Jordi Shares Debut Single, ‘Hate You’

Singer, dancer and creator Jordi reveals her debut single, “Hate You,” out on all streaming platforms today.

Hailing from Myrtle Beach, 19-year-old Jordi has spent most of her youth writing songs, dancing in studios, performing on stages across the US and creating online content that has earned her a dedicated fanbase. Her stunning covers, captivating vocals and creative online content have drawn over 12 million followers across social platforms.

“Hate You” is a beautiful piano-led pop ballad that introduces Jordi’s introspective songwriting and standout vocals to a wider audience. For her debut, Jordi collaborated with songwriters Riley Biederer (Nessa Barrett, Echosmith) and Nate Cyphert (Carly Rae Jepson, Hayley Kiyoko, Keith Urban) and producers Rob Grimaldi (BTS, Noah Cyrus, BLACKPINK) and Leo Mellace (jxdn, Nessa Barrett).

“When I wrote this song, I remember having to be honest with my most-vulnerable self,” says Jordi. “I know a lot of people are going through the same thing, so I hope the song embodies the emotions of still loving someone that hurt you.”

Listen to ‘Hate You’ below.

Sondra To Release New Single, ‘Inner Child’

New York-based singer and songwriter Xondra has dropped her latest single “Inner Child,”. The track will feature on her upcoming EP, ‘Tedious & Brief.’

“Inner Child” opens with Xondra’s stirring vocals and sparse instrumentation before surging into a lively rock-inspired chorus. Following on the heels of her powerful feminist anthem “Dead Girl,” which was released last month, “Inner Child” delivers another important message about finding the root of one’s pain and lovingly embracing it. 

“‘Inner Child’ is about how someone can have the same experience as you and come out with a completely different perspective. In this case in particular, it’s about siblings who cope differently after growing up in a toxic home environment,” Xondra writes. “I have always been very reluctant to write about this kind of thing because it is so personal. ‘Inner Child’’is me validating what I went through, even if it’s too difficult for the other people involved to do the same. We all heal at our own pace and in our own way. This is me giving myself permission to be honest about my experience and how it impacted me. I am still moving through it and granting myself grace as I continue to heal because healing is never linear.”

Vicki Lovelee Releases New Track, ‘Guilty’

Vicki Lovelee is a Chinese-Canadian alt-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. She uses orchestral instrumentation and fuses them with dramatic, pop elements; ultimately creating a dark and theatrical sound. Her music and style embodies a combination of fierce yet vulnerable; having eccentric elements like Lady Gaga and lush instrumentations like Lana Del Rey.

Vicki’s new song, “Guilty,” is about feeling guilty for walking away from someone. There were many times in Vicki‘s life when she had to walk away from someone or stand up for herself because they were toxic, but still felt really bad after doing that. They were in the wrong yet she was the one left with the guilt.

This could apply to any relationship, whether it’s between friends, family members, or romantic interests. Writing this song was a reminder to Vicki that even though she may feel this way, she ultimately needs to do what’s best for herself.

On the track, Lovelee says:

I love blending theatrical, orchestral elements to my pop sound. That’s why I decided to start the song with a dramatic piano and violin intro. I was inspired by the dark drama that Phantom of the Opera has. The bridge of the song has an instrumental break with intense drum rhythms and vocal harmonies. I thought about how I’d perform this song and knew I wanted an instrumental dance break, where I’d freely dance on stage and intensely bop my head. Dancing to the bridge of the song symbolizes letting go of that guilt and negative energy, and realizing you need to let go of that toxic person.

Check out the new single ‘Guilty’ via your preferred streaming service.

Iota Release New Single, ‘Ballet Box’

Bristol-based rock five-piece IOTA return with ‘Ballet Box’, their latest single taken from their upcoming EP, released today.  

After their formation in 2019, the band released their debut single ‘My Enemy’ to critical acclaim, which saw them championed by the likes of Classic Rock Magazine and Kerrang!, and quickly selling out shows in their hometown of Bristol as well as appearing on festival bills such as The Great Escape and 2000 Trees.

Just before the pandemic hit, vocalist Jodie Robinson set up a recording studio “through the urge to break out of mundane jobs and take creative control of our own music and time”, she reveals, with help from the rest of the band who clubbed together to help build the space.  When lockdown did hit however, she had to move into the studio to be able to afford to keep it going, which more than paid off, with business now flourishing thanks to Bristol’s thriving music scene.

