Live Review: Lyon Estates @ The Fulford Arms, York

Date: 17/02/19

Support: Chris Laycock, Safeguard, Guts, Holispark

So, I haven’t been to The Fulford Arms in a while. And that truly pains me. It’s because when I’m there, there’s a real sense of community and everyone feels as if they’re friends or family. It’s a truly special place. And the feeling kicked off on the night with Chris Laycock, someone I’m sure the community knows but I had never seen perform before. And I can honestly say, I just wanted to see more of him. His acoustic performance was charming, entertaining and funny. For him, his personality when he’s on stage just takes over and draws the crowd in and with his music, he’s slowly becoming a legend in the making.

Next up was Safeguard, a local band who’ve been around the block a few times.  The first band for the evening who began to tear up the stage at first but I feel that their pending hiatus did overshadow them in places, where they just rose and fell between their sets but did this stop the crowd enjoying it? Certainly not, because it was a fun and fond look back at their discography discography and there’s certainly enough flame to keep them going if they decide to return in the future.

I will say this about Guts. They’re a difficult band to place. It’s a sort of band I have a love/hate relationship with but I didn’t dislike them. I’m quite fond of them. Their music was quite different to anything I’d seen perform here before, as it was a little more alternative than most. This is what I enjoyed most about them because they jsut didn’t conform the norms of the current musical genre’s. They’re a band that have branched out and if they continue to do so, will really help them in their future as a group.

Now, Holispark. More recently than anything else, if a band playing at a gig I’m attending, I will not listen to any of their past material. But, I have a good reason for that. I wanted to experience the music they play, not from anything I’d hear on a CD, or a streaming application, I wanted the first experience right there in front of me. When the first note was played, the whole room just exploded, everything about the gig now went to the next level and I don’t know if it was because of the band’s experience or how they played but it changed the room. Honestly, I felt as if their set was a little short because I got so lost in listening to their music, it was as if time sped up and I think I speak for the entirety of the room on the evening, we wanted more. Although, Holispark are one of these bands which will be a treasure for a lot of people, with their set being one of the finest I’ve seen in a while. It was a sense of community when one of their guitars (if I’m remembering the correct instrument.) broke and one of the members of Lyon Estates stepped in to lend their equipment for the common goal of playing. That’s what I do love to see and that’s one reason everyone loves coming to this venue and seeing everyone play.

And finally we came to Lyon Estates as the headliners in the evening. You can tell these guys mean business because they performed a stomping set with love, laugh and a few human pyramids (I’m not joking, this actually happened) to everyone’s amusement in a way that felt as if it was their homecoming, which it was. And you can say a lot about York bands but we stand by them, just as the crowd did. They sang, they cheered, especially when they had to choose between one or two tracks which were an on the spot decision for the band on the night.

What’s more, is that it didn’t take long for everyone to be joining in with their tracks. The great thing about Lyon Estates is they know how to respond to crowds which helps with the consistency of their sets and this makes them a band that when playing live never falls but just constantly keeps raising the bar for what they’re going to be doing in the future. I do hope more people get to see them in the future because they’re a band that just goes criminally under the radar but in the same sense of that, they’re a band that’s just a gem as well.

Rating: 6.5/10


A Conversation With… Safeguard

York bands had a huge presence at Pop Punk Pile Up, considering quite a few that played originate from there or the surrounding areas, they were an integral part for the festival and it was amazing just to see so many under one roof. I talked to Safeguard on the festival as well as Polaroids.


Jack: Hey everyone, so Pop Punk Pile Up this weekend, I’m always excited to see York bands and god knows how many there are this weekend.

Declan: Yeah, it’s going to be fun, there are a lot of mates bands playing, Lyon Estates to name one.

Jack: I think it was Jonny gill he was on earlier as well.

Zak: It’s the Jonny gill festival he was on yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Jack: Well, it’s always good to support your mates, I mean it’s usually at Fulford Arms, isn’t it?

Declan: Aye, we’ve played there a few times now

Jack: I don’t think I’ve ever been there before.

Zak: It’s fantastic, it might not look like much from the outside but it’s a hidden gem.

Declan: We haven’t played a York show for a while, or something we would consider a York show for so long, it’s as close as we’re going to get for a while now.

Jack: And you guys released I’m a Stranger To Myself in December, what makes the EP so special to you?

Declan: For me, it’s a bit more thought out and the lyrics are a bit more hard-hitting, we wanted to write about darker things so like Son Parlour it’s a personal one because it’s about dealing with the pressure of all the dark stuff in life and the first EP it was a bit lighter.

Zak: When we were writing that, I didn’t think I’d ever be around to see if it was in a dark place at the time so that process was very therapeutic for me. Erm, but it’s a very personal ep for me and I’m glad people like it as much as we do honestly.


Jack: And the cover art’s interesting as well, what’s the significance behind that?

Declan: Going back to the first EP’s cover, it was very vibrant, there was a lot of stuff going on, whereas for this one we wanted to strip it down and make it a little more basic and the polaroids came about and a callback to the first ep as well because on the bedside  table there’s a Polaroid of someone’s face scratched out and I think that’s on the cover of the new ep and at the end of the November music video as well. So it links it a little bit of a callback.

Jack: So when the next release comes out is that theme going to continue?

Zak: I hope not, I’m so done with it.

Jack: Oh I know that all too well. They’re expensive as hell. I’ve got two I’ve got at home. There’s home I found down Fossgate in a vintage shop and then one of the regular ones.

Zac: The one we used was old school.

Jack: And a few weeks ago you played the key club for the pushing daises tour. That must’ve been great.

Zak: Oh, it was sick man. It was our second time there playing and we go there all the time to watch so it was fantastic to be a part of the tour. They’re on tour with Luke Rainsford and he’s a great friend of ours. We’ve been on tour with his band, Layover and he’s an all-around nice guy and now he’s playing slam dunk so he deserves everything he’s getting at the moment.


Jack: And on touring ambitions, where would you wanna play?

Declan: America, the states would be a dream come true, something for the bucket list but we just wanna get across the country as much as possible so we wanna do a full tour across the UK but anywhere across the states.

Zak: And it’s not too unrealistic to say the states as well because we’re signed to an American label so we have that foot in the door. It might be a way down the road but our foot’s in the door now.

Declan: Rest in peace warped tour though.

Jack: Well you never know. Warped tour could come back as a mini-run like Slam Dunk, not a full tour because for some bands it’s not really viable.

Declan: We just wish that we could’ve gone.

Jack: I’m in the same boat. There are a few people I know going to America for it and I’m thinking please don’t send pics. And for touring ambitions who’d you love to play alongside, you’ve got Mallory Knox tonight.

Zak: For us, I don’t know. If we’re talking this weekend, I’d say Blood Youth, I’ve seen them play shows where they’ve played to 15-20 people and they recently supported Prophets Of Rage, id love to play alongside them in the future and Mallory Knox, I’ve loved them since their beginning. Outside of this, Knuckle Puck that would be ideal.

Jack: Well, you never know, you’re signed to an American label, the foot’s in the door already, like you said. And after this weekend what’s next?


Declan: A lot of writing.

Zak: We’re in the stages for the next release, it’s in the writing but hopefully, we’ll get there soon and aim for maybe something to record at the end of the year. If there’s anything going for a release, I imagine it was going to be 2019 unless something great happens but for the last release, we wrote those all in the space of the year and recorded. Tem in the space of a year and a half and we’re taking more time to consider the sound we’re trying to go for because we’re still trying to peg it at the moment so penning things for 2019 might be the best move.


Jack: And if you could sum up safeguard in three words what would they be?

Zak: Energetic,

Declan: Fun

Zak: Emotional

Declan: I don’t know any better words.

Jack: I don’t think I’ve had emotional before.

Zak: I think it’s a bit big headed to call a band emotional but with the subject of tracks we have in our catalogue, I mean we could try and write happy songs but it doesn’t really flow naturally for us so I think that’s the best way to sum it up. It’s emotional for us and if people connect to them in an emotional way then that’s a good feeling and I love that but we’re not afraid about the real stuff.

Declan: This was a simple question for us and we’ve complicated it.

Jack: Oh don’t worry, there have been simpler questions with longer answers in the past, you’re okay believe me.


You can watch Safeguard’s video for ‘November’ below.