The Dark Side Of The Moon Release First Every Original Single, ‘The Gates Of Time’

Fantastic metal quartet THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON have released the fourth single and their first original song, the harmonic “The Gates of Time”. The fourth single from debut album, Metamorphosis, which highlights Melissa Bonny’s distinctive voice, combined with the beautiful harp playing by Jenny Diehl. 

Formed by members of FeuerschwanzAmaranthe and Ad Infinitum, THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON has charmed fans with their three previous singles – the enchanting soundtrack covers “Jenny Of Oldstones”“May It Be” and “Double Trouble / Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme)”.

The band is set to release their astonishing debut album, Metamorphosis, on May 12, 2023 via Napalm Records.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON on “The Gates of Time”:              
“We are beyond proud to present to you the very first song we’ve ever written together as a band! We started this journey with covers of famous songs from movies, series, and video games but soon we realized that writing our own stories and melodies was a must. Four creative minds with so many ideas to share – “The Gates Of Time“ is just the beginning!”

Fit For An Autopsy Release New Single, ‘Hellions’

Nuclear Blast have announced the release of The Aggression Sessions featuring THY ART IS MURDERFIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, and MALEVOLENCE which will be available April 7th and on CD + Vinyl on July 21st, 2023.

Fit For An Autopsy states, 
“‘Hellions’ was a fun look back at some of our more brutal and fast-paced roots more akin to our earlier material. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Hellbound, the record which we all collectively feel really started things in motion for the band. It was a blast to channel the energy and excitement we had at that time back into our music in 2023. It’s only natural for bands to evolve and expand their sound over time, but we never forgot where we came from, so this one is for those who were here from day one!”

Check out ‘Hellions’ below.

Devon Cole Shares New Single, ‘Call You After Rehab’

Toronto-based alt-pop singer and songwriter Devon Cole has released her new single, “Call U After Rehab,” out on Arista Records.

Following her hit singles like “W.I.T.C.H.” and “Hey Cowboy,” “Call U After Rehab” exemplifies Devon’s softer side. “’Call U After Rehab’ is my most vulnerable release yet,” says Devon. “It’s a love song about pausing a relationship in order to take care of myself. I was putting off my issues for a while and finding any way to justify my bad habits. Deciding to say goodbye to my closest comforts, to give myself the space and time to heal, felt like ripping off a bandaid that had been there for ages. And this release kind of feels the same, in some ways. I hope people can relate by interpreting the rehab idea however they want to.”

Catchily packaging social truths in repeat worthy pop bops, 24-year-old Devon Cole has quietly emerged as an enigmatic and engaging force to be reckoned with over the past year. Her buzzing smash “W.I.T.C.H.” (Woman in Total Control of Herself) has eclipsed 70 million streams and counting. Following this success, she maintained her momentum with the endlessly catchy sex-positive anthem “Hey Cowboy.”

Check out ‘Call U After Rehab’ below.

The Lunar Year Release NEW single, ‘Hey! Wait!’

The Lunar Year have returned with their new single “Hey! Wait!”.

“Hey! Wait! reflects on my time being on tour over the last ten years. I wanted to create a song to remind myself to always be present in whatever I’m doing whether it be playing shows or with family and friends.” Connor Ball (Vocals/Guitar) explains. “I came to a point in my life – I think over lockdown – where I realised that some of the best times of my life had just passed me by in a heartbeat and I wish I’d taken a second to take it all in.”

“We wrote the song in LA with Mark Hoppus which was a dream come true. Blink inspired me so much while I was growing up, and to be able to sit in a room and create something so personal with Mark was amazing. He’s one of the nicest and most talented guys I’ve ever met. With everything he’s been through in his life,I feel like he could relate in ways that other people that I’ve written with couldn’. Bring the song to life in the studio was a real special moment.”

Found Missing? Releases New Single, ‘It’s You’

Four-piece alternative rock band Found Missing? have dropped the second single “It’s You” from their upcoming album “Blind Leading The Blind”.

The full-length album, produced, mixed, and mastered by Tom Donavan, is set to release on April 7th, 2023 via Wormholedeath

“It’s You” showcases the band’s signature sound, which combines heavy riffs, intricate rhythms, and melodic vocals, creating a unique blend of hard-hitting rock music. With its powerful chorus and catchy hooks, the song is sure to become a fan favorite.

Check out ‘It’s You’ below.

