Profiler Release New Single, ‘Hypocrite’, Debut Self-Titled EP Out Now

Following their set on the RIP stage at this year’s Download Festival, Profiler have released their debut self-titled EP into the world. To mark the occasion the band have revealed it’s final track “Hypocrite”. A song that exhibits their already-trademark groove whilst exploring the inherent value that nature brings to our lives.

On the new track the band comments “‘Hypocrite’s the concluding song of this EP is about the importance of nature in people’s lives and is a sister track to our previous release ‘Identify’. A lot of people get caught up in city living and society and the need to provide can leave us out of touch with the very essence of life. The natural world is an essential part of the human experience. We are of nature and need to be reminded of our symbiotic relationship. The idea of this EP is mainly surrounded by the importance of mental health awareness. A clear message and one keyway to do this, which I believe often gets missed, is to take the courage to be alone in the natural world.'”

Profiler Release New Single, ‘Glitch Theory’

With just under a month until the release of their debut EP on the 24th June, and a slot onDownload Festival‘s RIP stage on the horizon, Profiler have today dropped new song ‘Glitch Theory’, along with a hypnotising music video.

Frontman Mike Evans comments “There is a strong argument that the world we perceive and experience is a simulated reality. The track discusses the idea that when we are watching screens it takes away the pain and stress of modern society. By hypnotising the individual (plugging in) the Simulation takes us in, allowing us to fall away from physical reality into the digital mainframe.’ Television, gaming and smartphones, if used in moderation can be valuable. But in modern times this has become a dangerous and addictive drug.  A Lot of my inspiration comes from Terrence McKenna’s conversations around the phenomenon of the technological singularity.”

Check out ‘Glitch Theory’ below.

Profiler Announce Debut Self-Titled EP, Release Single ‘Miserable’

Profiler have announced details of their debut self-titled EP, which is set for release on the 24th June, and have released the first single “Miserable”.

Vocalist and guitarist Mike Evans comments on the new single: “Miserable is a song about personal struggles surrounding social anxiety. It is aimed at people who may struggle with finding social situations difficult to manage. Its main theme is around the understanding that all people are one. We need to be nurturing to those who have difficulties that we may not see on the surface. We can all want to escape the negative landscape of the human mind and one way to achieve this is through letting those around you know how you feel. People can find this very hard, but it is extremely important for growth.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and single ‘Miserable’ below.

‘Profiler’ Tracklisting

1. We Are Extinction
2. Miserable
3. Glitch Theory
4. Alpha Nine
5. Hypocrite

The band are set to head out on their first full UK tour this May supporting GHØSTKID. Full dates can be found below.

15.05.2022 UK Birmingham, Dead Wax
16.05.2022 UK Bristol, The Louisiana
17.05.2022 UK Manchester, Star & Garter
18.05.2022 UK London, The Black Heart