The Dangerous Summer Release New Single

The Dangerous Summer have released a brand-new single called “All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself”. The song is now available on all music platforms.

The band recently announced their signing to Rude Records, and the re-issue of their 2020 EP ‘All That Is Left Of The Blue Sky’ and the singles “Coming Home” and “The Best Part Of Letting Go”. Their new album is expected to be released later this year. Fans can read more about the signing announcement exclusively with Alternative Press, via the following link.

Check out ‘All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself’.

Puppy Announce New Record, ‘Pure Evil’, Release New Single, ‘…And Watched It Glow’

London three-piece PUPPY can today announce that their brand new, 2nd album ‘Pure Evil’ will be released on May 6th through Rude Records. Ahead of that, the band have also released a huge new single and video ‘…And Watched It Glow’, which is out today, Monday 31st January. The single had its world exclusive premier last night on Radio 1 with the Rock Show, and is the 3rd single to be taken from ‘Pure Evil’ following on from ‘Angel’ and The Kiss’, both last year (with the later picking up plays with Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Clara Amfo, as well as being listed by Revolver Magazine as a track of the week).

Pure Evil’ is an album created, like so much music and art the last few years, from a forced upon circumstance. Whilst obviously not influencing any of it in any way, the current pandemic has certainly created a specific path for PUPPY and this brilliant album, for good and bad. Vocalist and guitarist Jock Norton explains a bit about marrying creative drive with a global health meltdown, 

“We had to dig fairly deep to find the purpose in doing any of it, because the global narrative was rightly shifted to more important things. But I think to be honest that sort of introspection had filtered through into other aspects of our lives, so being able to record this album sort of gave us a bit of purpose and something to cling on to. Ultimately for us we wanted to feel engaged and productive and useful, even if it was only for ourselves and each other. Like I said, there’d be times when it would feel a bit meaningless, but getting to a place where you’re comfortable with that and happy to let the work be it’s own reward really helped us grow as a band and as people I think.”

Much like their first album “The Goat”, the title ‘Pure Evil’ was something they’d settled on way before they had got the final collection of songs together.

“I think we all liked how dumb it sounded”jokes Norton, “but then the dichotomy of the two words really resonated as well. Broadly speaking I think we’ve always tried to combine classic pop songwriting with a love of heavier music, and on this album I think we take that a step further with some of our loudest moments combined with some of our sweetest. It feels like a nice way to say something about the band and our ethos while ultimately still being able to call it something stupid.”

The writing sessions for the album began in early 2020, with some basic plans in place for a timeline of when and how they were going do it, and who was gonna record it. Then obviously Covid hit and that changed everything for the band. “Apart from the immediate questions of how we would even get in a room together, i think there were broader concerns about when and if we would ever be able to function again as we had up to that point”, explains Norton. The merry-go-round of being a working band had completely stopped for PUPPY, like so many other bands, musicians, artists, promoters…the entire music industry in general. Though for the 3 friends, they pushed themselves through to ‘the other side’, and tried to gain back focus and creative inspiration. 

“After a bit of soul searching and feeling like we were at the mercy of what was going on around us we decided we wanted to try and wrestle back a bit of control to secure our own future as three friends who enjoy getting together and making music, regardless of what that meant in the bigger picture. In light of that, we decided to invest some time and money converting our rehearsal space in East London into a working studio and record the album there. We roped in our friend Rory Attwell to help us with some of the trickier bits (recording drums) and then just sort of figured out how to do the rest ourselves.” This did mean that the whole process became a lot longer for PUPPY, but it was something that became actual, genuine ‘fun’. “ It was a big learning curve, but feeling like there were much more important things going on in the world kind of took the pressure off a bit in a good way. We just focused on having fun and enjoying ourselves, which when you strip everything away is really the place you want to be I guess.”

Stand out tracks like the huge current single ‘…And Watched It Glow’, with is gargantuan wall of noise guitars, and ‘Shame’, which is built around a crazy, blown out bass and drums groove with lead guitars that sound like Randy Roads soundtracking Blade Runner (“like super shred guitar hero stuff but with this real melancholic atmosphere around it”). Another key album track is ‘Glacial’, which was added in at the 11th hour WAY past any ‘handing in music deadlines’ had passed. 

“We had the album done and felt like it was missing one more banger, so then we turned this track around in like a week from writing to recording in order to ‘meet’ our deadline and it’s possibly the best song on there. Often we can toy around with songs and arrangement for ages, but that one came straight out the box in pretty much it’s finished form. It’s so short and tightly constructed but I think it sums up our band really well.”

Summing up this wonderful new album, and the struggle to create and carry on during all of *this*, Jock puts it neatly and perfectly, 

“To us the whole thing feels like a time capsule of this weird limbo period and I think that comes across on the album, or at least I hope it does. Postcards from the edge or whatever.”

Check out the track ‘…And Watched It Glow’ via your preferred streaming service.

Pure Evil is set to be released on May 6th via Rude Records, Pre-orders will launch soon.

Young Culture Release New Single, ‘Hum’

Three-piece alternative rock band Young Culture is back and ready for summer with their new feel-good track, “Hum.” Young Culture worked with Benjamin Leiber and Miguel Barbosa to bring their vibrant world to life, with animation by Matt West (Neck Deep). “Hum” is out now via Rude Records.

Check out the Music Video for ‘Hum’ below.

’Hum’ was one of the first songs we wrote following our first full-length. Going into the studio to record it felt so natural, and it really just worked itself out,” the band recalls. “This song paints such a vivid picture of joy, so when we went to make a video, we knew we wanted to collaborate with Ben & Miguel. They brought Matt onto the team, and the rest of the video process was just as easy as creating the song in the studio. They helped us bring our vision to life in the best way possible.”

Miguel & I had this wild concoction of colors & greenery in our heads; we wanted the video to feel like a visual representation of the way a feel-good song like this brings your emotions, your energy, your vibe up and into the clouds,” shares Lieber. “There’s a really beautiful connection between Troy, Alex and Gabe, which only fueled this idea more. Matt really brought our wild ideas to larger-than-life scale; an incredible team effort by everyone involved.”

Adds Barbosa: “This was a full team effort. Ben, Matt and I worked from 3 different time zones. PST/EST/BST. Matt would finish his day first, then I would be tagged in for an editing pass after Ben calls it a night. Hum is such a great song to pair this crazy creative to.

3 time zones = an unstoppable team,” West shares. The future truly is now, very thankful for Ben and Miguel for getting me on board with the project, and a big thanks to Young Culture for trusting us all with the video.”

After spending nearly every Sunday during the pandemic brainstorming and writing together, childhood friends Alex Magnan (vocals), Gabe Pietrafesa (guitar), and Troy Burchett (guitar) were ready to share the found happiness and love that many people are now being able to experience once again.

Because the pandemic forced them to take a different approach to the recording process, the group recorded “Hum” in a true DIY fashion. After tracking the single at an old friend’s studio in Albany, it was then passed onto long-time friends of the band, Derek DiScanio of State Champs and Sam Guaiana, to produce, and Gabe’s brother, Tony Pietrafesa, to engineer. It became clear that the connection between the guys grew even greater during those Sunday sessions when it didn’t take long to polish off this fun and loving pop rock song. “It felt good to be able to see that we can do this on our own and have it come out like this,” Gabe commented.

Filled with catchy riffs and feel-good instrumentals, “Hum” touches on how fun it feels to be in love. The lyrics portray a relatable story that alludes to feelings of both a nostalgic past and a hopeful future no matter who the listener is. Young Culture had so much fun making this song and they are very eager to kick off this summer with some positivity and love for anyone who will listen. “Every stage in creating this song, from writing, recording, and the music video, felt thoroughly genuine. We are so excited to share it with everyone.

