Enter The Dooming Death Gates of ISCHEMIC’s New Self-Titled Album

Canada’s Ischemic, purveyors of all things gloomy and dissonant are gearing up to release their second album, a self-titled full length that is set to be one of the most crushing albums of the year. 

Before the record officially drops on Friday, April 2nd, the band has teamed up with CVLTNation for its exclusive full stream HERE.

The band adds:

“This recording is our most DIY endeavour yet, all production, engineering, and artwork were handled by the band and close friends, resulting in this stripped-down, but unrelenting collection of songs. This album was developed as a response to the more complex and melodic black metal sound on “Stagnation & Woe”. The tracks call back to the earliest days of the band, but with a decade of songwriting & touring experience under our belts.”

Crafted during Covid-19 lockdown, Ischemic‘s self-titled sophomore album is a listening experience that takes you on a trek through a haunted castle, where every corner is infested with isolation and creeping dread. Showcasing their dungeon-crawling doom and sludge riffs, the band has threaded charging death-metal assaults with dizzying black metal.

The intense, raw brutality of Ischemic is recommended for fans of Autopsy, Ahab, and Celtic Frost.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-order options below.

1. Scabs
2. Crawl out of Hell
3. Illusion of Humanity
4. Scattering Garden

Due out on April 2, 202 “Ischemic” is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Erra Release New video or ‘Shadow Autonomous’

ERRA hit us with one last peek into their forthcoming Self-titled album today with a new single and video, ‘Shadow Autonomous’. Ironically ERRA considers ‘Shadow Autonomous’ as the album’s ballad track. Guitarist Jesse Cash explains, “It’s one of the more experimental tracks on the record in terms of style and structure. Shadow Autonomous is about adaptability. ‘Complacencies that we will never seek to replace’, establishes the solution of the song’s proposed problem – which is to live outside of your comfort zone often, and as a result, develop the skill of finding home wherever you are.”

‘Shadow Autonomous’ is available today across all digital retailers via UNFD. Next week sees the release of their highly awaited Self-titled album which seeds the prolific metalcore band as one the genre’s most prominent forces. ERRA’s massive riffs and enchanting melodies litter the cerebral, immersive soundscapes which culminate a career-defining effort. On Tuesday, March 23ERRA join Reddit’s /metalcore board for a live AMA starting at MIDNIGHT in the UK (4 PM PDT).

Determination and steadfast dedication have defined ERRA’s path, forging a unique connection with an ever-growing audience, without the advantages of traditional recognition. On their career-defining fifth studio album ERRA, the band confront depression, anxiety and desperation throughout. They take listeners on a near-out-of-body journey to Aokigahara, the infamous Suicide Forest of Japan; into episodic storytelling that would make Black Mirror writers proud; and into the literary works of Cormac McCarthy and Hubert Selby Jr. 

 was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grammy-nominated duo Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. It’s a definitive mission statement for Cash, vocalist J.T. Cavey, drummer Alex Ballew, bassist Conor Hesse, and guitarist Sean Price, each of them already well-respected players revered for their inspiring technicality and raw, natural talent. 

Rising from Alabama, ERRA’s dedicated fanbase and online community organized around the band’s dense music and heady but relatable lyrics have helped further their mission, resulting in multiple No. 1 Heatseekers placements on Billboard. Previous ERRA albums Impulse (2012), Augment (2013), Drift (2016), and Neon (2018) saw the band spotlighted on tastemaker playlists, as the band’s Spotify plays soared past 72 million. And with vigorous worldwide tours under their belt, ERRA has rightfully earned a sprawling audience devoted to the Alabamians’ catalogue, eager for each new missive.

As their music finds the balance between the crushingly heavy and the headily melodic, its members seek to find harmony between the needs of the individual and the natural flow of this shared reality. ERRA, as a band of brothers and creative force, strive to live in alignment with the present moment. ERRA, the album, represents redemption for the band, who emerged from the creative process with renewed focus, confidence, and certainty of self. 

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options for their upcoming self titled record below.

1. Snowblood 
2. Gungrave
3. Divisionary 
4. House of Glass
5. Shadow Autonomous
6. Electric Twilight
7. Scorpion Hymn
8. Lunar Halo
9. Vanish Canvas
10. Eidolon
11. Remnant
12. Memory Fiction

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Hands Like Houses Announce Details Of Their Upcoming Self-Titled EP

There’s more Hands Like Houses incoming this year!

After the release of their single, ‘Space’ back in June, the band have announced the details of their upcoming self-titled EP. It’s set to be released on October 23rd via UNFD.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, Streaming of ‘The Water’ and Pre-order options below.

01. The Water
02. Space
03. Dangerous
04. Stranger
05. Wired

On the release of ‘The Water’, Trenton Woodley (Vocals) says:

“I picture the protagonist as some beautiful, fantastical, strange and surreal sea creature that has come to live among us, but wants to go home,” he says. “I feel like the voice of this song is one that has done its best to make a place to belong, but knows it doesn’t, can’t or won’t, and is trying to say a heartfelt, honest goodbye.

“Of course, that’s not to say there’s not a piece of me buried in that voice. I don’t think you get to come this far in life without wondering if you really belong to this particular path you’ve found yourself on, if there’s not somewhere else or someone else you’re meant to be. The harder the times, the bigger the question becomes in your mind. When it comes down to it, it’s a song about closing doors and opening new ones.”

Pre-orders are available via Google Play.

The Neighbourhood Announce Self-Titled Record

With two EP’s in the next step is a record right?

That’s exactly what rock outfit The Neighbourhood are doing as they’ve released details of their third record.

It’s going to be a self-titled record, dropping on March 9th 2018 via Columbia Records/ The Resolve Group.

It’s also been announced that it’ll feature two tracks from EP’s which have previously been released, ‘Hard’ and ‘To Imagine’.

Here are the details.

  1. Flowers
  2.  Scary Love
  3. Nervous
  4. Void [stream]
  5. Softcore
  6. Blue
  7. Sadderdaze
  8. Revenge
  9. You Get Me So High
  10. Reflections
  11. Too Serious
  12. Stuck With Me
  13. Roll Call (Deluxe Edition only)
  14. Noise (Deluxe Edition only)
  15. 24/7 (Deluxe Edition only)
  16. Heaven (Deluxe Edition only)
  17. Compass (Deluxe Edition only)
  18. Dust (Deluxe Edition only)



Pre-Orders are available via the band’s Official Webstore, Itunes, Amazon and Google Play.

You can listen to the first single, “Void” below.

Paramore Reach One Billion Spotify Listeners

Paramore have reached an incredible milestone in the realm of streaming!

They’ve reached a total of one billion listeners on Spotify!

Massive congratulations to them on this achievement.


Here’s the standings of listeners per album:

‘Paramore’ – 363 million listens
‘Brand New Eyes’ – 303 million listens
‘Riot!’ – 280 million listens
‘All We Know Is Falling’ – 60 million listens


I’m quite surprised there because I love All We Know Is Falling which has some incredible tracks, especially with My Heart which is beautiful live!

I can’t wait to listen to their new material and hopefully something will be released soon!