EP Review – Old Selves – Two Minds

Blistering, Powerful and Thumping. Those are three words to describe the debut EP from York based OLD SELVES. They produce a masterful release quite unlike any other band on the up and coming scene right now where they produce something of high quality standard which could rival releases of names much larger than themselves. Their no holds barred attitude on the six track EP show they are a force to be reckoned with and live, it will be unquestionably manic.

The haunting intro of ‘Sonnet For Sorrow’ brings about a medieval theme which for the band pairs well with their location and makes the way for the smashing ‘Two Minds’. “Get out, just get out” rings in perfectly for the band in a way that’s unexpected from the outset and just leaves you wanting more. The most obvious riffs in comparison are that to Bullet For My Valentine which offers an intense rage you can feel sweltering out of the music before the drums offer a cathartic release to culminate in the closing of the track.

‘Population’ offers more of the intense riffs by the band as you feel the energy to make this one of the more confrontational bands that you’ve heard in a while but what’s more is that the solo taps into the potential where you think they peak? No, they’re capable of much more to the point of which Old Selves are following in the footsteps of the scarce metal scene York have had recently but add so much more to it.

‘Lost’ is a quaint instrumental interval to help you recalibrate and leads into ‘444’. The start of the track makes your hairs stand on end where the sound just erupts where you get the addition of the political aspect of the band making its full swing in lyrics such as “Stop, I’m trying to breathe” which is just so eire as they echo just what has happened in the world in the last year. The colossal sounds are the very foundation and the backbone which propels the EP to make it a debut you won’t forget anytime soon.

In the fianle of the the EP, there’s something a lot cleaner about the sound of the guitars to finish as the track fades but not before more social commentary hits home where they end on such a strong note.

Now at the moment, Old Selves do have touring plans of the UK planned for later this year, assuming all goes to plan with the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and if the same intensity and ferocity can be delivered, they will be the best band to come of of the Yorkshire scene in a while and undoubtedly one of the best.

Image may contain: text that says "OLD SELVES SUMMER TOUR JULY 2021 04.07.2021-BRISTOL EXCHANGE 05.07.2021 -TBA 06.07.2021 SOUTHAMPTON THE HOBBIT 07.07.2021 NOTTINGHAM THE NAVIGATION 08.07.2021-DERBY THE HAIR DOG 09.07.2021 -YORK THE FULFORD ARMS"

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Single Review – Nataliya Nikitenko – Oil & Water

With a sound as striking and bold as her aesthetic, pop singer-songwriter Nataliya Nikitenko is releasing her debut single, “Oil & Water,” on December 18th. While this may be her first single release, Nataliya is no stranger to the music industry. Lauded for her work on hit singles by artists like Little Mix, Anne-Marie, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Tori Kelly, and more, Nataliya has spent the last few years honing her craft and is now ready to step out from behind the scenes.

“Oil & Water” is a beautiful, cinematic pop ballad that showcases Nataliya’s rich vocals and notable songwriting prowess. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, she writes,

“Oil and water will always separate. No matter how hard you try. Deep down I knew that about the relationship I was in long before I was out of it.” 

Born in Ukraine, raised in Australia, and now settled in Los Angeles, Nataliya Nikitenko, byname of Nataliya Phillips, has lived a life rooted in the arts. Growing up, she was a national ballroom dance champion and was singing and dancing in state and national competitions, telethons and live performances with her performing arts school. As a teen, she became a regular cast member on the Australian TV shows ‘Trapped’ and ’Castaway.’ Her success as an actress led to her decision to move to Los Angeles, where she continued to pursue creativity in all its forms. She eventually chose to focus her attention on songwriting and signed her first publishing deal with Kobalt Music.

After penning songs like Little Mix’s “No More Sad Songs (ft. Machine Gun Kelly)” and “Heavy” by Anne-Marie, among other hit singles, Nataliya took a step back from songwriting for others, put a pen to paper, and explored what her own artist project would look like. She went back to basics, relying primarily on her vocals and accompanying piano, and began to bare her experiences, pain, and strength, resulting in her first single, “Oil & Water.”

