A Conversation With… Rumahoy

Northumbria Academy, Newcastle. 11/02/18

Pirate metal isn’t in the mainstream audience at the moment but could that about to change? With fantastic hooks to their amazing music, the Northumbria Institute was alive and buzzing for the Piratefest Tour. I caught up with Captain Yarface of Rumahoy to see how things are going on the road.


Jack: Hello Captain, it’s awesome to meet you.

Captain: Ahoy matey, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: How’s everything going?

Captain: It’s going well, can’t complain. The other night I was touching everyone’s heads and called them little boy or little man because I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: Was it rum you were drinking?

Captain: No,no burgundy bullets. Oh no, was some rum involved last night actually. I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: What’s your favourite brand to drink?

Captain: Captain Morgans obviously, or any other liquid I can pour down my throat, I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: Having the niche audience, when you first started that brand of music what inspired you to do pirate metal?

Captain: Well, this is just my life. I’ve lived on a ship, I was born underwater. I thought I’d write songs for people who want to listen about my life who want to jump around. I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: I don’t think I’m ever going to get sick of them saying ahoy.

Captain: They never stop that’s what they do. That’s what a crew does. I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: Oh you’ve even got me doing it now. And the record’s just dropped, The Triumph Of Piracy. How does it feel to have those songs out in the open?

Captain: Very good. I wanted to call it the triumph of Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!

Captain: But you know, that is a bit of a mouthful so Piracy will have to do.

Jack: And the opening track is Ahoy.

Captain: A pirate’s favourite word.


Jack: And the last few dates of the tour how’ve the reaction been?

Captain: Oh it’s been good you know? Some people do get a little intimidated when they see a bunch of people in balaclavas but by the end of the show, we have them. We just have to protect our identities. We just do a bit too much of pillaging and so you know you can’t see people and not expect them to be upset. So the balaclava helps with that. It’s actually my face, I just have two eye holes.


Jack: It sounds like we’re in an episode of Rick and Morty.

Captain Oh no, Rick and Morty based their life on me. I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: And you guys are on Napalm Records. How’d you end up signing with them?

Captain: Well, they actually came to me and said, Captain Yarface, please let us sign you  and I said okay.


Jack: And hows the songwriting process on the record?

Captain: It can be easy and tricky. It’s just worked I guess. We all live in North Carolina and it just wrote it all itself and came together quite well.


Jack: And on the last few dates of the tour has anybody been made to walk the plank at all?

captain: No, I’ve made a lot of people jump up and down a lot though. There’s been no walking the plank because we’re on land at the moment I am Captain Yarface, welcome to the sea.

Everyone: Ahoy!


Jack: But what is most interesting is the sub genre. It’s always interesting to listen to something different.

Captain: Oh, Pirate metals been out for a long time.

Jack: It’s something that’s im coming to love becaue when I heard it for the first time I thought, I absolutely love this, I want to see what this is like in a live setting.

Captain: Getting drunk and being jolly, that’s what we want.

Jack: Well, then you’d fit right in down in Middlesbrough and going onto the rum talk again, in your opinion hats the best brnad in the world?

Captain: Oh I might be a bit biased on that but being from North Carolina I like Bundaberg rum. The best on the earth.


Jack: And what else in store for rumahoy in 2018?

Captain: Some festivals, main stage shows, Summerbreeze, the 5pm slots.  I am captain yarface because those are the best ones. Welcome to the sea.



Jack: And is there anything else you’d like to say?

Captain: I’d like to say ahoy, piracy, kettled corn, and chips

Jack: What about gravy?

Captain: Oh no, I had too much gravy last night.


You can watch Rumahoy’s video for Forest Party below.







Live Review: Alestorm @ Northumbria Institute, Newcastle

Northumbria Institute, Newcastle, 12-02-18

Support: Rumahoy, Dredd Crew of Oddwood

Now, this is a different show than what I’m used to. It involves the genre of pirate metal. Sceptical yes but I always enjoy throwing myself into new music genres and it’s always good to see music from a different point of view. Now the giants Aletorm bill this as the Piratefest and packing out enough room in Newcastle for all of the crew, it was time to find the treasure of the audience’s applause with support Rumahoy and Dreadd Crew of Oddwood. This is undoubtedly a fantastic prospect for all the bands and as a result, a hit as far as everyone is concerned.

When the first band of the night, Rumahoy gets on the stage they’re the toxic, hard-hitting and rum drinking band you’d expect them to be. In short, it was a bonkers but enjoyable set for everyone that’s involved. Their vocalist, Captain Yarface might share some great star power here but they dish out a blend of piracy and metal that they’ve come to be known for. Those audience members who are at the barrier get their money’s worth during the set to say the very least!


Next up are the Dreadd Crew of Oddwood. Strange name to say the least but how was the performance? As fueled as Rumahoy but if you crank it up a little more then just a touch more entertaining than the last. There seems to be a specific formula for these bands. There are some interactions with the barrel full crowd too much applause where people just remain upbeat during their set as long as there’s no policing the village without them! It’s a mix-mash of everything you’d expect, minus the pyrotechnics which is what I was sort of expecting from the outset. Well, it’s either that or a misfire from a Cannonball.

Now for Alestorm. I’ve seen a few pictures and videos online of the tour and it just looked crazy. Tonight, it was even more mental. With the crowd warmed up,  the opening salvo was just the beginning. It only took one or two tracks for everyone to be crowd punching and screaming for more but we were taken on the trip of a lifetime, if only we were at sea!

Some songs in the genre sound a bit childish but were all the more entertaining in the encore, which surprisingly they seemed to come right back out for. But when you have great tunes and a crow who wants more, how could you refuse?

Rating: 6/10




Dreadd Crew of Oddwood