Set It Off Release New Video For Acoustic Version Of ‘Happy All The Time’

Recently, Set It Off brought their ‘Midnight’ era full circle and completed to with a last round of Acoustic Track.

One of the tracks ‘Happy All the Time’ got stripped back and was even better in some respects.

Now, they’ve released a video for the track which features Issues’ Skyler Acord as well as the Compton Kidz Club.

Cody Carson (Vocals) had this to say about the track:

“‘Happy All the Time’ has worked its way to bring my absolute favorite song off of Midnight’. I am so damn proud of this song and the people involved with it. The message is important to me because we all feel so much pressure to be 100 percent all of the time and it's SO important to remember that it’s okay to be sad. It also doesn’t hurt that my mom told me that even she puts this song on when she feels down.

“With this acoustic version, we seriously stripped it down so you can really appreciate the incredible talents of Skyler Acord on bass and The Compton Kidz Club choir, led by Fred Martin. It absolutely sends this song over the edge. It’s overflowing with emotion. Enjoy!”

Check out the video below.

Set It Off Announce Rescheduled UK Tour Dates To 2022

Set It Off have announced they have postponed their 2021 UK touring dates back to 2022.

They were set to play the dates next month, but will now be coming over next year. 

But the good news is that the supports for the tour aren’t changing! 

Broadside and Cemetery Sun will be playing all dates and Lizzy Farrall will be joining for the UK dates. 

Here’s the rescheduled tour dates.



22nd – Institute, Birmingham

24th – Trashed, Cardiff

25th – Ritz, Manchester

26th – Riverside, Newcastle

28th – Garage, Glasgow


1st – Stylus, Leeds

3rd – Waterfront, Norwich

Set It Off Announce Rescheduled Tour Dates For 2021

They’re getting over here… eventually.

Set It Off have announced they’re going to be playing their rescheduled UK tour dates in May of 2021.

The tour dates were originally set to take place towards the end of 2019 but I believe they had to postpone due to Cody Carson needing vocal surgery which they then postponed to April of this year (2020). The dates suffered another setback when Covid-19 happened earlier this year and the dates were put back to August and September of 2020 but now that has been deemed impossible so the decision has been taken to put the dates back again to May 2020 for the UK dates of their tour.

“We live in very strange times, and we wanted more than anything in the world to be able to make this tour happen. We were hoping through a little slice of optimism that I could’ve still taken place, but the fact is that it’s still not safe for this tour to happen.

So we have postponed this tour one more time and we WILL get to you the MOMENT we are cleared. So we are calling this tour the “Midnight World Tour: Part Four the love of god don’t make us reschedule this again.”

Hold onto your tickets, hold onto your VIP. We will be performing for you at the moment we can.

We love you, thanks for being so understanding.”

Support is set to come from Broadside, Cemetery Sun and Lizzy Farrall for the UK dates.

Here are the dates.

May 2020

19th – Institute, Birmingham

20th – Academy 2, Manchester

21st – Riverside, Newcastle

23rd – Garage, Glasgow

24th – Stylus, Leeds

25th – Waterfront, Norwich

27th – Tramshed, Cardiff

28th – Heaven, London

Fearless Records Announces Interactive Livestream Event

Fearless Records has something new coming up for everyone at home.

The music label, the home of bands such as: Set It Off, Sumo Cyco and The Word Alive have announced Fearless At Home, an interactive live-stream event.

It’s set to take place Saturday 9th May 2020 on the label’s Youtube Channel.

From a new signing announcement to an acoustic set, it’s also said to have “fun, at home segments.”

Check out the teaser below.

Tie in Merchandise can be found here. All proceeds are going to be donated to Crew Nation which is a global relief fund for live music crews

Set It Off Released A New Track For Valentines Day

A very Happy Valentines Day from the boys in Set It Off!

They have a brand new track for everyone in their ‘After Midnight’ series, ‘One Single Second’.

There was a tease from frontman Cody Carson but in case you missed it…

Now, I think I’m preferring this track to some chocolate but I do have a question, are there more B-sides to come? I guess we’ll find out next month as they’ve been dropping one track a month since December 2019 so, time will tell.

Check out ‘One Single Second’ below.

Music Video Roundup 12/07/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. The first band on today’s roundup are the sharp dressed Sweedish rockers Royal Republic with ‘Like A Lover’.

On the track, the band explained how the video almost didn’t happen due to a technical issue.

“The video was shot in Berlin but the footage was almost completely lost due to a technical malfunction. However, through the miracle of technically skilled people (and money), we were able to salvage much of the footage. Thanks to the amazing dancers. Our friend and constant director Leo Åkesson and all the crew who worked tirelessly through the entire night to make this video happen. While the song is a little bit of a departure for us musically, somehow it always felt very natural to us. We hope it does for you too.”


Moving to some Welsh Hardcore for the next band, Brutality Will Prevail have released a video to accompany the band’s new single ‘Misery Sequence’ which is the title track from their upcoming sixth record.


The currently touring Yorkshire Post-Grungers Hands Off Gretel have a new video for us so if you’re seeing them soon, you’re in for a treat. Oh also, the video was directed by none other than the band’s frontwoman, Lauren Tate! Check out ‘Freaks Like Us’ below.


Heading straight over to the metalcore troupe Spritibox, the band have released ‘Bleach Bath’, the fifth and final cut to complete their very band new ‘Singles Collection’ EP.

The video sees vocalist Courtney LaPlante as different characters, struggling to sever ties with a sociopath.

“We have all had a toxic person enter our lives who bring out our weakness, our paranoia, and our low self-esteem. These people extract the worst in us, and we have to confront these facets of ourselves whether we want to or not.

“‘Bleach Bath’ is the final chapter from our collection of singles we started releasing towards the end of 2018. We saved this one for last for a reason: we believe it represents the balancing act we strive to perform between beautiful and hideous. Instrumentally there is an uncomfortable tension that builds throughout the song that we have enhanced with strange EVP noises building in the background.”


Heading straight to Atlanta for this next pick in this weeks list, we have the ex-issues vocalist Michael Bohn on drums as his latest project Wildheart has released a brand new track, ‘Seeing It Through’.

This is the third single by the band so far which follows on from ‘Lonely’ and ‘Animal’, which were both released earlier this year.


How about a cinematic story for the next video or the continuation of one? We have from the record ‘Attention Attention’ which is Shinedown’s latest full-length effort, the next track… ‘Monsters’.


How about a new band with an obscure name you’ve probably next heard of? Mannequin Pussy has a brand new video for ‘Cream’, a new track from their upcoming third record ‘Patience’. Spoiler alert, it’s wall to wall horror tropes.


Next up in what might be the most fun video of the year we have The Regrettes. They’ve had a pretty stellar year opening for Twenty One Pilots as well as announcing their new record where the first taste of the record in ‘I Dare You’ can be viewed below.


And I have two amazing bands for the last two videos now. Penultimately we have Sum 41. They’ve just wrapped up a short UK tour in support of their upcoming seventh record, ‘Order In Decline’ which will be released 19th July 2019 via Hopeless Records as well as releasing the latest and great cut from the said record in the form of ‘Never There’.


Lastly today, we have the incredible Set It Off. It’s a few months since the band hit up UK venues and it’s a few months until the band come back but now, the band have a fan favourite video for us all to enjoy until then in the form of ‘Hourglass’ and is the latest single off their record, ‘Midnight’.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

Set It Off, Grayscale & More Set To Feature On Brand New ‘Punk Goes Acoustic’ Record

Acoustic goodness is coming as Set It Off, Grayscale, As It Is and more are set to appear on the upcoming ‘Punk Goes Acoustic Vol.3’ Record.

It’s being released on July 26th and available to preorder right now via the following link, where the ‘Punk Goes…’ social media accounts have been teasing the announcement all this week as well as their website being given a very retro Myspace feel.

Check out the details below.