This track is just one of the most haunting and beautiful I’ve heard this year. Having read through the press release a few times, I had to go re-read a few parts and think for a moment the tracks Nikitenko has written because ‘Oil And Water’ is definitely in that same vein as those previously but with this, she has her voice right here for the whole world to hear and I don’t know if we’re ready for what will be a powerhouse of a performer. What comes together in the final third of a track are the vocals of someone you can imagine singing this to an audience and when we hear that live, it’ll be such a powerful one, we won’t be able to ignore for a second.

It’s her devotion the track has not just to the lyrics but the music which is just so very haunting almost as if it’s similar to a ghost story in a way the atmosphere plays out and the evocative imagery that will come to mind makes it all the more beautiful to be listening to.

Rating: 4/5

Check out ‘Oil & Water’ Below’ and you can listen to the track via Apple Music and Spotify.

EP Review – Mento Buru – East Bakersfield Christmas

We need to be spreading Christmas joy right now and this EP does it so wonderfully. But first I have three words for you. Latin Ska Reggae. Yeah, you heard me. This is definitely one of the most fun EP’s I’ve heard all year and I know what you might be thinking, its Ska and I know that has some negative connotations in the music world, but hear me out here, this release is pretty damn entertaining, energetic and above all else, joyous.

Mento Buru is a 7-piece band from Bakersfield, CA that combines an energetic blend of Latin alternative, Jamaican SKA and reggae sounds. Veterans of ska music’s hyperactive nineties third wave, the group has released music on the Moon Ska and Steady Beat record labels establishing their reputation as a genre-defying musical act around the globe.

Now, the band is excited to announce the release of, “East Bakersfield Christmas,” their first-ever six (6) song ep of reimagined holiday classics. Titled in honor of the historic and culturally diverse neighborhood where the group formed and still resides, the ep is a sonic reflection of the culturally rich area that also boasts its own colorful musical history.

“Christmas time is our favorite time of year, so we put something together guaranteed to lift spirits and dancing feet around the Christmas tree,” said lead vocalist Matt Munoz. “Anything set to a ska or reggae beat is sure to bring out the tamales and egg nog with mezcal in East Bakersfield. These songs were personally handpicked, arranged and performed with heart, soul, and of course ska. We hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun recording them.”

Recorded at Triple Seven Recording in Bakersfield, the project was mixed by acclaimed studio engineer Jon Graber (Goldfinger, MXPX, Brasstracks) and mastered by Dave Fore (Collie Buddz, The Lacs).

Over the years the band has also shared stages with musical heroes The Specials, The English Beat, Los Lobos, The Dirty Heads, Wailing Souls, Fishbone, Ozomatli, Buck Owens (of course!) and countless others in addition to performing at The Roxy, Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, BB Kings venues, and headlining Old Spanish Days festival in Santa Barbara just to name a few.

Made possible through a generous grant from The Hub of Bakersfield’s “Cash for the Arts” program, “East Bakersfield Christmas” will be available at Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora and YouTube.

Now you’ve got some background, let’s dive straight into the EP. Right from the start of things, the Latin influence is just an injection of what makes this release so fun to listen to in its entirety and mixed with the Ska genre, it elevates this to something else entirely. You’ll be decorating with your family to this in no time at all.

Moving to track two in ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ this is more evidence of a more entertaining release because this makes you want to get up and dance. I could just imagine the band playing this live and no question, it would be beautiful. It’s either that or someone needs to replace the version of the track in Home Alone 2 with this to make that sequence even more epic.

Track three is an instrumental more toned down track, which comes across as an interlude more than anything else, fitting that because of the energy that’s provided on the opening two.

‘Feliz Navidad’ is what I’m talking about. It’s an occurrence the tracks with the more Latin influence in them stand out so much better and it feels more personal in the vocals of Mento Buru which also it all the more heart wrenching and beautiful to listen to in his voice.

This really rounds out the EP masterfully in ‘The Christmas Song’ and sets a lovely reggae beat to get everyone interested, as long as you’re snug by the fire with the family. But in this case, it’s for everyone that needs a good sing song.

There is a bonus track for all you music appreciators out there! this is a version of “Donde Esta Santa Claus?” which features all Spanish lyrics and vocals. You can’t help but enjoy this no matter if you can follow the lyrics or not because it’s got such a warm sounding beat which completes of the entire EP in style.

Overall, this is what a Christmas EP should be: Fun, joyous and heartfelt. ‘East Bakersfield Christmas’ is the release nobody knew we needed right now and where it lacks in original tracks it more than makes up for in the reimagined creativity in the of the band and how much heart and soul went into the recording of the release. This is one that needs to be more widely spread among the people and give hope in a year that has had little for so many.


