band are working on their fifth record, which will be a follow-up to their 2016 effort, ‘Misadventures’.

Is New Pierce The Veil Music On The Way?

Pierce The Veil fans be aware! There’s some news incoming!

There’s been nothing but quiet from the Pierce The Veil camp recently, but now, something is coming! Vic, their frontman confirmed something new is coming.

He shared: “Hey everyone – I’ve got a big announcement coming your way soon! In addition too working on a new Pierce The Veil record, I’ve also been working on something big that I can’t wait to show you guys. This has been life-changing for me, and I want all of you guys to be a part of it as well. So check back soon, love ya.”

Mike Fuentes Steps Away From Pierce The Veil Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Following the allegations surrounding Mike Fuentes, Pierce The Veil have published a Facebook post in which he has decided to take a break so this doesn’t affect the band or fans and community in a negative way.

The band will also be withdrawing from their scheduled UK tour with All Time Low.


Mike’s statement is as follows:
“I’m of course aware of the allegation made about me from almost ten years ago, and I cannot begin to describe how difficult and disturbing this entire situation has been for everyone involved. I do not take this allegation lightly and would never downplay it. I have empathy for any human being who has experienced abuse or mistreatment in their lives, and I am inspired to see so many come forward and speak out about it.”

“No one should have to suffer in silence, and I am thankful that the world is finally starting to listen. I also want to assure you that I have never intentionally manipulated or abused anyone in my life. That is not the person I am, how I was raised, or the type of behavior that I condone.”

“I strongly believe in the empowerment of abuse victims, so if I have ever made anyone feel like they are less than equal, I am sincerely sorry.”

“I love playing music more than anything on earth, and I am constantly humbled by the support of our fans. I do not want the allegation surrounding me to negatively affect the reputation or future of the band, or to break the bond and trust that we have created with our fans over the years.”

“So, I have decided to take a break and step away from my position in the band in hopes that this will allow my band mates and fans to continue focusing on the music and message that Pierce The Veil stands for. Though I am far from perfect, I do have a moral compass and try to stand up for what is right. While away from the band, I will continue to work hard to live my life in that way.”

You can read the full statement below via their Facebook page.

Music Videos 13/10/17

Hey everyone, apologies this is coming a little late! My place had a problem with its internet connection and so I was unable to upload this yesterday as I had originally intended.

But, let’s kick things off! First up is Canadian Hardcore band; Counterparts. This is off their recently released fifth record, ‘You’re Not You Anymore’ and this is a fantastically written track, Swim Beneath My Skin.


This next trio has just come off their UK tour and dropped the video for this track recently. This comes from their soon-to-be-released fourth record, Hold On To Your Heart. Here’s Daydream.

Now, let’s turn our attention to a lesser known band. This band have recently self-released this track from their E.P, Shadows Of You, here is Echoic with Shadows Of You.

Moving onto Don Broco next with a video that matches their cheekiness alongside the fact it’s all a part of their next huge sound! Here’s Stay Ignorant.


This next video comes from a band who likes to shock with style. He may have had to postpone a few dates the other week but this video will show he’s always ready to go, especially is he has Johnny Depp alongside him. This is Marilyn Manson with Say10.


Now, let’s take things to the Welsh isles for a fantastic band, The Dirty Youth. They’ve been a little quiet recently but this is the reason for it. There’s no news if it’s just a single or part of a larger concept but, we’re just glad they’re back. Here’s Hurricane.


Now, we’re going to turn the noise up a fair bit with this next band. It’s the first bit of material they’ve released since the band dropped their full-length album ‘Smile’ last year. This is expected to feature on their next record which if anything is to go by, will sound huge! This is Cane Hill with ‘Too Far Gone’.


Just like every great show, they slow things down to get ot that emotion, it’s what I’m doing here. This is With Confidence and their final track off Better Weather.  According to lead singer Jayden Seeley, the track is about “our video for ‘Waterfall’ is an exploration of technology’s effect on the modern relationship”. It’s an immensely powerful track meshed together with the visuals to match, this is ‘Waterfall’.


Penultimate track time! This comes from a band who have been teasing this music video for a week or two now. This is Pierce The Veil with their newest single, “Today I Saw The While World.


Lastly, this is a band who have been away for a while making music. Their last track, Play dropped about two months ago, reclaiming their fanbase to the hard-hitting band they once were. On Tuesday, they were invited to Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World to introduce this track and announce their second studio record, ‘Knowing What You Know Now’ would drop January 26th 2018. This is the Bingley based band known only as Marmozets with Habits.









Pierce The Veil Teasing Something New?

Pierce The Veil are at it again! The band are teasing something new as a 10-second clip of burning palm trees was posted to their Twitter.

The band mentioned that they were filming a video for ‘Today I Saw The Whole World’ a few weeks ago. Could this be the teaser for the video? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

The band also released a new single for the track in question the other day. It also includes an Acoustic version which you can listen to below.

Pierce The Veil Drop Surprise EP

Another news of a EP drop! Who could it be? Paramore? All Time Low? New Years Day? Nope, this surprise comes from none other than Pierce The Veil!

This is their EP for a new single, ‘Today I Saw The Whole World’.

It features the original track along with a special acoustic version of it as well.

Check it out below.

This comes from last years record, ‘Misadventures’ which is out now via Fearless Records.