And how did they announce the bands that would be participating to the record? A top 12 of course!


Here is the tracklisting for the record.

1. Dance Gavin Dance – ‘Story Of My Bros’
2. Circa Survive – ‘Act Appaled’
3. Taking Back Sunday – ‘A Decade Under The Influence’
4. Dashboard Confessional – ‘Screaming Infidelities’ (feat. Abigail Sevigny)
5. Mayday Parade – ‘Take This To Heart’
6. Movements – ‘Colorblind’
7. Underoath – ‘A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White’
8. Don Broco – ‘Come Out To LA’
9. Set It Off – ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing ‘
10. As It Is – ‘Okay’
11. Grayscale- ‘Atlantic’
12. The Almost – ‘Hand Grenade’

The first two tracks from Taking Back Sunday and Set It Off have been released. Check them out below.

My Favourite Slam Dunk Festival Sets

Hey everyone, keeping up with the Slam Dunk festival posts I’m doing this week, today’s post is going to be on my top five sets from bands at Slam Dunk Festival. These coast to the bands from 2014 – 2019 but they do not include the years 2015 and 2017 because I was not in attendance for them as I was working at the time and couldn’t get them off work (sobs). But there have been some standout performances in the years and I wanted to reminisce about what I saw and there’s going to be more on that but without further ado, my top five Slam Dunk Festival sets

5. Creeper (2018, Jagermeister Stage)

Before seeing them, I’d listen to Creeper in passing but up close on stage they were just on a different level to everyone else at the festival. With them being over on the arena sage it was a surprise that they weren’t higher on the bill for the festival because they really just exploded onto the scene and came up in a way that nobody had done in a while and if they ever do come back as another band or on another record cycle, then you just have to see it believe it.

4.With Confidence (2017, Key Club Stage)

I remember being so excited to see everyone on this stage in 2017. In fact, I was dodging in and out of places to get a glimpse but With Confidence were ones I’d been dying to see for a while. Besides from Set It Off and Tonight Alive, they were the bands whom I saw that just really connected with the crowd and made an attempt to get them excited and moving who succeeded. t’s tacks such as ‘Voldemort’ which cemented the belief that they were going to be the new thing to watch on the scene and when they return (maybe) they’ll do a lot better than this first attempt.

3. Set It Off (2015 Main Stage)

This was the first time Slam Dunk Festival was at the new area, they moved it from the Leeds University campus, closer to the centre of town so they could have a larger crowd of people and get to spread out things across Leeds. But what I remember for Set It Off on this occasion was just a full half hour or so of energy being delivered to the crowd and the crowd just wanting more. With their record, Duality, there was just nothing that they couldn’t do and everyone was feeding into every time and time again from their on-set shenanigans when Cody was funnily introducing everyone during Ancient History to him crowd surfing his butt off and giving some love to the crowd.

2. Tonight Alive ( 2017, Key Club Stage)

I say this performance because they had come a long way since their 2014 introduction. With this performance, they were three records in (I believe) by this point and nothing could stop them. With favourites such as Lonely Girl and The Ocean (which mad its debut at Slam Dunk 2014 as well) they just cemented why Tonight Alive were headliners and a band that is forever going to be on the rise. They commanded and controlled the crowd, toying with their emotions where they became the embodiment of angels (at least to the crowd) but what I love about seeing tonight alive is the atmosphere they bring, they always bring 110% to the crowd in a way that no other band are able to match, well at least for that years festival.

  1. As It Is (2018, Signature Stage

For As It Is, The Great Depression hadn’t even been released yet but they were on the cusp of changing just about everything which made the band identifiable as, as it is. But, that didn’t stop them from getting the crowd in circle pits, having a great time and playing their hearts out last year. They showed Leeds what they’d been missing out on with the Brighton boys just having that little bit of swagger which was enough to give everything to the crowd but with The Wounded World just recently being released, it was all the better to see live because that for me was where the energy never stopped. As It Is proved that their members were much more than the sum of their band, they were a band who’ll be transcendent much after they one day decide to call it quits.


