Music Video Roundup 19/07/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. The first band on today’s roundup are going for a ‘Generational Divide’ and that is, of course, Blink 182. The band’s yet to be announced eighth studio record is expected to be released later this year.


Pressing ahead with their content for their upcoming record, ‘Breathe’, Tiny Moving PArts are becoming doctors in their latest video for ‘Medicine’ as vocalist/ guitarist Dylan Mattheisen goes under as his bandmates perform surgery. Let’s see how this goes.


Heading into the heavier side of things, quartet Stitched Up Heart have released a brand new track which also features some vocals from Godsmack’s Sully Erna.

On the track, the band have shared: “‘Lost’ is about being trapped inside your mind and struggling against yourself to see the light. Sully and I had been trying to work on something together for a while and I’m so grateful that we were able to collaborate on this. It turned out even better than I imagined.”


Keeping things moving along in fashion, Babymetal have recently unveiled their brand new video for ‘Pa Pa Ya’ which also features Thai rapper F.Hero in a spectacular live video.


Moving into the hardcore territory for the next choice in the music video countdown for this week, Newcastle quintet Starve to Survive debuted the video for the track ‘Have Me To Waste’ which is also their title track from the band’s recent EP.

Directed by the amazing Olli Appleyard, the band have said:

“‘Have Me To Waste’ as a whole, represents personal struggle, claustrophobia and learning to live with self-doubt on a day to day basis. In some areas of the video, the character can be seen struggling frantically in an almost coffin-like scenario, which really digs into the idea of being held captive between walls.”


Taking a step back into the Poppier side of things, Tay Jardine’s musical side project SAINTE has released a new track, ‘Everything Makes Me Sad’ which is expected to feature on the upcoming EP.


Grayscale have announced that their upcoming record, ‘Nella Vita’ is set to be released September 6th via Fearless Records and with the announcement comes a brand new single, ‘In Violet’ where Colin Walsh (vocals) has said:

“When I die, I want people to celebrate my life and enjoy each other’s togetherness, rather than mourn my death in a miserable way. I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and long episodes of grief the past couple years, and it made me realize how much it can wear on you. When I go, I want everyone to celebrate, sing, laugh, and dress in violet.”


Now to take over a bingo hall. That’s a bit of a weird place to take over in an instant but that’s exactly what SWMRS have done as they bring their punky vibes for a good time in the video for ‘Lose Lose Lose’.

Cole Becker (Vocals) shared:

“I always wanted to know what it would feel like to crowd surf if the average age of the crowd was 71 instead of 17. Ambar and I talked a lot about this video as a way of inverting the formula of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Being a young person in 2019 feels a lot more like being in an inhospitable bingo club than being in the hyper-idealized vision of a punk show. You have all this energy and vision and passion to contribute to the world, and you’re constantly met with this sludgy rejection as if you’re intruding on someone else’s party.”


For the penultimate video today, I thought I’d bring something a few people might not know of and that this Landon Tewers (The Plot In You) solo project as he’s gearing up for the release of his second record in the form of ‘Something To Lose’ which in fact just dropped today! Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear.


And for the final video this week, I know this was released in the last month but I wanted to end on a banger! Neck Deep’s latest record cycle seems to be in effect right now and that comes with the phenomenal track ‘She’s A God’ which is such an important track right now because it’s about the bands other halfs not as sex objects or a reference to derogatory comments or terms, it’s about them being embraced by the band for the people they are to them, gods.


And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

New SAINTE (Tay Jardine) Music Is Coming

For fans who’ve been waiting on new music from Tay Jardine’s project Sainte, we can all be pumped for it!

It’s going to be the first new music since the release of the 2017 EP ‘Smile And Wave’.

Tay Jardine teased new music on the 19th March, tweeting:

I’m thinking about all the times you guys called me out on saying that new music would be here soon and “soon” wasn’t soon enough. Well “soon” is finally here TOMORROW you will get to hear “Back 2 Me”

And as for the teaser for the track, get excited for the full thing! Anyways, here it is below.

The Sainte Record Is Nearly Complete!

It’s almost time for a new influx of music from Tay Jardine’s project, Sainte!

She’s been in the studio back in April and she shared recently that she’s going back to the studio to finish tracking vocals for it.

Could we have more music from her as early as the end of the year? We can only hope.


Music Videos 22/06/18

Yes, we’re back for another countdown of ten of the last week’s music videos. What has been released this week? Well let’s kick things off with Architects great live video for ‘Doomsday’ which was filmed at London’s Alexandra Palace.


Last week, I posted in the countdown’s list that Sainte’s first EP was drawing to a close but now, she’s closing the first chapter with two music videos. Here is the second video in the last first chapter in ‘Feels So Wrong’.


Good Charlotte was one of the co-headliners at Slam Dunk festival last month but if you missed the opportunity to see them live, don’t worry. The band have compiled footage shot across their recent run of UK and EU shows. Check out the live video for ‘Actual Pain’ below.


Ahead of their appearances across various UK festivals, Southend alt-rockers Asylums have dropped a new video for ‘Millenials’. This is off their upcoming record ‘Alien Human Emotions’ which will be released July 6th.


