Kublai Kahn TX Announce New EP ‘Lowest Form Of Animal’

Hardcore’s brainiest brawlers Kublai Khan TX will release their new EP, Lowest Form of Animal, on 1st April 2022 via Rise Records.

Today, the band has shared the video for its latest pit-stirring, bench-clearing anthem “Swan Song,” featuring Terror frontman Scott Vogel.

The anthemic track finds the band once again throwing lyrical and sonic hands, while a poignant and powerful message is encased within the muscular breakdowns.

“‘Swan Song’ re-tells many of life’s harshest realities — both from afar and close to home,” says singer Matthew Honeycutt. “Seeing the mental and physical damage of the sex trade in every corner and pocket of the USA — most remaining nameless and unsung. For what it’s worth, we seek to share a single story: To reflect the thousands of lives lost in the unforgiving system that operates, unrelentingly, day and night.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, the latest track from the band ‘Swan Song (Feat. Scott Vogel)’ as well as pre-order options below.

Swan Song (Feat. Scott Vogel)
Loyal to None

Pre-orders for Lowest From Of Animal are available via the following link.

SPITE Sign With Rise Records

Number one in a relentless series of events, the California metal band SPITE debuts new music on rise records with their single “Made To Please.” The song shakes the listener with a message that’s simple -“two wrongs don’t make a right… some people deserve to die.” Stream the track via the following link.

Speaking on the latest signing, Sean Heydorn, VP, BMG and Head of Rise Records shares

“We’re real happy to welcome Spite to the Rise Records family. The band’s passion and vision are incredible and their music is killer. They are one of the most exciting bands in heavy music and we’re excited they chose to partner with us for their forthcoming releases.”

Check out the video for ‘Made To Please’ below.

WARNING – The video contains Graphic Material.

Spiritbox Release New Music Video For For Track, ‘Hurt You’

SPIRITBOX have unveiled a brand new track today titled “Hurt You“, from their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Eternal Blue‘, set for release on September 17th on Rise Records. Records. The band have also released an accompanying music video for the song which can be watched below

Speaking on the new song and its accompanying music video, Spiritbox guitarist, Mike Stringer shares “Hurt You is a song that was written before the pandemic, in early 2020 during a snowstorm. We were stuck inside, and couldn’t go anywhere, so this song flowed out of myself, Courtney, and our producer Dan pretty quick. The subject matter of the song

explores toxic codependency, and the feeling of knowing that something is doomed to fail, but making the choice to go down with the ship. The video, directed by Dylan Hryciuk, is horror inspired, and depicts love in four different acts. It’s the first video we’ve made where we do not make an appearance, and allow the story to be the main focus.”Spiritbox, one of the hottest new bands in heavy music, thrilled fans back in May with the official announcement of their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Eternal Blue’, which is set to drop on Friday, September 17th, 2021 with pre-orders available now by clicking here. The band sold out of all vinyl pre-orders within the first 24 hours of announcement and on-sale.

The band have released two new songs from their debut album this yearFirst single “Circle With Me” which charted on Billboard at #1 Hard Rock Digital Song Sales, #5 Hot Hard Rock Songs, #9 Rock Songs Core Genre, #12 Rock Digital Songs, #50 Hot Rock & Alternative Songs, #71 Digital Songs and has clocked up 10.7 million streams to date. More recently, they released “Secret Garden” which has clocked up 5.2 million streams since its release.

Prior to “Circle With Me” the band released two break-out, hit singles last year – the heartbreaking and otherworldly “Constance“, which has clocked up 10.5 million streams to date and re-entered the Billboard chats last week at #1 Hard Rock Digital Song Sales, #4 Rock Songs Core Genre, #19 Hot Hard Rock Songs following the release of the very special reimagining of “Constance (Acoustic)” and the unrelentingly brutal “Holy Roller” which has run up 18.3 million streams to date and debuted at #25 on Billboard’s Hot Hard Rock Songs and charted as the #1 song of 2020 on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal.

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for ‘Eternal Blue’ below.

1. Sun Killer
2. Hurt You
3. Yellowjacket feat. Sam Carter
4. The Summit
5. Secret Garden
6. Silk In The Strings
7. Holy Roller
8. Eternal Blue
9. We Live In A Strange World 
10. Halcyon
11. Circle With Me
12. Constance

AFI Announce New Record, ‘Bodies’

Legendary rockers AFI have announced the details of their eleventh studio record, ‘Bodies’ set to be released on June 11th 2021 via Rise Records.

