Watch Machine Gun Kelly & Pete Davidson Fall Off The Stage On Saturday Night Live

As well as performing on the last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Machine Gun Kelly also had a little incident with one of his best friends on the night as he threw Pete Davidson off the stage during the show’s closing credits.

After sharing two fantastic performances of ‘Lonely’ and ‘My Ex’s Best Friend’ from his 2020 pop-punk album Tickets To My Downfall, MGK celebrated his SNL appearance by seemingly attempting to pick up Pete as the programme came to an end. But before he even managed to properly lift Davidson up into the air, he instantly lost his balance, stumbled backwards and they both crashed off the stage.

Taking to Twitter after the hilarious moment, Machine Gun Kelly joked that he and Pete were doing a skit for the legendary comedy show. ​“During the credits we did one called ​‘two drunk friends fall off the stage’,” he wrote. ​“It went even better than planned.”

Hollywood Actor Gifts Seaway Drum Kit

Recently, Seaway had pretty much all their gear stolen while they were in LA. Another band who has had their hardworking equipment stolen!

But….. Saturday Night Live were on hand to help. Well, namely Fred Armisen as he donated a drum kit to the band.

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