IOTA’s latest single Ballet Box, taken from their upcoming second EP, was recorded at Bristol’s Humm Studios with Ben Johnson (Skindred, Chaouche) and Idles’ Lee Kiernan, mixed by Tom Hennessy, and mastered by Pete Maher (Pixies, Jack White, The Rolling Stones).

It was written much differently to their previous music and their usual way of working. Usually writing from lived experiences, this track in particular was based on a vision each member shared and worked together to build on.

Explaining the inspiration behind the single, vocalist and lyricist Jodie Robinson explains, “Its about a ballerina inside of a jewellery box coming to life as the box closes. Inspired by the thought of the ‘object’ coming to life and how they’d never know what it was like to be outside of that box and nobody would ever know that they were alive. There was a play on the element of control and feeling trapped, fighting with that part of your mind. It’s very much a song about ‘Is there more to life and can we fulfil that void’.”

Check out ‘Ballet Box’ below.

Eluveitie Release New Single, ‘Exile Of The Gods’

ELUVEITIE have released their new single ‘Exile Of The Gods‘, capturing the desperate, doomy mood of a world that the Gods abandoned long ago.

Founding member Chrigel Glanzmann comments:
“We are very excited to share our new single ‘Exile Of The Gods’ with you – after ‘Aidus’ the ‘second page’ in Eluveitie’s next chapter. Our current path leads us way back in time. And back to the present! Our new song cycle is all based on a very old mythic text – the hermetic lament. Although it didn’t originate from Celtic culture, we know today that its words were taken on, assimilated, and taught by the Celtic druids henceforth. In the interpretatio celtae it’s teachings were ascribed to the tricephalic Celtic god Lugus. This ancient text contains some kind of a prophecy which holds some very serious and important words for us modern people of today – even if we assume that it’s not talking about our era (which personally I believe it does, though).

Among many other things that the lament of Lugus foretells: ‘…of thy faith nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety. For the gods – which once deigned to sojourn upon earth – will return from earth to Antumnos. The gods will depart from mankind, a grievous thing! The world will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities.’ And this is, what our new single is dealing with! 

However, that ancient text spells out clearly that we’re not simply talking about some mythological, religious or spiritual matters here. For it also talks very clearly about the development of mankind’s relationship with mother earth in that context and points out very concrete actions of ours (today) and their consequences in and for nature, and thus ultimately for us. And so, we are excited to share our brand-new song with you all! And we hope you like it as much as we do and that maybe you even can find some inspiration in it! Enjoy!”

Check out ‘Exile Of The Gods’ below.

Aborted Release New Single For ‘Infinite Terror’

Just in time for the kick-off of their nearly completely sold-out tour with Lorna Shore, the cinematic extreme metal masters ABORTED have released ‘Infinite Terror’, their first single in partnership with Nuclear Blast Records. The new track is a storm of thundering blastbeats, bone-shaking growls and razor sharp riffs. 

ABORTED have also delivered a terrifying new music video for ‘Infinite Terror’ in association with Grupa13. 

Check out the video for ‘Infinite Terror’ below.

Fixt English Releases Debut Single, ‘Lost It’

Fixt English (Jeff Sahyoun of Letlive.) has released the debut single, ‘Lost It’

Ultimately though, Fixt English is an optimistic project of perseverance. “I’m not broken anymore,” he declares on opening track, and debut single, ‘Lost It’.

“‘Lost It’ reflects on the dichotomy of two subcultures,” muses Jeff. “It’s about learning how to find peace and balance when feelings of entrapment to a socially dominant lifestyle take precedence over an individual’s true passion and identity. The mental game of seeking unneeded validation from a world of rejection and abandonment that somebody was once a part of. It’s about learning how to start over in a new culture that feels foreign, while still trying to navigate a past life that truly defined who you were.”

As a member of letlive. for a decade, Jeff was regularly playing upwards of 200 shows a year. “That was your identity. It was your everything,” he says. When the band split in 2017, he was left feeling “lost, trapped and depressed.” “All beautiful things in life come to an end,” he says today. “I’m glad everything worked out the way that it should,” but it’s taken a long time for Jeff to get to a place of positivity. Almost immediately after the split, Jeff started writing music once more, determined to keep the dream alive. 