Veil Of The Serpent Stand Up Against Child Abuse With New Single, ‘A Circular Pattern’

After releasing several acclaimed singles and a stunning horror-themed debut EP, rising heavy metalers VEIL OF THE SERPENT have released their latest single, “A Circular Pattern” which is a thrashing dive into one of the most awful themes of society.

Written from the point of view of a child, the song makes aware of the worldwide problem with child abuse and highlights the cicle of domestic violence that continues from generation to generation.

Watch the video for ‘A Circular Pattern’ below.

The Menzingers Share New Single, ‘Bad Actors’

The Menzingers have shared an upbeat new single, ‘Bad Actors.’ Chosen by the Philadelphia Eagles as part of the official ‘Eagles Gameday Series Soundtrack’, the song was played in stadium and was also featured on the team’s socials leading up to the Super Bowl, further cementing the band’s hometown roots.

Featuring bright guitars, melodic riffs and uplifting lyrics, the track was written during sessions for the band’s sixth studio album ‘Hello Exile’ (2019). Tom May explains, “It’s one of the last songs we wrote for the album and finished it in the studio. It’s an ode to a dear old friend that passed.”

Check out the single, ‘Bad Actors’ links below.

Manchester Orchestra Releases New Single, ‘The Way’

Manchester Orchestra have revealed “The Way,” the lead single and latest look into their reinvigorating new album and breathtaking film.

Out digitally this Friday, 10th March, with a physical release set for 7th April, The Valley of Vision is a record rooted in the higher powers of resilience, rebirth and self-redemption. After a prolonged period of grief and trauma that permeated the band’s previous LP and past several years together, songs like “The Way” illustrate the journey of losing one’s mind and finding it again. Through a ghostly haze of reverb, fear and pathological feelings, singer Andy Hull’s voice rises into a guttural and goosebump-inducing belt, carrying the arrangement of piano and electronic drum beats to a cathartic crescendo. The lyrics tell a vivid story that Hull had struggled to present since first writing it in 2019, but he credits the track’s additional producers – Jamie Martens, Catherine Marks and Ethan Gruska – with helping him to finally shape it.

Check out ‘The Way’ below.

Scott Wade Releases New Single & Short Film For ‘My Sting Machines’

Scott Wade is a producer and writer, based in Tokyo, whose most recent work combines music with short films. Through which, Wade incorporates various methods of manipulating time into his writing, where each song has a preordained structure based on its accompanying story. Structure plays a big part within Wade’s writing, shifting the mood and tone across tracks, which is integral to his unique progressive electronic sound. 

His latest work began as a pitch to a fashion brand in Tokyo. Along with videographer Matthew Sperzel, they built an idea about a narrator in a dark room reading very brief stories. Wade and Sperzel went ahead and shot the videos themselves and thus the latest project was born. The result formed largely over the course of 2022. With the desire to be driven by his own ideas, Wade relied solely on his own gauge as a means of understanding direction and completion of tracks. He confides, “Each day I would sit down and listen to it with fresh ears on a comfortable listening setup. Then I would listen out for the things that didn’t fit in that gauge and go back to work on them until they were right.” 

Check out ‘My Sting Machines’ via the following link.

Check out the short film, ‘Lots if Love’ below.

Love You Later Shares New Single, ‘Girl With Headphones’

Love You Later — the project of Nashville-based artist and songwriter Lexi Aviles — has returned with the release of “Girl With Headphones,” the first single from her upcoming EP, ‘From The Window Seat,’ set to be released May 5th 2023. 

Love You Later’s signature brand of effortlessly cool alt-pop shines through on “Girl With Headphones.” It opens with a pulsing fuzzy synth arp before blooming with sweetness as Lexi’s dreamy vocals kick in. It’s a cinematic and nostalgic song that wouldn’t feel out of place in a coming-of-age movie. 

She adds, “‘Girl With Headphones is about feeling out of place, like you’re the only one living in your world. Things were feeling very dim at the beginning of this year and it made me think about how when I was kid I would feel like the main character in my own indie film, staring out the window of the passenger seat and romanticizing everything the world has to offer. There’s a true vulnerability and weight in this song as I pretty much admit I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. The song also comes with a sense of letting go and realizing maybe that’s what’s stopping me from being truly happy. ‘Girl With Headphones’ is about me, the main character, experiencing what it feels like to grow, let go, embrace the unknown, move on and return to myself. It’s a cathartic rollercoaster.”

Check out ‘Girl With Headphones’ below.