Wilder. Sign With Rude Records, Release New Single, ‘OH NO’

Southern California indie-rock duo WILDER. have signed with Rude Records and unveiled their new single OH NO (which received it’s premiere on THE NOISE.) With vibrant, high-energy instrumentals and vulnerable lyrics, ‘Oh No’ represents a new beginning for Wilder. bandmates, Stephen Ramos and Nick Sturz, who have been making music together for over 10 years in other projects.

“Sometimes a fresh start is really what you need,” shares the band. “‘Oh No’ really embodies the path to how Wilder. came to be. Like our other songs, it has colorful, bright instrumentals that mask very honest, vulnerable lyrics, like ‘I got what I want/still kinda feel lost.’ This is just a small insight to an internal struggle of starting something new, yet not really knowing the outcome of what this new endeavor will bring us. But man, we are stoked. Let’s get wild.”

Check out ‘OH NO’ below.

Wilder. is the brand new project of Long Beach, CA musicians Stephen Ramos and Nick Sturz. Over the past decade, the two musicians have cut their teeth on the road and in the studio, performing dozens of tours across the states, recording albums and paying their dues. Having learned valuable lessons by means of failure, success and perseverance, the duo have formed Wilder., what they feel to be the most accurate representation of who they are as artists.

Their music as Wilder. is upbeat, infectiously melodic, and resemblant of the Southern California aesthetic from which it was created. Their aim is simple, and is even written onto Ramos’ Fender Telecaster – the band is now here, and things are about to get wild. But behind their vibrant imagery, their songs have underlying lyrical content full of honesty and angst, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that leaves the listener wanting to know more of the story.

Waxflower Drop New Track, ‘Food For Your Garden’

Australian quartet Waxflower have shared a new song called ‘Food For Your Garden’, off from their soon-to-be-released debut EP, ‘We Might Be Alright’.

Frontman Tristan Higginson had this to say of the song.

“I think this is the song I spent the most time working on. I was a man obsessed. Sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night to record voice memos in my girlfriend’s bathroom. It’s a song about confusion, fighting against yourself and others. We’re all imperfect, hopefully people can find something to relate to.”

Check out ‘Food For Your Garden’ below.

‘We Might Be Alright’, the bands debut EP is set for release on April 16th 2021 via Rude Records.

Pre-orders for the the EP on the label’s official webstore.

Hail the Sun Release New track, ‘Parasitic Cleanse’

Chico, CA genre-benders Hail The Sun are back with new single “Parasitic Cleanse” and accompanying music video out today via Equal Vision Records. The song marks the second preview from their upcoming Kris Crummett produced album, New Age Filth, out April 16th. “Parasitic Cleanse” is an expressive blast of energy, winding through rapid guitar lines and bombarding drums. Donovan Melero gives a serious vocal attack right off the bat, perfecting his mix of screaming and singing akin to greats like Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw) and Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die). You can watch the video for “Parasitic Cleanse” 

Frontman Donovan Melero had this to say about the track.

“Humans have been so terrible to each other throughout history. One way this is justified is by one side feeling that the other side aren’t really human. If the attacking party can convince its followers that their enemy is less than human, it becomes easier to do horrific things as a larger group. The first atom bomb came with unthinkable carnage, but it was sold to the public as necessary, and the after effects hidden from the general population for many years.”

Check out ‘Parasitic Cleanse’ below.

‘New Age Filth’, the bands upcoming fifth record is set to be released on April 16th 2021 via Rude Records (UK / EU) / Equal Vision Records.

Pre-orders for the record can be made via the band’s webstore.

Weatherstate Release New Single On Rude Records

After their signing to Rude Records at the end of 2020, Weatherstate have released their first track on the label they’ll now call home.

‘Hangar’was produced remotely by Four Year Strong’s Alan Day.

There’s some massive Pop-Punk hooks in their and some great vocals in the new track and it’s a brand new chapter for the band.

This is the first release of new music from the band since the release of their 2019 full length record, ‘Born A Cynic’.