The next band have been spending a lot of time on the road recently, which includes their first stops in the UK and now here’s another live video added to this list for ‘Third Degree’.


Belmont has announced that they’re releasing their self-titled full-length record on August 17th and they’ve dropped their first music video for the record in the form of Hollowed Out which you can view below.


A while ago, One Ok Rock dropped the track ‘Change’. The track is beautiful but the video is even better. Just watch.


Trash Boat are gearing for their new record, ‘Crown Shyness’ and now, the record single has been released. It’s called ‘Inside Out’  and on the concept of it, frontman Tobo Duncan has said to Rocksound: “this song is a personal analysis of my inner monologue. The ‘guy’ that’s with me with every decision, every thought process and my quietest, most solitary moments. ‘


The Amity Affliction are back. They’ve shared a new video in the form of Ivy (Doomsday) from the upcoming record, ‘Misery’ which is going to be released on August 24th via Roadrunner Records.


And now, time for a new song from As It Is and their new single from ‘The Great Depression’. and The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry) track and video is one that: tackles toxic masculinity, and the long overdue need to rebel and speak out against outdated ideals that to this day continue to threaten individuality. 


And that’s it for another countdown of music videos! Check back next week for another ten of the best.

Music Video’s 15/06/18


It’s Friday so you know what it’s time for. It’s another countdown video for ten of the best latest music videos going around at the moment. Ahead of their Warped Tour appearance on the final ever cross-country trek across America this summer, Real Friends have released a brand new single with the accompanying video for ‘From The Outside’.


Next up are Homebound. They’ve revealed a new video for ‘Coming Clean’ and on the track, Vocalist Charlie Boughton has said: “The  over-thinking  and  played  out  scenarios  we  mull  over  and  over  in  our  heads  until  we  realise  there’s  nothing  left  to  do  but  say  what  needs  to  be  said.”


Now for some cinematics from none other than Knuckle Puck. They’ve recently announced they’re coming back to the UK this October with Tiny Moving Parts and Movements but until then, there’s the latest video for ‘Want Me Around’.


Next up, one thing you probably didn’t expect in a video on this list: Sock Puppets. You read that correctly! This next video is from Mike Shinoda in the video for ‘Ghosts’.


Now Don Broco have released some wacky videos in the past but now it’s another too add to their filmography in the video for ‘Greatness’, which is taken off their latest record, ‘Technology’.


Now Blackpool based rockers Boston Manor have had a pretty hectic week. They’ve played Download Festival, announced a headline UK tour and a new record. On top of that, here’s their newest video for ‘Halo’.


Pop-Punk royalty New Found Glory have released a few great videos in the last year and now they have a new one for their track ‘Heaven Sent’, the first single off their 2017 extended release ‘Makes Me Sick’. Check it out below.


The first chapter of Sainte is over. New music should be on the way if Tay Jardine is to believe. (I mean, why wouldn’t we?) But that means two new videos are here. Here is the first for ‘If You Ever Feel Alone’.


Now some huge news. If you didn’t know With Confidence are back! They’re releasing a new record at the end of August and we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s the first taste of their new material in the video for ‘That Something’.


And last but certainly not least is Neck Deep and the video for ‘Don’t Wait’ which features Architect’s Sam Carter. It’s the latest video from the band’s 2018 record, ‘The Peace And The Panic’ and probably one of my favourite videos in a while.


And that’s the last video for this week’s list. We’ve had some great ones this week and I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon on the next video countdown. Be sure to check back next week.

SAINTE To Support Against The Current In London

Everyone remember how Sainte had their first shows in Manchester & London the other week?

Well, they’re back in London for one night only!!! Supporting Against The Current!

That’s more Pop-Rock goodness for everyone in attendance!

Tay Jardine Posts Sainte Update

Two shows in and Tay Jardine and co are back as Sainte in full force. They’ve had this in the pipeline for around two years and we as the fans couldn’t be happier she’s back to the world of music with her first shows in London and Manchester.

Here’s what went down.

Now the frontwoman has posted an update(which can be viewed below)  as she travels back home, we couldn’t be produer after seeing the results of the two shows. What happens next though? Only time will tell.

New Music Videos

Time for another music video roundup!

To start the day off is Jimmy Eat World’s track ‘Get Right’. This comes from last year’s record ‘Integrity Blues’.


Up next, is a band fresh from their set at Download Festival. Amsterdam-based metallers ‘The Charm The Fury’. This is their lyric video to ‘Weaponized’ from their album, ‘The Sick, Dumb & Happy’.


Next is something straight out of a horror film, this is Memphis May Fire’s new track for ‘Virus’.


And lastly is straight from SAINTE’s new EP which has just dropped today and the track for the video is…… Eyes Are Open.

Sainte Announces Debut EP / First Headlining Shows

Tay Jardine has announced that SAINTE’s new EP will be released this Friday! That is 30th June for those who are wondering.

The EP will be titled Smile, And Wave and you can check out their new single “Eyes are Open” upon pre-order.

And if that’s not enough…. they’ve also announced two UK shows will be their first every headlining shows as SAINTE!