alt. Sign With SharpTone Records

SharpTone Records have announced they have added their already impressive roster with an amazing Aussie band.

That band? They are called alt.

Vocalist Dan Richards had this to say say about the signing, alongside their signing to Resist Records in Australia:

“We’re extremely excited and honoured to have signed with Resist and Sharptone. Graham Nixon at Resist is a true legend in the Australian music scene, his passion, knowledge & work ethic is amazing and really inspires us to give the band everything we have. 

Then you have SharpTone, such a fresh and exciting label who have really breathed new life into the alternative music world in recent times with such a diverse roster of both emerging and established artists. They’re great people, and we deeply respect the attention they have given Australian bands too. 

We really do have the perfect team we were hoping for, and we’re grateful to be working with so many like-minded people who all want to make something special.”

In celebration of the signing, the band have dropped a new track, ‘WRAITH’.

Check it out below.

Japanese Progressive Rockers Evraak Sign With Wormholedeath

Japanese Progressive Rock band EVRAAK signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the album “Evraak I”, due for release on November 4th, 2022.

The band speaking of the album stated: “The first album of the up-and-coming Japanese progressive rock band “Evraak” will be released via Wormholedeath worldwide! 3 songs from our EP were released in 2020 and added 3 new songs then completed 6 songs, Over an hour-long epic. Our signature tune is “Sacrifice,”, The truly heavy tune “[Saethi ]”, and The dark and dramatic tune “Stigma”. Watch out for the uncanny play of the ensemble of six musicians of different origins”

Watch the live video for ‘Saethi’ below.

Katatonia Sign Worldwide Record Deal With Napalm Records

Napalm Records is beyond proud to announce the worldwide signing of legendary Swedish masters of melancholy KATATONIA. The band has inked a worldwide record deal with the leading Austrian rock and metal label.

Piercing through the core in 1991 when KATATONIA was brought to life by the inimitable Jonas Renkse (now vocalist) and renowned guitarist Anders Nyström, the unit has taken a fascinating journey from their heavy atmospheric extreme metal beginnings in the early 90s underground metal scene to their current status as a unique, free-spirited progressive rock amalgamation that stretches beyond the boundaries of standard music. Each stunning work of KATATONIA is tantamount to a cathartic experience – from their seminal debut, the legendary Dance Of December Souls (1993), to their most recent haunting masterpiece, the critically acclaimed City Burials (2020) – the latter marking their most successful release to date (debuting at #6 GER, #5 FI, etc).

The five-piece has never failed in evolving its sound and unique identity into something that is known as one of Sweden’s top-notch musical forces today. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

KATATONIAon the signing:
“As Katatonia is just about to enter a brand new chapter in its own book of history, we’re passionate the band’s journey will continue onward and upward together with our new label Napalm Records.”

Thomas Caser (Napalm Records) about the signing:
Katatonia has been one of the most impactful metal acts, always progressing throughout their career. Teaming up with such an iconic act is a dream of every music fan. We are beyond excited to work with the band and their team!”

October Ends Signs With UNFD, Release New Single, ‘Play Time’

Hailing half from Newcastle, UK, half from Athens, Greece, multi-voiced genre-mashers October Ends have been somewhat of a well-kept scene secret. Though it dropped amidst the throes of the 2020 pandemic, the band’s self-recorded, self-released debut album Zodiac has racked up more than 10m streams to date, with no touring or promotional push behind it. But now, through their global partnership with UNFD, October Ends are primed and ready to step out of the shadows and introduce themselves to the world writ large.

“We’re buzzing to start releasing new music with UNFD,” enthuses guitarist/vocalist Michael Charlton, part of the band’s Newcastle unit; “We’ve been sitting on exciting material that takes October Ends in a new direction and includes the best songs we’ve ever written.”

The first of these new songs is the band’s UNFD debut single, ‘Play Time’. A groove and hook-laden modern metal mini-anthem, ‘Play Time’ builds around an irresistible nu-metal stomp, adding layers of electronics and Trap inspired beats, before crashing into a soaring chorus crescendo.

A tragic tale told from the perspective of a protagonist struggling with addiction and mental health, ‘Play Time’ tackles the temptation to give in to dark urges, as Nick explains: “It’s quite dark subject matter, but we really wanted to explore and exaggerate these themes as many of us in October Ends have struggled with mental health, especially during the pandemic. Sometimes you feel like there’s just no way out. Sometimes it feels like you should just give in to your dark side. In a tongue in cheek fashion, we suggest partying with your demons, giving up and joining them, facing them another day. A lot of people suffer out there, and it’s not easy to face your demons.” 

As well as handling the track’s production and a chunk of the lead vocals, Nick also directed and edited the official music video: “I wanted to emphasise the rough times that come with substance abuse through using metaphors. I was very much inspired by (HBO tv series) Euphoria to employ contrasts to give context in a scene without the use of dialogue. It’s stressful to direct, perform and even film in some cases, but doing this with a crew under our direction really is enabling us to unlock the best of our creativity and visualise our ideas exactly the way we want them.” 

