Senses Fail Release New Single, ‘End Of The World / A Game Of Chess’ Feat Connie Sgarbossa

Senses Fail has released their visceral new track ‘End of the World / A Game of Chess’ featuring SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY vocalist Connie Sgarbossa.

The new single sees the band tackling the struggles of addiction and overcoming generational trauma. 

Speaking on the themes of their latest offering vocalist Buddy Nielsen comments:

“End of the World was written about generational trauma. How it passes down through families and how I vow to end it and not pass it to my daughter,” explains Nielsen. “My grandparents were alcoholics. Alcoholism claimed my uncle’s life and most recently my mother’s. Most of my family were involved in some form of war within every generation. The trauma they faced and endured shaped me and I have tried to do the work to resolve it” 

Senses Fail Announce New Record, ‘Hell Is In Your Head’

Senses Fail have announced their upcoming eighth record ‘Hell Is In Your Head’. The album is set for release 15th July 2022via Pure Noise Records. Co-produced by Saosin’s Beau Burchell,‘Hell Is In Your Head’ marks the band’s first studio album since 2018’s ’If There Is Light, It Will Find You’.

The announcement is accompanied by the release of their brand new single ‘I’m Sorry I’m Leaving’ which sees vocalist Buddy Nielsen confronting his anxieties around being a career musician and the constant struggle to create a good work/life balance and being a father. 

“The band has now become me and vice-versa.” he explains “I’m trying to put myself on the map as a songwriter and as a complete musician, not just as a lyricist or the singer. This is where I had been planning to get to over the last three records. As a touring entity we are still five people, but when it comes down to the writing, it’s a solo vision as far as where I want to take it.”

Nielsen sees this album as a thematic sequel to the band’s 2006 second full-length, ‘Still Searching’. In fact, Nielsen deliberately began this record in the same key as ‘The Priest And The Matador’, the last song on Still Searching, to really emphasise the connection between the two.

Speaking on their new single ‘I’m Sorry I’m Leaving’ he comments: “I wrote this song about the constant struggling with making music and art as a living. I am constantly waiting for it to all fail and disappear even 20 years into a career. At no point do I ever feel safe. After having a child, the relationship with this lifestyle became more strained. Having to leave home and lose time with your child while also hoping that what you do continues to support your family and remains fulfilling is complicated. Continuing to improve and remove my own trauma in order to be a better father is the bases and goal of the song.”

1. Burial of the Dead
2. End of The World/A Game of Chess (feat. Connie Sgarbossa)
3. The Fire Sermon
4. I Am Error
5. Death by Water (feat. Spencer Charnas)
6. What the Thunder Said 
7. Miles to Go
8. Lush Rimbaugh 
9. Hell is in Your Head
10. I’m Sorry I’m Leaving
11. Grow Away from Me

Senses Fail Release New Single: ‘Death By Water’ Feat. Spencer Carnas Of Nice Nine Kills

Senses Fail have today dropped the brilliant new single “Death By Water” via Pure Noise Records. The song, which features Spencer Carnas of Ice Nine Kills, is the band’s first new music offering since 2018.

Speaking on the themes and origin of their latest release, Buddy Nielsen comments:

“The song is named after a section of the poem Wasteland by T.S. Elliot and pulls references from the section. Personally, it is about the struggle of entering the dark night of the soul with regard to becoming a father. In many traditions, there is anecdote and mythology pertaining to the journey of ego death or death and rebirth of a certain time in one’s life. When you become a parent your single self dies and you become eternally linked to life, there is a letting go of the person you once were to become a parent. There was a level of loss I felt having to let go of who I was previously and step into a role that I didn’t feel fully comfortable in. I was blindly jumping into the unknown and this is what this song talks about. Death by water can have the inverse motif of birth and cleansing. When someone is baptized in Christianity they are reborn in the eye of God. I use the theme of death by water as a rebirth in the eye of “God”; God being my child, and me being reborn as their parent.” 