Grinding for the dollar during the day and working on college papers in the evening, Jeff slowly got himself back on his feet but never let his “love affair” with music completely burn out. “I’d be studying and when I needed a break, I’d write a verse. There was no pressure. If something sucked, I could always come back to it later.” A couple of days after he graduated, he went back and looked over the music he’d been writing and realised he had a finished record that told the story of balancing responsibility with passion. “It’s about feeling empty, facing your depressions, asking how things went so wrong but also about how you return to a place where you feel like you belong,” he explains.

“Sometimes you have to accept it’s not the right time, but other times you have to be prepared to fight for what you truly want,” explains Jeff before revealing that ‘Erase Theory’ also features a few songs about an actual breakup. ‘Stay’ is an emotionally devastating pop rock anthem written in “two hours, as my fiancé was moving out of our house. I was so sad, I didn’t give a shit about what it sounded like or how honest I was being.”

It’s a mood that defines Fixt English, with Jeff trying numerous styles, genres (and a few different singers) before settling for the one that felt the most natural. “For a while, it felt like I was trying to play a character. It was only when I gave myself permission to be myself that it felt right.” After a lot of trial and error to find something that felt exciting, the end result is something Jeff describes as The Weeknd meets Nine Inch Nails but with nods to childhood influences David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Depeche Mode.

“You get so nervous, because it’s been so long since I’ve been onstage or released music,” he continues. “Maybe people are expecting a hardcore record? I don’t know if what I’ve made will be accepted, but I’m excited to find out. I’m excited to see where this ends up.”

Check out the video for ‘Lost It’ below.

Rory Carney Releases New Single, ‘Love Dancing’

Artist and producer Rory Carney drops the incredibly catchy electronic pop triumph ‘Love Dancing’. With the stunning vocals of Dannii Barnes, it drops everywhere October 14th!

The track is a killer combo of warm synths, thumping kicks and grooving percussion, and Barnes’ strong vocals. With a syncopated verse it builds to a chorus featuring euphoric piano and a melody that is sure to be running through minds long after the music stops. The vocals float over the top spelling out the feel-good lyrics.

“‘Love Dancing’ is essentially about joy in the moment, in this song through dancing on a night out,” describes Carney. “Even if things may be going wrong, there is still joy in letting go and feeling the music.”

This latest hit marks the third song this year from the London based producer. With a fresher, more electronic sound, it comes after the Earmilk featured disco banger ‘A Little Magic’ released in August. Following on from playlisting both on Spotify and Apple Music, the tracks are written,
produced and mixed all by Carney himself.

With multiple songs dropping at the start of next year, ‘Love Dancing’ continues Rory Carney’s exciting ascension and is sure to be a hit worldwide.

Check out the track, ‘Love Dancing’ below.

Charlotte Wessels Releases New Single & Video For ‘Venus Rising’

Dutch composer, producer, vocalist and gifted songwriter CHARLOTTE WESSELS has released her new and fourth single, “Venus Rising”, from her stunning full-length, Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II.
CHARLOTTE WESSELS on “Venus Rising”:  
“Venus Rising was inspired by Botticelli’s painting The Birth Of Venus. Even though she was modeled after the ideals of her time, I take comfort from the fact that she never had to cover up or uncover, be louder or more soft spoken, grow bigger or smaller, but just rises from the waves and comes into power unaffected by expectations, regulations and injustices that reign in the real world. We recorded the video for the song last week, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the brave women of Iran, and how they’re fighting for their most basic human rights at this very moment. It is heartbreaking and in my mind the song is dedicated to them. #MahsaAmini”

Cherie Amour Releases New Single, ‘Losing Control’

Baltimore-based quartet Cherie Amour released a blazing new single and visualizer “Losing Control”, which will appear on their upcoming album Spiritual Ascension due out November 4th on Equal Vision Records.

Their track is absolutely dripping with attitude, and serves as a statement on their versatile songwriting ability. While “Losing Control” leans into a pulsating, club friendly groove, it is by no means formulaic – the band has a fearless creative sensibility they aren’t afraid to flex, even when writing dancefloor bangers.

Vocalist Trey Miller has this to say about the latest track:  

“‘Losing Control’ is lyrically about that moment when you see someone across the room at a party and there’s a mutual attraction but also a bunch of other factors that might prevent y’all from building a committed relationship. Sonically, ‘Losing Control’ is really unique; it’s got an EDM flair mixed with chugging guitars and a drum corps-esque breakdown. We wanted to make something that was still ‘rock’ but could stand its own in a club setting and I think we did that with this song.”

Check out ‘Losing Control’ via your preferred streaming service.