Pvris Release New Single, Signing To Warner / Reprise Records

It’s finally happening! Keeping everyone in suspense for the last week in cryptic teasers, Pvris have announced their new era!

That’s right a new record cycle is on its way where today they’ve released a brand new single, ‘Death Of Me’, the first new music released by the band since the release of their record, ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’, which dropped in 2017.

Check out the video for ‘Death Of Me’ below!

As well as this release of new music, Pvris have also announced that they have signed to Warner and Reprise Records.

Speaking on the track, Lynn Gunn who co-produced the track has said:

“We wanted to match the seductive grittiness of the song with uncertain, tense and subliminal visual themes… We also hid, in plain view, references to the occult and divination, to be unpacked by the viewer… if they so choose.” 


Lynn Gunn Hints At New Pvris Music Coming Soon

Could new music from Pvris be on the way soon?

Lynn Gunn has hinted a new track could make its way to our ears very soon as the musician posted to her Instagram account “may or may not be shooting a video yesterday”.

When the track is released it will be the first instance of new music since their 2017’s ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’.

Check out the post below.


Lynn Gunn Teasing New Music For Pvris

Is there new music from Pvris coming soon?

Lynn Gunn posted on Instagram the other night which featured a video of a few seconds of previously unheard music with the caption: “She’s been quiet but she’s been WORKIN’ (and practicing her winking)” 

Does this mean new music from Pvris could be out by the end of the year?

It’s been nearly two years since the record, ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’ was released and we’re all eager to hear what Pvris are cooking up next.

Check out the Instagram Clip below.


Lynn Gunn On ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’

Following some appearances and tours this year, Pvris have seemed to drop off the earth, most likely to begin work on their third record.

On the first anniversary of the release of their record, ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’, Lynn Gunn has reflected on the record.

My Top Nine Releases Of 2017

So top nine releases of the year time! There would be a tenth option but you can only have nine on Instagram. I’m saying releases time because there are a few EP’s which have stood out this year so I’m not just specifically restricting myself to Records themselves. It’s also not genre specific as well which is one of the best things about the music from the genre. It branches out to Pop-punk, in some cases punk and records that have been on the heavier side. And being at a few shows for over half of these bands, (Stand Atlatinc, Roam, Milk Teeth, Employed To Serve and Neck Deep) seeing the tracks played live adds an extra layer to not only the instrumentals but a great deal to the music. So without further interruptions, here are my top nine picks for releases of 2017


9. Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life I’ve Seen

Back to another great record which is their second on Dirty Hit Records, is Wolf Alice. Adding to their amazing setlist of tracks such as Yuk Foo and Beautifully Unconventional makes up some of Visions Of A Life I’ve Seen which has seen huge critical success in the UK with NME and Q, ranking in their top 5 records of the year and charting in the official albums chart at number 2 in the UK. What makes it one of my favorites of the year is the supercharged tracks which bring their sets to a new level, blending them not into just a pop group, but one that blurs the line and makes them come across the multiple genres.



8. Can’t Swim – Fail You Again

Electric and Energetic. These are a couple of words that come to mind when describing Can’t Swim’s debut record. Seeing them live, I have seen some of them in action and audience reaction has gone down well to some extent. $50,000,000 has to be my favorite and when they started playing the track, the fangirl inside of me just awoke and a iggy smile took over.  It’s a fantastic record from Can’t Swim which sees a big leap for them in a small amount of time which has helped them branch out into different countries and looking to the future, it’ll be the first in a long line of records.

download (1)


7. Roam – Great Heights & Nosedives

Of all the records on this list, this one has to be the most fun. This is just going from the music video’s I’ve seen from the visual aides it has to offer. But Playing Fiction, which is one of the lead singles off the record is a highlight. Is it Pop-Punk perfection though? Just about. I say just about because there’s definitely a refined sound to Roam’s music which houses some great tracks, two being Guilty Melody and Left For Dead which up’s their catalogue of tracks and will hopefully, in turn, bring the band to new heights and coming off their own headlining tour and a support slot with New Found Glory, the record looks to be doing just that.

download (2)


6. Creeper

This is a little of a different choice for me because at first, I didn’t expect to love this record as much as I have since its release. I’ve been a modest fan of Creepers music for a little over a year now but I feel they’ve been able to take a massive step forward in their career now because of this record. Black Rain has really become an anthem, hearing it on a few alternative nights out, playing along with a lot of the cult favorites of My Chemical Romance, Paramore etc. But what this record really needed to do for them (which they have) is to set themselves apart from all of the comparisons of the usual music for artists they look up to and what everyone listens to on a day to day basis. Bridging from their past releases though, the content and rhythm are still the same in their charge toward Eternity. But because of the themes and lyrical content which runs rife throughout the record, that’s why it earns a place in the top nine.




5. Employed To Serve – Warmth Of A Dying Sun

I’ll confess something. I listened to this because I saw they were supporting another band I love, Milk Teeth in the summer, but I’ve made a habit of doing this and finding incredible new bands to listen to. From the first track of the record though, I was mesmerized by their sound, their whole basis and from that to the stage, everything was straight up bonkers. But the record, from start to finish is just a masterpiece. Those are the only words I can use to describe it being not only a top record of mine but an important one in today’s world.

download (3)


4. Pvris – All We Need Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell

“It’s a fantastic breakup record”, “Best one I’ve heard in ages”, “Definitive listening in the 21st century”. These are just some of the comments I’ve heard people say about Pvris’s phenomenal record which has seen them go to new heights. If White Noise was the start, then AWKOHAWKOH, is just not only a fantastic achievement from the band but some of their finest works to date. Particularly with What’s Wrong, they blur the lines again with the genre, with their instruments but also, it opens up the interpretation of their work which they do re-visit with the live version. The question being though do the tracks make up the sum of their parts? Absolutely, There are a few themes of loss and anger apparent within most of the record which make up the best tracks but it’s there with the lyrics being the struggle is what people will and always relate to for the record, making it one of the best releases of the year.


3. Stand Atlantic – Sidewinder EP

When I first heard this EP, I listened to it again, straight after because I knew there was something special about this band. I’ll say it, I think from this EP alone, Stand Atlantic are going to be one of the next great bands on the scene all over the world. ‘Mess I Made’ really stands out because it’s got a lovely rhythm which gets lost in your head to make sure you always come back to it. Here though, the highly addictive title track ‘Sidewinder’ is arguably the best.  The track is apparently about Never having to “compromise who you are just to try and change something you can’t.”. The subject matter is what strikes me the most here because obviously quite a lot of people can relate to. Mixed with a mesh of the pop and rock we have a fantastic and huge sounding EP from the Aussie up and comers who have great things in store for them in the future.

download (4)


2. Milk Teeth – Be Nice EP

Certainly, this EP has more refined tracks in Milk Teeth’s catalog than they’ve ever released. This isn’t their best work musically but it’s their best lyric work. Prism and Fight Skirt are such fun tracks at shows but the lyrics that are sung absolutely compel the band to take newer and more daring risks, coming away with an EP which is more refined than most of the releases in my top nine. What’s more is that they’ve extended this to Owning Your Okayness, which is possibly now the band’s most well-known track and slowly but steadily becoming their signature anthem to let crowds know exactly who Milk Teeth are!



  1. Neck Deep – The Peace And The Panic

There’s been no doubt in my mind from the first time I heard The Peace And The Panic that it would end up being my favorite record of 2017. It’s because the tracks keep coming back around, especially Parachute or 19 Seventy Something because the band brings out videos and doing something live with the tracks to make them that much more important. But it’s more than that, it’s probably a record which lyrics I connect to the most because of its theme as well as the punchy choruses. They have the most definitive tracks of the year and they’ve become this number one band for pop punk in the UK. It’s a crowning achievement for them so this record could reach new heights. Here though, I don’t think this is their best work because they’ll find a way to top them because they did with this record after Life’s Not Out To Get You. If anyone can top themselves, it’s certainly Neck Deep.




