Ronx Releases New Track, ‘Good Vibes’

Have you ever felt like you just needed an escape from all the negativity and various stressorsin your life? Ronx aims to provide that positivity with their latest track, titled “Good Vibes.”

“Good Vibes is about wanting to escape poverty, drama and even the demons in your head. We understand how stressful and depressing it is having so many roadblocks and hardships come your way while trying to build a stable, blissful life,” the band reveals about the song, “We just want to give a big F.U to all that negative energy and just have good vibes, living life to the fullest like each day is our last.”

As the title suggests, the lyrics discuss trying to remain positive and focus on the positive whilst dealing with unfortunate situations. The song shows Ronx going in a new direction with their music, highlighting influences of pop and pop rock and straying away a bit from the pop-punk sound of their older material.

Check out ‘Good Vibes’ below.

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