Check out Mento Buru’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts to keep up to date with anything the band is doing.

Just John – This Is Fate EP Review

Now I have something very special for you today and the artists name is John Samuels, otherwise known as Just John. He started off being a cultural revolutionary, taking the world by storm with his partner and producer, Dom Dias where they released some amazing and successful singles, ‘Soundboi‘, Minutia‘ and the absolute bouncy banger, ‘Pull Up‘.

Now as solo artist, he’s reinvented himself as Just John where he’s aiming high and continuing to deliver. His debut single, ‘1000 corpses’ was released last month and rather aptly, on Halloween, shortly followed by ‘Black Ghost’ on Friday 13th of November. The accompanying visuals for ‘1000 corpses’ was another spooky treat to add to the package and a taste of the boundless creativity and conceptual nature of Just John and his music.

With a laser-focused creative vision and an out-of-the-box approach, Just John is a man that’s fully in charge of his journey, he’s taken the helm of life and has been consistent in steering his art, his music and his fashion exactly in the direction he wants it to go. He has a distinct brand and ethos which runs through all his creative endeavours. Just John’s music speaks to those who want to expand their minds and broaden their horizons, he is for the enlightened or those who wish to be enlightened, the kids that want to be the best versions of themselves. 

Speaking on his EP, This is Fate EP, John states that: 

“This is for the dreamers, the misfits, the ones who never give up even when they’re down, unheard or misunderstood”. 

Having experienced his fair share of those negative emotions and rejections first hand, Just John hopes to create music that will act as a beacon of light for all those who stand in the darkness where he once stood himself. By embracing the ugly, the volatile and the vulnerable, John, in turn, preaches a message of peace, love and harmony. His message is simple; he believes that in embracing his own weakness and weirdness,  he can encourage others to do the same, through his art, Just John is creating a path so that others can follow his leather-booted footsteps into the light. And it’s precisely this embrace of vulnerability within and around him that has led to his boldest work of art to date. 

Now, if you’re a fan of Death Grips or Ho99o9 then Just John is an artist you need to be listening to right now because ‘A Thousand Corpses’, the energy just goes straight to 1000 into a sleek and sounding track for the times we’re in right now. Bending the rules of such a rigid genre isn’t taken lightly but it’s one he does fluently. Inspiration is something else that this track just bleeds and building on his battle with his own demons.

For ‘Black Ghost’, this more of a Rap Rock type of track, with a massive chaotic barrage of a beat which follows ever so brilliantly to slide into a perfectly demented and crowd pleasing take on his own vulnerability. This definitely broadens the EP and takes it to new heights, one aspect which he has already done so brilliantly in a way that most can only dream.

Lastly we see more of the creative state of mind of Just John through ‘Open Wound’ where that guitar is just merged hauntingly to the already masterful track. This pushes the pulsing beats to have a good consistent rhythm on the last track of the already strong EP.

In the end game of producing the high end visuals as well as sound, Just John’s creative vision is one that strikes a chord where only a few have been able to do so brilliantly lately where the musical anthology of his is destined to continue well beyond what we’re going to be receiving right now and I for one, cannot wait to see what striking, heartbreaking and spine tingling material we’ll receive in the future.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, Music Video for ‘A Thousand Corpses’ and link to Spotify to stream the EP below.

JJ - EP Cover.jpeg
  1. A Thousand Corpses
  2. Black Ghost
  3. Open Wound

You can listen to the full EP, ‘This Is Fate’ via Spotify.

Rating: 4/5

Single Review: Nora Lei – ‘Together’

A self-described “old-soul, hopeless romantic, and heroine of her own life adventure,” Nora Lei is welcoming listeners into her noir-pop world, one song at as time. On December 4th, Lei is rounding out a year of exciting releases with her newest dreamy pop track, “Together.” Audiofemme exclusively premiered the single earlier this week, calling it “an ode to unbreakable love.”

On the new single, Lei taps into a more full-bodied, electro-inspired sound while staying true to her dark-pop roots with lyrics that explore the ups and downs of a relationship. “The song is all about fighting for your relationship,” she says. “You remember the good times, hard times, and the times you start to feel crazy…but really you’re just scared. You both know you’re supposed to be together so you keep trying and, in the end, you’re glad you did.” Originally written in her home-studio over a Polar Beats sample she found online, Lei tapped heavy-hitting producers Joe Laporta (Solange, Shawn Mendes, Lolo Zouai) and Harper James (Eighty Ninety, Aaron Taos) to round out the track with their refined pop production. 

Nora Lei is no newcomer to creative pursuits. Despite only being 28 years old, the New York-based singer/songwriter has already had a fruitful career as a designer with her swimwear line, Perfect Peach. From a young age she was encouraged to pursue creativity in all of its forms, playing flute, cheerleading, dancing, singing, and sketching. With an upbringing that was marked by extensive relocation — she’s lived in Pennsylvania, London, the English countryside, Northern California, Los Angeles, and, now, New York — creative pursuits were often her only constant. 

After dabbling in songwriting for a few years, Lei decided to officially begin releasing her own music at the top of this year. Thus far she has released three singles, “Heroine,” “Chemistry,” and “Never Knew Why,” the latter of which amassed over 200K streams – no small feat for an independent artist. 

Dream Pop with an infectious melody, it’s more than what you’re getting than with any Top 40 artist at the moment because there’s definitely a signifier of heart and soul which transcends the track. There’s a little repetition but you can tell the lyrics come from a place of personal experience, making this a little more gut wrenching. In the end the production comes across as top notch in a way that’s more experienced than most established artists out there at the moment showing you this artist has more up her sleeve in the near future to build on the anticipation this will receive.

Rating: 3/5

Check out ‘Together’ below.

Single Review – Middle Part – Busy

Brooklyn-based indie pop artist Middle Part creates synth-laden music in the hopes of making you feel something. Composed with honesty and sincerity, his music takes inspiration from both 90’s and early Millenium alternative bands. Middle Part was born when singer Andrew Selkōw moved to the deepest parts of Northern Alaska to find himself, after experiencing a major meltdown. Living in a shipping container in the isolated vastness of the Alaskan wilderness, Selkōw ignited his love for literature and music, with the musician sharing, “Art is important, no matter how you decide to approach it. There’s no age or formula so just create. It’s the most healing form of therapy I’ve ever experienced.”

Middle Part’s upcoming six-track EP I Wish I Was Alive is heavily driven by his personal experiences, his shortcomings, his struggle with depression, dissociation and overall loss. It’s about grasping the concept of death, getting older, mental instability and self-reflection. Selkōw confides, “I wanted to make sure and let go of my ego before I pursued music again so that’s a big theme in this record as well as the inability to connect especially when you’re compartmentalizing everything all of the time. I wanted to be really honest and vulnerable in this batch of songs. I’m so goddamn sensitive and hate to show it, but it just bleeds through all of my music.” 

His latest single “Busy” is the third single to be released off of I Wish I Was Alive. Detailing the songwriters interpersonal relationships and ego death, it is inspired by early millennium alt pop artists like Michelle Branch and Natalie Imbruglia, with a modernized sonic twist to the likes of Clairo. The stripped back “Busy” is set on a backbone of chugging acoustic guitars, breakbeats and sprinkled with synthesizers to achieve a sonically nostalgic song about the pitfalls of friendship in an attempt to signify that ego is unnecessary, and vulnerability should be the priority. 

Selkōw confides, “A lot of this record is about ego, vulnerability, and dealing with loss. It’s also about finding a balance with your mental well being. Busy touches on that theme of letting go of your ego and being more vulnerable with the people around you. That’s the message I’m trying to get across, and I feel that ties in with the EP’s title, which is all about being more present rather than mentally checked out.”

Listening to Middle Part is like reading one of Selkōw’s journal entries and uncovering all the back and forth he has in his head on a regular basis. His honest songwriting grants people access to creating art in a safe space, admitting, “I just want people to relate. I so desperately want to connect and that might be the message.”

Check out the video for ‘Busy’ below.

Rating: 3.5/5

This track is just a slow moving masterpiece to which you’ll be addicted to the listening from the start. The easy going nature mixed with the grunge influence is something special when you’ll be revisiting again. This and the added nostalgia of the VHS-esque music video is one that shows the artist’s best days are ahead of him.

Check out Middle Part’s Social Media links below.



EP Review – THE MYRRHDERERS – ‘The Myrrhderers Sleigh Christmas’

Now this is one EP I didn’t expect to be reviewing at the beginning of this year but oh my god, this is one I think all the Punks in us need to be hearing right now because it is getting me right into the festive spirit and it’s a mix of crazy, punk and energy. Not your usual Christmas mix, right?

The Myrrhderers (pronounced “The Murderers”) are a punk supergroup featuring prominent members of the North Pole underground music scene. In 2020, Al Frankincense (Dead Kringles)Elliott Gold (Prancid), and Bill Myrrhey (Sleigher) entered the studio, putting to tape their debut, “The Myrrhderers Sleigh Christmas,” an historic documentation of North Pole underground Christmas culture.

From time-honored carols like “Deck the Halls” to modern classics like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, The Myrrhderers’ debut EP features hard-hitting versions of your favorite holiday songs, produced by land-based producers Jamie Hilsden of Man Alive (The Militia Group)Corey Ben-Yehuda of Usless I.D. (Fat Wreck Chords), and mixed by Vince Ratti (Bouncing Souls, Brand New, The Wonder Years, Tiny Moving Parts, Circa Survive).

“The Myrrhderers Sleigh Christmas” makes its worldwide debut November 20th, and will be followed up by “The Myrrhderers Sleigh Some More” only three weeks later on December 11th.

Discussing the first single, ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ (out Friday, November 13th), Gold says, “Making Christmas punk music is a bit of a balancing act – you need to give the songs some kind of twist to make them work in a punk context, but you also don’t want to push a song so far that it loses its original Christmas ‘feeling’. This is one of the heavier tracks on the record, but we wanted to put it out first because we feel like it captures both sides of that equation, without compromising one for the sake of the other.”

He adds, “Our scene isn’t gonna be around forever. Since Bezos came along, there’s been a lot less work up here, so most of our friends have moved south looking for a better life, and not to mention, less melty terrain. We figured if we don’t document this now, it might never happen.”

The title track opens with ‘Deck The Halls’, a timely classic and energised with an injection of fast paced Pop Punk which you could mistake for anyone covering this track. Dreamy at points, you can’t help but sing along and is the perfect track to get people into the groove.

The beauty of these tracks together as such, they make the perfect present to be sharing with friends and family and could be used as an introductory point tot the genre for others and ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ is one that’s perfect. It’s chock full of Drums, an expert solo and bass to match with the lyrics you can shout back at. It’s one that won’t easily be forgotten and part of a release which will be revisited again and again.

Taking a break in the serious department in an otherwise repetitive EP, ‘Do You Hear What I Want’ is easily mistakable for something which is a little bit of a throwaway track and doesn’t stand out at all amongst the rest.

The beauty of these more fast paced tracks, the duration comes around a little so you can have them on repeat and skip over those that don’t particularly matter too much to you. This follows through from Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas to Carol Of The Bells but on that finale it devilvers partway into the track, as seen on the openers for this EP.

Overall, as part of the North Pole underground Christmas culture, this is one that may be overlooked but at the time of release but it’s one that can’t really be right now because it gives a bit of revitalisation to what’s needed in the genre. In the end, it’s a short, sweet and tightly wound EP made for the Punk genre but at least there’s some fun on this release.

Rating: 3/5

Check out ‘The Myrrhderers Sleigh Christmas’ on Spotify below.

Single Review – The All American Rejects – Me Vs. The World

Just like the Terminator, they’re back! The All American Rejects are back.

The band released the track, ‘Me Vs. The World’ after some teasing in the last month.

It’s the band’s first release in over a year, where their last release was the ‘Send Her To Heaven Single’ which was released in July 2019.

This is a very different turn for All American Rejects. The Pop and brooding undertones have some We The Kings mixed some toned down All Time Low ‘Last Young Renegades’ vibes especially where the guitar is concerned but in a modern sense they encapsulate Pop-Punk in a way that’s more in common with their British counterparts such as As It Is or even Neck Deep. Either way, this is a track which means that the All American Rejects are back and one that could even surpass their greatest material to date.

Be sure to check out the track below.

Rating: 4/5

At the time of writing, there is now word if this track is a standalone single or if it is a part of a larger release.

Single Review – Jordan Red – Way Down

Now this is a band, I’m so glad was brought to my attention. This just might be one of the best huge sounding, riff driven and fantastic tracks I’ve heard to date in 2020.

Way Down’ is an anthem dedicated to self-acceptance and living life with purpose. Schillaci’s artwork is a reflection of these lyrical themes; no tree can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. 

“This song is a wakeup call to live with purpose and cut out the toxic people, patterns and behaviours that drag you down. Ultimately, it’s about accepting the good, the bad and the ugly that exists in all of us and the journey we take to become whole.”

This new single is the fourth from their upcoming album, “Hands That Built The World”. Since the release of their first single (‘Beautiful Monsters’) in February 2020, Jordan Red have accumulated 70,000 Spotify streams and 185,000 YouTube views. The two subsequent singles, “Don’t Let The Heavens Fall” and “Hands That Built The World”, have gained coverage on Planet Rock, Loudwire, The Noise, RAMzine and TotalRock

‘Way Down’ was recorded at Long Wave Studios in Cardiff and features frontman Dan Leigh and guitarist Dan Baker, as well as Conor O’Keefe and Dave Fee of As Lions (Eleven Seven Music). Jordan Red set up base in London, and developed a powerful, anthemic sound with an emphasis on big riffs and even bigger choruses. 

Mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Don Broco), and featuring members of As Lions. Lyric video produced by 12 Inch Media (Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Nothing More).

Their debut album, ‘Hands That Built The World’, is due for release in early 2021. For more information, visit http://www.jordan-red.com 

‘Way Down’ is the perfect representation of Classic Rock fusing into the ears of a new generation to create what will be the sound everyone needs to hear. Right from the start the bass and guitars clashing together springs to mind that of Mötley Crüe or possibly even Quiet Riot but the lyrics of this track are by its own definition, a classic. From the first listen, Jordan Red already sound as if they’re destined to become massive in their own right over the next few years. The injection cutting toxicity fit for this new generation to lead more into the positivity that fuels just what the band are capable of. ‘

Hands That Built The World’ was a fine addition to their catalogue of singles a few months ago but now with ‘Way Down’, they’re on the way to proving that they’re a band whom others will be compared to with their rip roaring riffs. Rock world, you better watch out because this is just what the genre and scene needs a injection of moving forward where we have to wonder, are we ready for the release of their upcoming record?

Check out the lyric video for ‘Way Down’ below.

Rating: 4/5.

Dream State Announce Upcoming EP, Drummer Jamie Lee Exits Band

So it’s a bit of a good news, bad news situation today.

The good news is that the other day, the Welsh powerhouse Dream State dropped their stunning new single ‘Monsters’ on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show. You can read the review of the single here.

Singer CJ Gilpin explains – “Monsters is an expression of the inner goddess in me and is about the acceptance of my messy, chaotic energy; the owning and surrendering to who & what I am. It’s an awakening and I am saying, ‘I am okay with who I am and I will not be misled anymore’. It has taken lifetimes to get here.”

Produced by long term collaborator Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, BABY METAL, Bury Tomorrow) ‘Monsters’ is the first chapter in an incredibly busy next twelve months for DREAM STATE. The band are currently recording a new EP due for release in the first half of next year, and will also be unveiling a limited edition vinyl press of the ‘Recovery’ EP. These will be followed by their rescheduled UK tour supporting I, Prevail (on mostly already sold out shows) and slots on both Slam Dunk and 2000trees festivals. 

The bad news is that the band also have announced the amicable departure of drummer Jamie Lee, who has decided to step away from band life. The band wish him well and will be announcing a permanent replacement in due course.

Check out the cover art for the track ‘Monsers’ below.

And check out the Music Video for ‘Monsters’ below.

The band are set to tour the UK in April / May 2021 in Support of I Prevail as well as perform at Slam Dunk Festival and 2000 Trees Festival.

Here are the dates.


30th – Leeds Beckett University (SOLD OUT)*

1st – Academy, Dublin (SOLD OUT)*
3rd – SWG3, Glasgow (SOLD OUT)*
4th – O2 Institute, Birmingham (SOLD OUT)*
6th – O2 Forum Kentish Town, London (SOLD OUT)*
7th – O2 Academy, Bristol (SOLD OUT)*
9th – Academy, Manchester (SOLD OUT)*
10th- Rock City, Nottingham (SOLD OUT)*
11th – Pyramids, Portsmouth (SOLD OUT)*
29th – Various Venues, Slam Dunk Festival

July 2021

8 – 10th – 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham