PROMPTS Release Visualiser For ‘Locust’

Are you in need of some new music? Then you have to check out the latest singles from PROMPTS.

Recently the band have released singles ‘Locust’ and ‘Let The Rain Wash Over’ on various music services which are bonus track to the physical version of their record, ‘Fracture’.

Check out ‘the singles for ‘Locust’ and ‘Let The Rain Wash Over’ below.

In addition to this release, the band will be playing alongside Stray From The Path in May of this year.

Check out the touring dates below.

May 2023

May 12th(Fri) Akabane Reny Alpha, Tokyo
May 13th(Sat) Shibuya Cyclone, Tokyo

Prompts Release New Single, ‘Asphyxiate Feat Ryo (Crystal Lake’

Japan based heavy hitters Prompts have dropped a stunningly devastating hard hitting new track which just makes you stand and mosh to your hearts content!

‘Asphyxiate’ features a guest spot from Crystal Lake’s Ryo Kinoshita and is the latest release following on from their 2020 single, ‘Magenta Smile’ where they re-recorded two of their tracks, ‘Empty Sandglass’ and ‘Broken Mirror’.

Check out the music video for ‘Asphyxiate’ below.