The band says on the track:

“The track is about a phone call to a friend last summer, about how f*cked everything is. Growing numb and bitter towards everything and everyone, but also learning to find peace within our own individual coping mechanisms. Understanding that sometimes a crutch is needed to stay sane, whether that be self-destructive, or progressive through the helping hand of a friend.”

“It goes without saying but doing everything remotely has been a massive challenge and an interesting obstacle to overcome,” admits guitarist Callan Milward. “Especially for us, as we have been pretty traditionalist when it comes to writing. I feel we handled it in the best way we could, considering the international side of things too. With pre-production, we had to have some late nights because of the time-zone differences. Neil Kennedy at The Ranch really nailed the engineering and Alan smashed the mix over in the States. All I can say is that you can work miracles over Zoom these days.”

Check it out below.

Waxflower Detail Debut EP, ‘We Might Be Alright’

Aussie Pop-Rockers Waxflower have announced their debut EP, ‘We Might Be Alright’.

It’s set to be released on April 16th 2021 via Rude Records, where the EP will feature five tracks, including ‘Again’ and the recently dropped ‘Not Alone’.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, streams of the already released ‘Again’ and ‘Not Alone’ and Pre-Order options are available below.

01.) Again [stream]
02.) Not Alone [stream]
03.) Food For Your Garden
04.) Fake Frown
05.) We Might Be Alright

Pre-Orders are available via the label’s Webstore.

Young Culture Announce Self Titled Debut Record

Pop-Punks Young Culture have announced the release of their self-titled debut record.

The release will drop on October 16th 2020 via Rude Records as they have shared a video for their latest single ‘Better Off As Friends’.

Vocalist Alexander Magnan shares: “We’re so stoked to share something fun and new with all of you as well as announce our first album. We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it.”

“This album represents closing the chapter of youth and opening up to new discoveries,” he adds. “It is a recap of the past years for us as a group and individuals, and we want people to know that with this release, Young Culture is here and ready to go.”

Check out ‘Better Off Friends’ below.

New Music Roundup

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the new music roundup. We’re here for a roundup of five of the best recently released tracks. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week is Heart Of Gold, which is the solo side project of Being As An Ocean Guitarist/ Vocalist Michael McGough with the release of ‘Left Town’

On the track, McGough says:

“Once we had finished tracking the last part of the last single during the recording process for this EP, we knew we had a solid collection of songs to be released together as a whole,” shares Michael McGough, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of  both Heart of Gold and rock-band Being As An Ocean. “The first single “Over Yourself’ was our ‘re-welcoming’ to the world – ‘See Through’ was the message of personal experience, where the time in between had been spent, and ‘Midnight In Miami’ was paying homage to the original sound that inspired this project to begin with. The next and final single from GOLD, ‘Left Town‘ is the marriage of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but poking fun at yourself along the way. Saying ‘yeah that really hurt having to go through that but hey i’ll have a cool story to tell’. – That’s the whole lyrical message across the board with GOLD.’

Heading to Bristol for the Poppy trio Superlove who’ve announced they’ve recently signed with Rude Records. In addition to the announcement, they’ve released ‘I Love It’ with is expected to feature on their upcoming yet to be announced EP, which should drop later in 2020.

We’re heading into some Post Rock up and comers now. This is Catbamboo with their latest release of a track, ‘Jelly. There’s something just a little soothing about this track where you just have no choice but to sit back and relax. Just listen, you’re welcome.

Switching straight into Nu-metal for the penultimate choice of track with the Arizona based Ded. Their latest record is a little off the ways for the moment but I’ll be sure to update everyone when I hear some news on that front.

Until then, there’s ‘Parasite’ which you’re able to listen to below.

Last new music in the roundup this week is the ever present Knuckle Puck.

Their upcoming record, ’20/20′ is getting released on September 18th 2020 which is just a few weeks away now.

‘Earthquake’ is one of the final tracks off the release and you’ll be able to hear just what we’re in store for as the final track of this weeks roundup.

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best singles out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!