Nova Twins Showcase Alternative POC Artists With Charity Compilation Record

London rock duo Nova Twins have been uniting with the Rock and Metal community for a brand new charity compilation record which celebrates alternative POC (People of Colour) talent

The band have teamed up with Big Joanie, Loathe, Oxymorrons and so many more for ‘Voices For The Unheard’, which is a limited-edition 12-track vinyl record brought to us via Dr. Martens Presents which will raise funds for The Black Curriculum. Pre-Orders are available here.

Speaking to NME about the project, Amy explains: ​“There’s a lack of representation and understanding of POC alternative artists, particularly in the UK. People are happy for black people to be in R&B and hip-hop because they feel like it’s safe and that’s the done thing. These are genres that black people have pioneered, but there’s a lack of education about how rock was also pioneered and helped to move forward by artists like Sister Rosetta Tharpe. The genre was carried by a lot of white men, but a lot of the POC artists got lost along the way.

“People don’t think we belong here. We get loads of stereotypes. People think that we’re R&B or dancers. We just want to create an eye-opening experience for the gatekeepers to understand that this isn’t going anywhere and see what’s really going on out there. In pop music, the headliners at big festivals reflect what’s happening today. That doesn’t happen in rock music. If people want rock music and the live industry to survive then they need to diversify.”

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for the release below.

Nova Twins Voices For The Unheard

1. Nova Twins – Taxi
2. The OBGMs – All My Friends
3. Connie Constance – Monty Python
4. Unity TX – Cross Me
5. LustSickPuppy – Goatmeal
6. Death Tour – Scared
7. Loathe – Aggressive Evolution
8. Oxymorrons – Green Vision
9. Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons – Ain’t No Pussy
10. Khx05 – Trouble
11. Zhariah – Bitch Boy
12. Big Joanie – Fall Asleep (Live at Hermitage Works Studios)