Music Video’s 17/11/17

You know what it’s time for? That’s right another music video roundup! Ten of the best videos of the last week and we’ll kick things off of Watford based Group Funeral Shakes with Over You! Some Punk – Rock goodness will follow as the group will release their self titled record on February 16th via silent Cult Records.


Now this band have taken a little break but are now back within fighting force as London hardcore group Feed The Rhino have shared a new track titled ‘Heedless’. This is their first single which will feature on their upcoming record, ‘The Silence’.


Now this band are about to embark of a UK headlining tour, but they were about at the beggining of the month for Radio 1 Rocks (and yes, there’s one of these coming every week). This is Pvris and their cover of Everlong by Foo Fighters.


Next is the electronic hardcore group I See Stars. This track is titled ‘Everyone’s Safe In The Treehouse’. This video follows them on their tour of Asia and their time visiting towns and cities as well as their performances.


Now this is trippy. A warning of awesomeness must come with this intense new video for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes video for Spray Paint Love.


Let’s go a little more indie accompanied by an amazing video. This is Bully with Feel The Same.


Now, after the release of their latest record, The Canyon, the Used have dropped a new video for ‘Rise Up Lights’. A warning of intensity is in effect now.


Next this pop punk band shared a track a few weeks ago which was perfection. Now here’s the video for Waterparks amazing track Blonde.


And for the pentulimate video we’re turning to Sheffield’s own, Rolo Tomassi. This track got it’s world premiere on Caniel P. Carter’s Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 the other week and now, here is Rituals in its glory.


And now for the final video of the week. This band dropped their latest record last week and now Evanescence have unveiled a video to accompany their track, Imperfection off their new record Synthesis.


And that’s it for this week’s ten of the best music videos of the last week. Don’t forget to check back next week for another round of ten of the best!

Check Out Highlights From Radio One Rocks

Halloween means one thing! Horror Films. No, Sweets! Well, not only that but BBC Radio One had a few bands to their studios for Radio One Rocks. There are also some covers in there.

Neck Deep released this cover before but now, you can see their version of Welcome To Paradise in it’s full.

And remember that track from Neck Deep’s record, Don’t Wait (feat Sam Carter of Architects)? I got you covered.

Next up is a band that are on tour in the UK soon, covering a legendary Rock band. Here’s PVRIS’s version of Everlong by Foo Fighters.

They also played their track from their latest record. Check out ‘Heaven’ below.

And the last band of the post here’s one from Architects new record. Check out ‘Doomsday’ below.

And the last track by one of the greatest bands who every formed in the genre of grunge. Check out Territorial Pissings by Nirvana covered by Architects.

You Can Volunteer On The Pvris Tour For LGBTQ Equality & Get Tickets

Pvris are continuing their amazing work with The Ally Coalition on their EU tour on campaigning for LGBTQ equality.

Fans have the opportunity to volunteer for three and a half hours before the show to raise awareness and interest to the cause and after you can watch Pvris perform.

Oh you, also get a photo opportunity with the band at the meet & greet to on the app known as propeller.

More information can be found on the following link.

UK dates can be found below.


22nd – Bristol Academy

23rd Birmingham Academy

27th – Glasgow Academy

28th – Manchester Apollo

30th – London Brixton Academy

Pvris Announce EU Tour Support

People have been wondering who Pvris are taking with them on their journey throughout Europe next month.

Well, it’s been announced, in the form of Scottish band Vukovi!

Here’s what they sound like.

Here’s where they’ll be supporting Pvris.

Neck Deep, Pvris, Architects And More Announced For One-Off Show

Radio 1 Rocks have announced a huge show for some of your favourite bands!

Neck Deep, Pvris, Marmozets, Architects, Enter Shikari and Arcane Roots have all been announced for the one-off show.

It’ll take place on Halloween (31st October) and it’s happening at BBC’s Maida Vale Studios in London.

You have to apply for tickets and you can do so from the following link.

Check it out below.