Produced by guitarist Jade Pudget, ‘Bodies’ acts as the follow-up to their 2017 full-length effort, ‘AFI (The Blood Album)’.

The band have also shared two new songs from the album, ‘Looking Tragic’ and ‘Begging For Trouble’, which you can check out below along with the cover artwork, full track listing, and pre-order options below.

01.) Twisted Tongues
02.) Far Too Near
03.) Dulcería
04.) On Your Back
05.) Escape From Los Angeles
06.) Begging For Trouble
07.) Back From The Flesh
08.) Looking Tragic
09.) Death Of The Party
10.) No Eyes
11.) Tied To A Tree

Pre-orders are available via the band’s official webstore.

Blue Swan Records Partner With Rise Records / BMG

Blue Swan Records, the label founded and owned by Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Will Swan, have confirmed that they have formed a new partnership with Rise Records/BMG.

This deal will allow Blue Swan Records to expand its operations by utilising the infrastructure that both Rise Records and BMG have in place to further help the artists on its roster.

Artists currently on the Blue Swan Records roster include Eidola, Wolf & Bear, Kurt Travis, Royal Coda, and Icarus The Owl.

Will Swan says on the partnership.

“I’m really excited to work with BMG to continue to build the budding scene for post-hardcore and experimental heavy music. There is a lot of exciting music being made right now and it’s an honor to be able to provide a platform to expose artists from culturally and musically diverse backgrounds, whom I really believe in, to a larger audience whilst continuing to legitimize Blue Swan’s presence in the scene.”

Sean Heydorn, the Vice President of Rise Records/BMG, had this to add.

“Will and Sergio [Medina, Blue Swan Records Vice President] have created something really special. They’ve put art and creativity first and the result has been an eclectic catalog of fantastic releases which we will quickly add to with some great albums coming this year. Having worked with Will for over 13 years, it’s been awesome watching him develop BSR from the ground up. We are honored they chose us to partner with them and help them and their artists continue to grow.”

Spiritbox Release New Track, ‘Constance’

Canadian Progressive Metal outfit Spiritbox have once again displayed their phenomenal songwriting ingenuity with powerfully emotional new track “Constance”(out now via Rise Records). The release is inspired both lyrically and visually by devastating loss. Both Spiritbox frontwoman, Courtney LaPlante and the video’s director Dylan Hryciuk suffered the passing of their beloved grandmothers this year. With “Constance” they came together to pour their sorrow into creating something beautiful, raw and deeply personal. The track is a tribute to both Courtney’s grandmother, Phyllis and Dylan’s grandmother Constance, whom the song is named after. 

Sonically, the track blends Courtney’s sublime vocals with a majestically progressive musical landscape, exhibiting yet another facet of the band’s impressively varied song book and further showcases why Spiritbox have become one of the hottest, fast-rising bands in heavy music. Listen to “Constance” here and watch the heartbreaking music video below.

Speaking about the new track and the deeply personal and devastatingly sad inspiration behind both the lyrics and the music video for “Constance”, Courtney LaPlante, frontwoman of Spiritbox says:

“When ‘Holy Roller’ took off, we knew that we wanted to use the follow up single as a statement to show that we are not just going to put out the same thing over and over. We wrote the music for this song at the same time as ‘Blessed Be’ and ‘Rule Of Nines’, but I hadn’t ever committed to lyrics.  

I came to our director Dylan with a proposition: Let’s create the music video and the lyrical content of the song at the same time. We both felt compelled for the song and story to reflect the sorrow we both feel about our grandmothers passing away recently. 

Due to border shut downs, I was not able to say goodbye to my grandmother Phyllis, to whom the song is in tribute, or attend her funeral. I always promised her that I would sing at her memorial service, because she always requested a “pretty song with none of that scary screaming”. I hoped writing this song with no “scary screaming” in it would help me find a sense of closure.

Dylan wrote his video concept to honour his grandmother, Constance to whom the video is in tribute. Our music videos usually have a horror element to them, and we wanted to explore a different side of horror: the horror of feeling like your mind is betraying you, due to a long battle with dementia. With Dylan’s permission, we named the song ‘Constance’ to immortalize her story.”

Constance” is in stark contrast to the band’s previous single, the unrelentingly brutal “Holy Roller“. Released back in July of this year to huge acclaim from both fans and media, the track debuted at #25 on Billboard’s Hot Hard Rock Songs and spent 7 weeks at #1 on SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s “Devil’s Dozen” with the recently released remix of the song feat. Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake spending 5 weeks at #2. To date, the track hasclocked up an impressive 4 million global streams and has 1.2 million YouTube views. Watch the nightmarish music video for the track, inspired by the recent cinematic horror masterpiece, “Midsommar” here.

Flogging Molly Announces Anniversary Box Set & “Happy Hour With Flogging Molly,”

To celebrate the release of the 20th Anniversary limited edition vinyl box set of the band’s debut album, Swagger, acclaimed Celtic punk band Flogging Molly will air “Happy Hour With Flogging Molly,” a one-hour roundtable discussion moderated by SideOneDummy’s Joe Sib and featuring questions submitted by fans. Airing this Friday, 23rd October at 10 p.m. UK time / 5 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT on FloggingMolly.com, “Happy Hour With Flogging Molly” will serve as an inside look at the history of the band and the era in which this album was released, with stories detailing this pivotal time in the band’s career. “Happy Hour With Flogging Molly” is sponsored by Breckenridge Brewery’s Nitro Irish Stout.

The soon-to-be-released 2x-LP Swagger 20th Anniversary package – which is limited to 5000 units – will include a remixed and remastered version of the album that features a bonus version of “Sentimental Johnny” en Español as “Juan El Sentimental.” A bonus LP featuring three live songs recorded in 2001 at Denver’s famed Bluebird Theatre plus a Traditional Irish Set (recorded with Steve Albini in “one take with no overdubs”), a never-before-seen DVD documentary from 2000 including a full live performance, an expanded Lyric Booklet featuring photos from the band’s personal collection, Flogging Molly Logo vinyl slip mat, embroidered patch and four badge Swagger button pack will also be included. The package is now available via the SideOneDummy EU store HERE

20 years ago, Swagger impacted the punk and rock music worlds as an utterly unique statement from an undeniably incredible group of musicians, who to that point had been honing the songs in increasingly packed bars until all were razor sharp. Swagger would go on to serve as the blueprint for an entire style of modern punk rock, melding classic punk with Celtic roots and instrumentation. Dave King, frontman for Flogging Molly, had the following to share about the upcoming reissue:

“Never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine that 20 years on, we would be celebrating the release of our first studio album, ‘Swagger’. Yet here we are, a little older, maybe none the wiser, but very grateful for what has been an amazing experience.  More than 20 years ago we set sail for Chicago, the home of Electrical Audio and the wonderful Steve Albini. With a fistful of songs, from ‘Salty Dog’ to ‘Far Away Boys’, we plugged in and belted out everything we had and made sure that no song was left behind. Little did we know that ‘Swagger’ would become the breaking ground, and the sound, of Flogging Molly.  So, we would like to thank you all for the last 20 years of wonderful memories, and hopefully many more to come.”

From our family to yours,

Dave King / Flogging Molly

Following the biggest year of touring in the band’s history that saw them play over 100 shows across North America, South America, EU/UK, Japan and Australia, as well as a sold out Salty Dog cruise, Flogging Molly are excited to announce they have signed with Rise Records/BMG for the world. The band is currently writing its next album, and recording will commence as soon as possible in 2021. 

Pup Announce EP, Release New Single

Toronto Punks Pup have announced their upcoming EP, ‘This Place Sucks Ass’.

The six track release is set to drop October 23rd via ‘Little Dipper / Rise Records’.

“It was a thing we used to say as a joke a million times on tour,” explains frontman Stefan Babcock of the title of the EP. “Literally any city, whether it was Lethbridge, Alberta, or New York City, we’d be like, ‘This place sucks ass.’ We have so much negativity, and sometimes it becomes so extreme and ridiculous that we start to find it funny. But at this moment in time, it feels so fucking real.

“Wherever you are, it sucks ass right now. So, wherever you live, whatever your circumstances, this is an EP about the place you’re from, and the place you’re at now.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Streaming of ‘Rot’, ‘Anaphylaxis’ and ‘A.M. 180’ below.

01.) Rot
02.) Anaphylaxis
03.) A.M. 180
04.) Nothing Changes
05.) Floodgates
06.) Edmonton

Pre-orders are available via the band’s Webstore, Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.

New Music Roundup

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new music roundup. We’re here for a roundup of five of the best recently released tracks. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week is Heart Of Gold, which is the solo side project of Being As An Ocean Guitarist/ Vocalist Michael McGough with the release of ‘Left Town’

On the track, McGough says:

“Once we had finished tracking the last part of the last single during the recording process for this EP, we knew we had a solid collection of songs to be released together as a whole,” shares Michael McGough, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of  both Heart of Gold and rock-band Being As An Ocean. “The first single “Over Yourself’ was our ‘re-welcoming’ to the world – ‘See Through’ was the message of personal experience, where the time in between had been spent, and ‘Midnight In Miami’ was paying homage to the original sound that inspired this project to begin with. The next and final single from GOLD, ‘Left Town‘ is the marriage of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but poking fun at yourself along the way. Saying ‘yeah that really hurt having to go through that but hey i’ll have a cool story to tell’. – That’s the whole lyrical message across the board with GOLD.’

Heading to Bristol for the Poppy trio Superlove who’ve announced they’ve recently signed with Rude Records. In addition to the announcement, they’ve released ‘I Love It’ with is expected to feature on their upcoming yet to be announced EP, which should drop later in 2020.

We’re heading into some Post Rock up and comers now. This is Catbamboo with their latest release of a track, ‘Jelly. There’s something just a little soothing about this track where you just have no choice but to sit back and relax. Just listen, you’re welcome.

Switching straight into Nu-metal for the penultimate choice of track with the Arizona based Ded. Their latest record is a little off the ways for the moment but I’ll be sure to update everyone when I hear some news on that front.

Until then, there’s ‘Parasite’ which you’re able to listen to below.

Last new music in the roundup this week is the ever present Knuckle Puck.

Their upcoming record, ’20/20′ is getting released on September 18th 2020 which is just a few weeks away now.

‘Earthquake’ is one of the final tracks off the release and you’ll be able to hear just what we’re in store for as the final track of this weeks roundup.

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best singles out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Like Moths To Flames Confirm, ‘No Eternity In Gold’

Ohio Metalcore giants Like Moths To Flames have confirmed the details of their upcoming fifth full length record, ‘No Eternity In Gold’.

It’s set to be released on October 30th 2020 via UNFD, which will mark the band’s full length record since their move from Rise Records.

You can check out the cover art, tracklisting, lead single and Pre-Order options below.

01.) The Anatomy Of Evil
02.) Habitual Decline
03.) Burn In Water, Drown In Flame
04.) Fluorescent White
05.) God Complex
06.) YOTM
07.) Killing What’s Underneath
08.) A Servant Of Plague
09.) Demon Of My Own
10.) Selective Sacrifice
11.) Spiritual Eclipse

Pre-orders are available via Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.

Crown The Empire Release New Acoustic Record, ‘07102010’

In celebration of their tenth anniversary of their time as a band, Crown The Empire have released an Acoustic record titled as ‘07102010’.

This follows the release of their mini-documtary, ‘Out Of Focus’, which does see the band give an overview of the past decade together.

It was released today (July 10th 2020) via Rise Records, where the record featured stripped down renditions of tracks across their discography, including a brand new track titled as ‘Everything Breaks’.

You can check out the cover artwork and full track listing below.

01.) Aftermath
02.) Cross Our Bones
03.) Blurry (Out Of Place)
04.) Hologram
05.) Memories Of A Broken Heart
06.) Johnny Ringo
07.) Voices
08.) What I Am
09.) Second Thoughts
10.) MZRY
11.) Everything Breaks

You can check the Acoustic record out via spotify below!

Knuckle Puck Announce Details Of New Record

There’s still some hope for 2020! (Apart from all the other music being released!) But now, Knuckle Puck have announced the details of their upcoming record, ’20/20′.

The announcement came via a series of tweets that the record is set to be released later in 2020 via Rise Records.

The announcement comes with a brand new track in the form of ‘RSVP’.

Nick Casasanto (Guitars) has said:

“This is one of the first songs I wrote in my apartment after moving to L.A.

“So much had happened in my personal life after the release of [2017’s] Shapeshifter that I felt like life was moving and changing faster than I could cope.” 

“I felt separated from everything and everyone living on the other side of the country, but it was strangely refreshing. In a way, it felt like I had escaped a lot of my problems. So when people would ask, ‘When are you coming back to Chicago?,’ it was difficult to give them an honest answer.”

Check out the track below:

And you can check out the tweets for the announcement below: