Hardcore Punks Kill Your Idols And Rule Them All Stream Split EP

New York-based bands Kill Your Idols and Rule Them All have released a split EP on Flatspot Records. Contributing two songs each, both bands recorded with Kill Your Idols drummer Anthony Corallo, with KYI’s tracks being mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid) and Rule Them All mixed and mastered with Brian McTernan (Battery, Be Well). “Tragic” and “Simple, Short, & Fast” mark Kill Your Idols’ first new music since 2006, hinting at what’s to come next in their 27 year legacy of being a band. The songs are hardcore punk at their finest – fast, loud, and anthemic – with blistering vocals and thrashy guitars. Rule Them All encapsulate the new school of melodic hardcore on their side of the split. “Uneasy Faith” and “The Temptation” both brim with dynamic riffs and lyrics centered around ideology and convictions. The split is available digitally now and for pre-order on vinyl, out July 22nd.