SPITE Sign With Rise Records

Number one in a relentless series of events, the California metal band SPITE debuts new music on rise records with their single “Made To Please.” The song shakes the listener with a message that’s simple -“two wrongs don’t make a right… some people deserve to die.” Stream the track via the following link.

Speaking on the latest signing, Sean Heydorn, VP, BMG and Head of Rise Records shares

“We’re real happy to welcome Spite to the Rise Records family. The band’s passion and vision are incredible and their music is killer. They are one of the most exciting bands in heavy music and we’re excited they chose to partner with us for their forthcoming releases.”

Check out the video for ‘Made To Please’ below.

WARNING – The video contains Graphic Material.

Avril Lavigne Announces Signing With Travis Barkers DTA Records

Avril Lavigne has announced her signing with Travis Barker’s DTA Records.

A brand new track could be coming this week as she says:

“Let’s fuck shit up! Just signed a record contract to Travis Barker’s record label DTA Records! Should I drop my first single next week ?”

We’ll keep you posted.

Rolo Tomassi Sign To eOne, Release New Track, ‘Cloaked’

Rolo Tomassi have dropped their first release of new music in three years, which comes in the form of the hardcore soaked adrenaline ‘Cloaked’.

In addition to this, they’ve announced they have signed to eOne.

James Spence (Keyboard) says:

“We’re thrilled to be signing with eOne Heavy for this new record. It was an easy decision for us and they’ve been a dream to work with. We’re looking forwards to everything that follows.”

And vocalist Eva Spence added this:

“We’re excited to finally share new music after spending the last two years working on our new record. Writing has been essential for us this past year in the absence of playing live, we can’t wait to get back on the road and hope to see you at a show soon.”

And James then had this to say about the video for ‘Cloaked’:

“David and James who worked on the video really helped us to bring to life the themes of the song. The narrative visualises the process of change within us with every new experience we have. The themes of dualism and identity are explored through the contrasting colours and the movements of the characters.”

Check out ‘Cloaked’ below.

Delaire The Liar Have Signed With Rude Records

British quartet Delaire The Liar have announced they have signed a deal with Rude Records.

The band shared the news via their social media channels, with an accompanying teaser video which could signal an upcoming single.

Any further details of future activity and output from the band will be confirmed as they develop.

Melodic Metal Unit IGNEA Sign Worldwide Record Deal With Napalm Records

Napalm Records is pleased to welcome outstanding Ukrainian melodic modern metal five-piece IGNEA to its growing roster. The outfit has just inked a worldwide record deal with the premier rock and metal label and mixes heavy riffs and storytelling with symphonic, electronic and folk elements, creating a powerful soundtrack-like experience. Staying true to the melodic essence of their music, IGNEA also includes touches of brutality by occasionally incorporating extreme vocals, breakdowns and blast beats.

In 2013, IGNEA kicked off with their debut EP Sputnik. Things started revving up after the release of the incredibly powerful and popular single “Alga” – the first-ever original song from a Ukrainian band recorded with a full symphonic orchestra – gathering over six million views on YouTube and counting! The track is cut from the band’s debut album, The Sign of Faith (2017), in which IGNEA combines heavy soundscapes with clean and extreme vocals, adding authentic Middle Eastern melodies spliced with a melodic essence, to create a breathtaking auditory experience.

IGNEA’s second full-length, The Realms of Fire and Death, was released in 2020. Their national awards, The Best Ukrainian Metal Act, chose it as metal album of the year, andIGNEA was also named the best Ukrainian metal band of 2020.

IGNEA is currently preparing for great things to come soon and will unveil new music later this year. In addition, the unit is working on its third record and debut with Napalm Records for 2022 – more to be announced soon!

IGNEA’s vocalist Helle Bogdanova states:
I truly believe that our cooperation with Napalm Records will go under the banner of synergy that will bring the best out of IGNEA and also make our label proud to have us in the roster. IGNEA means ‘burning’, and mixing fire with Napalm can be simply nothing else but a blast. So, ‘strike a match, let’s make it bright’!”

Check out IGNEA’s stunning track ‘Alga’ below.

England And Shankar’s Project Silent Skies Signs With Napalm Records

NAPALM RECORDS is pleased to announce that Swedish/American duo SILENT SKIES– featuring EVERGREY vocalist Tom S. Englund and pianist/multiinstrumentalist Vikram Shankar – have signed an official worldwide contract with the premier Austrian label.

The differing musical backgrounds and previous experiences of the musicians have formed a creative space of development for SILENT SKIES, taking the listener on a touching, melancholic journey and convincing with captivating talent. They are currently working on a successor to their stunning 2020 debut full-length.

More details to be announced soon!

SILENT SKIES on the signing with Napalm Records:
SILENT SKIES are thrilled to be joining the Napalm Records family for our upcoming second studio record! We have a lot of admiration for the team behind this label, as well as the diversity and strength of their roster. We can’t wait to work with Napalm to bring more music and content to the fans, develop a wider promotional reach together, and look forward to a fruitful partnership with one of the most cutting-edge labels on the forefront of modern music!”

Check out ‘Solitude’ below.