And that’s it for my second post in the run-up to this year’s Slam Dunk Festival. Make sure to check out my other posts this week and hopefully, you’ll have an amazing time seeing all your favourite bands play.

Dan Clermont Taking Hiatus After Misconduct Allegations

Set It Off have announced Dan Clermont will be taking a hiatus from Set It Off following an allegation of misconduct again the guitarist last weekend.

“In light of the recent allegations regarding Dan Clermont, we have taken the necessary time to investigate this matter on both professional and personal levels before making a statement. We have jointly decided that he will be taking a hiatus and stepping away from Set It Off to spend time at home with his family and pursue this privately and legally.

“Thank you to all our amazing fans for standing by us during this time.”

In addition to Set It Off’s announcement, Clermont has released his own statement via Twitter.

“I’m deeply pained and hurt by the allegations that have been brought against me on Saturday. I’ve taken the proper legal channels to prove my innocence and investigate why someone would bring forth these false allegations against me. With that said, both myself and my fiancé feel that it is best to take some time away from the public eye and focus on moving forward from this. We will be following the advice of our legal counsel and pursuing appropriate action accordingly. I appreciate those of you who did not jump to conclusions and were respectful throughout this process.

“This has been very hard for all parties involved, so please respect myself and Sydney’s privacy for the time being.”

Set It Off Release Statement Following Allegation Of Inappropriate Behaviour

Set It Off Have released a statement via Twitter addressed an allegation regarding misconduct made against Dan Clermont.

The allegations came to light by the user @tinabelcherlif1, who in their tweet has described the alleged events. You can read it below.

“I don’t know how to start this off appropriately so I’m just gonna go ahead and dive right in. Last September I was sexually assaulted by Dan Clermont, the guitarist from Set It Off. We spent some time hanging out that night, he said a lot of inappropriate things to me. Especially for someone who has a fiancé. I tried to dodge the awkwardness and wave it off but he kept going. I towards the end of the evening I was completely drunk. Can’t think straight kind of drunk. Can hardly walk drink. Me and a friend of mine ended up having a very long difficult, emotion conversation at one point, something that Dan was a witness to. I was a mess. I couldn’t stop crying, to the point where I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Frankly I can’t recall the last time I was that upset about something. Dan suggested we smoke a blunt, and I thought it was a good idea so I could calm down. However, I didn’t want to be alone with him. But when I tried to call my friends over he hushed me and told me to leave them be so they can have their alone time. We got into my card and smoke a little bit, but it didn’t take much before everything started spinning. My speech was slurred and sloppy. And knowing he had a fiancé, I consented to making out with him. A horrendous, uncharacteristic mistake on my part. I, however, did NOT in ANY WAY consent to him putting his hand in my pants. I didn’t want that. And I tried to push his hand away but he pushed back and I began to hyperventilate. He kept going. Next thing I know I open my door and start puking, while Dan is telling me to shut the door so the people walking up can’t see what’s happening. I shut the door, start wiping the snot and puke from my face, with tears running down my cheeks, and he turns to me smiling and pulls his dick out, expecting me to do something with it. I didn’t move. At some point he got out of my car and left me alone. Two of my best friends came and picked me. I barely remember calling them or the ride back to their house. I’ve held onto this night for half a year now. It haunts me in so many ways. But this truth needs to come out and be heard. It’s taken me until today to work up the courage to write this because every other attempt has been a failure. But I have to. I cannot stand by and let this happen to someone else. I also want to let other women know that they are not alone. If you take away anything from my story, let it be that your voice and your story MATTERS. It matters so much. We deserve to be heard. Thank you for listening.”

In a short statement, the band have responded by posting the following:

“We have seen the allegations against one of our band members. As we treat such matters with the utmost seriousness and consideration, we are reviewing things from all sides internally and we will be officially in touch shortly. Thanks everyone and we love you.”

At the Clermont is yet to respond to the allegations directly.

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice: