AC/DC Explain Why They Waited Two Years To Release POWER UP

So lets go back to 2018 for a second when as AC/DC fans got all excited as pics of Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd outside Warehouse Studios in Vancouver got out and sparked rumors that a new record was in the works. That record now known as POWER UP has been released into the world and the band have been reflecting on that wait and why they held onto the LP for so long.

“Well, we all agreed to be hush,” Angus Young explains on the My Turning Point podcast. “And we’ve done that in the past. You keep it tight till it’s out there in the public. And that’s always been pretty much the approach in the band.”

He adds that POWER UP – which was finished in a six-week period in August and September 2018, when the original photos were taken – would have come out sooner were it not for everything that happened in 2020.

“The beginning of this year, we were planning, we were gonna get it out earlier,” he continues (via Blabbermouth). “So we had worked on a lot of the promotional side of it. And we’d also actually been doing rehearsals, playing [together], because Brian wanted to see if [it] was at all possible [for him to perform after dealing with hearing issues back in 2016]. So we had actually been geared up.

“We had done promotional stuff, shot a video, and the record company were gonna put together all their plans, how they were gonna promote it and everything. The plan was to go earlier with the album. And then, it was a case of we were rehearsing, and, as I said, had done promo stuff. And then we had a quick break. We had gone into our home spaces.

z“And then this pandemic thing sprung up out of nowhere. And not just us, it threw the whole world a big curve[ball]. So that plan fell apart, because from that point on, nobody knew what was happening in those early stages of that. So everything was put on hold until it was such time that it was possible to release the album. But pre-pandemic, we were hoping we could have got it out earlier.”

AC/DC Release New Single, ‘Realize’

Though they have been teasing a new track called ‘Demon Fire’ in the last week, the latest AC/DC track to hit the release from their upcoming record, ‘POWER UP’ has been unleashed.

The track, ‘Realize’ releases just before the release of POWER UP. Of course, record 17 features the newly-reunited line-up of lead guitarist Angus Young and rhythm guitarist Stevie Young, frontman Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd, with the LP serving as a tribute to the late, great Malcolm Young.

“I know Mal’s not with us anymore, but he’s there with us in spirit,” says Angus. “This band was his baby, his life. He was always one [to say], ‘You keep going.’ His big line always, every now and again, he’d go, ‘If you’re a musician, it’s a bit like being on the Titanic. The band goes down with the ship.’ That’s how he viewed it.”

Malcolm is credited as a writer on POWER UP – though his actual guitar playing won’t be heard.

“I know a lot of people have been saying, ‘Did Malcolm actually play, is it his instrument on the new album?’” Angus ponders. “I chose not to do that because I felt Malcolm himself wouldn’t like me trying to splice his guitar work.”

He added of their prior creative process: “Malcolm and myself, a lot of what we had done through the years, we’d make notes with the tracks. Some might be a little bit rough here and there, and I polished them up. In other cases, Malcolm might have done just a small bit and then I would do the next verse. The bulk of the contribution of Mal is mainly musical.”

Listen to Realize below:

Listen To A Teaser For AC/DC’s New Track

It’s coming…. soon we hope!

AC/DC’s latest track is getting everyone excited for their brand new material and now, they’ve just made us lose it!

After some teasing of a new record and confirmed their 2020 lineup, the band have released a 30 second snippet of their new music.

Brian Johnson’s unmistakable vocals are heard on the teaser as well as the flair and powerful instrumentation of Angus and Stevie Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd.

Check out the teaser below.

Is This AC/DC’s New Record Title?

Has there been more evidence of AC/DC’s upcoming record? If the following is anything to go by, then yes.

A poster appeared in Sydney showing the bands lighting bolt graphic posted to their social media accounts on September 28th where it was placed outside Angus Young’s old school in Sydney.

The PWR UP poster links to a new website which has the bright-red lightning logo as well as links to their official merch store and an email sign up when you click power up. Is this the records new title?

Check it out below.