Expanding on the track’s imagery Nielsen adds 

“This song represents the descent into the underworld where I am to meet with the soul of my departed grandmother. The entrance into the underworld is always marked by a crossing of water or submersion into water and into a lower plane of existence. ‘Death By Water’ is specifically about the journey of my soul through the plane of existence into the underworld.

Check out the video for ‘Death By Water’ below.

Senses Fail Announce ‘Let It Enfold You’ & ‘Still Searching’ Livestreams

Post-Hardcore quintet Senses Fail have announced the details of two upcoming livestream events where they’ll be performing ‘Still Searching’ and ‘Let It Enfold You’ in their entirety.

Both sets were recorded using a 360 degree tracking camera as well as steadicams at Joshua Tree, California with the set for the performance of ‘Still Searching’ set to air on July 29th 2021 whereas ‘Let It Enfold You’ will air a week later on August 5th 2021.

Frontman Buddy Nelson said the following on the sets.

“Joshua Tree is tied to many significant life changing events for me and the band. I heard the news of my first child, was a witness and first responder to a horrific accident, received news of a new president and experienced life altering connections with nature and family.

As a human I have done my best to survive and to ultimately flourish, I see the desert of Joshua Tree as a similar example of desolate space that thrives. My internal narrative can sometimes be desolate but I have always found a way to grow and persist despite harsh conditions. The desert has shown me that life is both beautiful and tragic and that both of them must exist in each other’s arms to feel the full spectrum of what the universe has to offer.

I can think of no better place to perform out two most popular and life changing records that deep in the heart go to the

Tickets for the events can be purchased via the following link.

Senses Fail Release New Single, ‘Lush Rimbaugh’

NJ Post-Hardcore favourites Senses Fail have released a new track, ‘Lush Rimbaugh’.

The tracks title is a reference to the highly controversial US conservative political commentator, Rush Limbaugh, whom passed away on February 17th 2021.

Check out the track below.

Check Out Senses Fail’s New Festive EP, ‘Christmas Has Been Cancelled Due To Lack Of Hustle’

There’s some more festive spirit coming!

Senses Fail have announced a new two track EP titled as ‘Christmas Has Been Cancelled Due To Lack Of Hustle’.

Buddy Nielsen (Vocals) says:

“My step father have been telling me for 20 years that the only way to make it in the music industry is to do Christmas covers. He would point out Paul McCartney, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and WHAM as prime examples of musicians who did them right. He wasn’t wrong but I wasn’t in any rush.

Christmas songs are best sung in July and when it comes time for them, I’m usually burnt out, however, this year, there wasn’t much to sing about or celebrate so I reserved my carols for these songs.

I chose the two greatest Christmas songs that few know and even fewer cover. I was once told that if you build it they will come, I have built it and I hope you come.

Happy Holidays and fuck 2020.”

The two tracks? They’re right below for you to listen to:

Here’s ‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’.

And here’s ‘Donde Esta Santa Clause’.

Check Out Senses Fail & Saves The Day Surprise Misfits Covers EP!

Two New Jersey bands have come together recently for a fantastic collaboration effort to release a massive surprise EP!

This involves Senses Fail and Saves The Day as they teamed to give the world a Misfits Covers EP.

Titled as ‘Through Being Ghoul’, the split covers EP sees both bands cover two tracks from Misfits extensive discography.

Check out all the details below.

01.) Senses Fail – ‘We Are 138’
02.) Senses Fail – ‘Attitude’
03.) Saves The Day – ‘Some Kinda Hate’
04.) Saves The Day – ‘Where Eagles Dare’

You can stream the EP on Spotify and Apple Music.

Feud Between Senses Fail And Attila Reignites

There’s a war of words which has been reignited in the world of rock.

This comes as Senses Fail (namely Buddy Nielsen, their vocalist) and Attila (namely Chris Fronzack, their vocalist) have hit back at each other.

This comes via Twitter following a tweet from a friend of the members of Attila whom mention Senses Fail and then the band decided to respond, refuelling the fire.

And then further comments were made.

Sometime after, the tweets from Senses Fail did reach Attila’s Chris Fronzack, who tweeted the following.

Music Videos 18/1/19

It’s that time of the week again. and the 2019 iteration of the weekly music video posts are back. Apologies this first post of the new year is coming late, but I have been very busy sorting out work arrangements and working on other things behind the scenes to sort new interviews and gallery posts for the blog.

First up are Liverpool alt group SPQR who have just released a video for ‘Slowly’, which was directed by their own drummer, Bex Denton as well as being scripted by frontman Peter Harrison.


Next up, we’re up in London for indie punks Cheerbeederz, who have a brand new animated video for a track off their debut EP, ‘Faceplant’ which is none other than ‘Staying Up Late’.


Next up are Senses Fail. The New Jersey punks have recently released a video for ‘Elevator To The Gallows’, which is the latest track lifted off last years release, ‘If There Is Light, It Will Find You’. This video involves the lengths the band members go to, to win Demi Lovato’s love.


Next, we’re off back to the UK for a band I’m quite conflicted about as of late, which is non-other than Bring Me The Horizon. The main reason is their sound is something which dissasociates past and present fans of the group but I say as long as it makes sense to them, then that’s all that matters. They’re finding themselves again as artists so everything can seem subjective to anyone who listens. With their upcoming record, ‘amo’ not too far from the release date, it only seems fitting that they have a new single and video out. The visual accompaniment is for ‘Medicine’. The visual accompaniment for the track is a spectacle of special effects which were created by animator Extraweg and art director Oliver Latta.


Now, we’re going for a track I haven’t heard before! I’m always on the lookout for new music and I’m always excited when I have friends recommend music to me. This comes in the form of Crystal Lake as they have dropped a fantastic new track, ‘Lost In Forever’ which mixes live and behind the scene footage for all to enjoy.

Another band on this weeks music video’s list with a new record on the horizon is Sheffield’s While She Sleeps. They’ve dropped a new teaser for the record in the form of their new release in ‘Haunt Me’.

The next track is an oldie for this band. In fact, I believe that this is the second ever track this band ever released. It’s been a fan favourite from iDKHOW and this is the video for ‘Choke’

The description of the video reads: “The recent discovery of this long forgotten performance was accompanied only by the following description: ‘Pop Time Live’ was a short-lived music television program that aired briefly in Eastern Europe in the early 1980’s.  The show and its producers had hoped to capitalize on the then popular ‘Italo Disco’ movement, but audiences found its lack of authenticity objectionable.

Labeled “NOT FOR BROADCAST,” it’s believed that this particular iDKHOW performance never made it to air due to the band’s refusal to properly pantomime to their own song.”


A cover’s always good. Southampton have a cool new video out but there is a twist, it’s going to be a 360 degree video. It’s a cover taken off their EP, ‘Have Another…’ and it’s originally by Jimmy Eat World. The track? ‘The Middle.


Puppy fans don’t have to wait too long until their debut record, ‘The Goat’ drops in less than two weeks and which track have they selected to get fans even more excited for it? ‘Bathe In Blood’. You have to see it to believe it. Check it out below.


And lastly, we have Pop-rock newcomers Hot Milk as they are ready to make 2019 theirs with the release of their debut single, ‘Awful Ever After’. It had its premiere over on Daniel P. Carter’s The Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 and now, you can view the video of the track below.

And that’s it for the opener for the weekly music video posts for 2019! Check back next Friday at 4PM for another weekly dose of my favourite music videos.

Senses Fail To Re-Record Older Tracks With Vulgar Language Removed


Reworked tracks are in order for New Jersey-based band Senses Fail as they’re re-recording some of their earlier material to revise some lyrics.

In a series of tweets by the band, they’ve explained that they’ll be altering the tracks to change some of the vulgar language in their tracks, specifically the word ‘whore’ from “Handguns And Second Chances’ and ‘bitch’ from ‘Bastard Son’.

Some fans warmed to the idea.

Others, not so much.

But one thing’s for certain, the band will keep the original recorded vocals on the tracks indefinitely.