Senses Fail Release New Single, ‘Lush Rimbaugh’

NJ Post-Hardcore favourites Senses Fail have released a new track, ‘Lush Rimbaugh’.

The tracks title is a reference to the highly controversial US conservative political commentator, Rush Limbaugh, whom passed away on February 17th 2021.

Check out the track below.

Bronnie Releases New Single, ‘Colour Looks Good On You’

British Singer / Songwriter Bronnie has dropped a new track, ‘Colour Looks Good On You’, following the premiere on her radio show KCC Live last night.

Though it has now been released, the song has been a part of Bronnie‘s catalogue for a few years now, and was performed at most of her acoustic hangouts during her tours in the UK, Europe, and US.

Check out the track below.

Check Out Cossfaith’s Latest Track, ‘Dead Or Alive’

Crossfaith are back with a sizling new track and it’s as huge as you can imagine.

The track is a absolute banger in the best way with it’s spine chilling riffs where it’s a essential piece of music for the moment.

This is the first new music from the band since the release of their EP, ‘Species’ last year.

Check out ‘Dead or Alive’ below.

Award-Winning Alt-Hip Hop Duo DRAE Explore Hypocrisy & Humanization In New Single, “Sleep”

At 35,000+ Spotify streams and rising, award-winning Canadian duo DRAE channel their explosive blues-rock riffs into heady alt-hip hop rhythms and immersive electronic arrangements with this, their new single, “Sleep” — available now.

The track speaks to the concept of looking around, seeing a society rife with hypocrisy and in a dearth of empathy, and saying “I’ve had enough. I’m tired. I’m going back to bed,” the pair say.

“The lyrics are reflective of society, the human experience, and our interactions with each other,” frontman and producer Andre Thibault explains. “They point out a lot of hypocrisy and inconsistencies in the way we behave versus how we expect others to behave.

“So much of growing up in the technological age requires increased human to human interaction but, as we rely heavier on technology, we lose that empathy and compassion that helps our society function.”

With a Toronto Independent Music Award and more than 50,000+ streams to their credit, DRAE have performed at JUNOFest, RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week, Northern Touch Music Festival, and more. “Sleep” arrives ahead of the Ottawa-based duo’s forthcoming album, TARDIGRADE — set for upcoming release via Montreal’s Dance Plant Records — and follows critically acclaimed previous releases TRI (2018), E/Scape (The Live Sessions) (2017), and E/Scape (2016).

“We wanted the song to feel like a rock song,” drummer and percussionist Matt Robillard offers of “Sleep.” “We tried to stay away from samples for the instrumentation as much as possible so the music feels organic, more energetic, and has a very human element to it.”

The video further underscores themes of humanization, Robillard continues. “You can see Andre rapping and singing while surrounded by people in a zombie-like state, shuffling around, engulfed on their phones. Portions were shot the day after Andre started dialysis, having since undergone a kidney transplant this past November.” 

Further locations were picked meticulously, Thibault adds. “We even returned to the back area of Raven Street Studios, where Matt and I studied audio engineering.” 

Check out ‘Sleep’ below.

Electric Century Releases New Single

ELECTRIC CENTURY, Mikey Way & David Debiak have today premiered their first single off the self-titled sophomore record due out 26th February.

The track, “Till We’re Gone” premiered on Alternative Press and showcases their synth laced alternative sound. 

The album was produced by My Chemical Romance’s Ray Toro andplays its part as sequel to the first album, ‘For The Night To Control’ but moves their sound onto a bigger or more dynamic platform.

With the graphic novel, Mikey Way & Shaun Simon went to work, recruiting artist Toby Cypress to create a riveting and mind-bending journey through a world that compliments the music for Electric Century but that also stands alone.

Mikey Way, best known for his accomplishments in the music world, is no stranger to writing and creating. Shaun Simon quickly became a name in comics on the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, which was released in close proximity to Electric Century artist Toby Cypress’s acclaimed series The White Suits, and tied directly to the album of the same name. A fitting basis for the team to collaborate on Electric Century.

“The team I’m working with is inspiring, and killing it on the script” says artist Toby Cypress. “I grew up in many of the areas the story takes place along the Jersey Beaches and casinos. This project is turning into a love letter to those amazing times back in the 80s.”

Electric Century’s new album and corresponding graphic will be released in finer comic shops, book and record stores everywhere by 26th February, with a special deluxe limited edition available for pre-order exclusively through both Z2’s website

Check out ‘Till We’re Gone’ below.

Single Review – Foley – Better Than Love

Today, New Zealand based pop duo Foley released their latest single, ‘Better Than Love’, the final single from their upcoming EP, ‘Vacation’ which is set to be released on March 15th 2021.

Grounded by mellow pop grooves and honeyed vocals, “Better Than Love” is a dreamy exploration of the prospect of love versus the reality of love and the way we close ourselves off from emotion to save yourself from future heartbreak. When love is so built up to us as extravagant, dramatic and awe consuming, how can it ever live up to our expectations? (“The thought of you is better than love”). The tight friendship between Foley’s Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett allows them to write openly and vulnerably with each other and “Better Than Love” is a testament to that. For this single, the duo also brought in their close collaborators and longtime friends Josh Naley (Wells*) and Jonathan Boyle (Julius Black).

There’s just something so grounded and cathartic about ‘Better Than Love’ It’s a testament to what can be great pop music which comes from honesty and an alluring instrumental sound with soulful lyrics to match. This is something so personal that it needs to be heard right now and given the current pandemic in the world, is a track which could heal some wounds for those that listen to the duo.

Rating: 4/5

Check out Better Than Love below.

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Andrew W.K. Announces New Single “Babalon”

Inimitable God of Partying, ANDREW W.K., and the entire team at Napalm Records, are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the colossal new ANDREW W.K. single entitled, “Babalon”, available to pre-order now in a limited edition 7” colored vinyl format! The track (which marks ANDREW W.K.’s Napalm Records debut, and its first musical output since the release of 2018’s You’re Not Alone), will be unleashed to the world both physically and digitally on February 17, 2021, along with a gripping new music video. 
The aforementioned limited edition “Babalon” 7” vinyl single, available in an eye-catching red/blue split variant, will also include a B-side instrumental track, entitled “The Party Gods”, as well as a pair of 3D glasses autographed by ANDREW W.K. Get yours now – only 393 copies are available worldwide!
Mario Dane, who worked extensively on the new music, added the following:
“We’re all very happy about this brand new ‘Babalon’ song. It’s the result of a great labor, a great restraint, and a lot of great people dreaming. ANDREW W.K. has always been focused on making dream feelings come true, and this feels like a high point in that ongoing effort. There’s a lot of great energy and enthusiasm, and it’s only just begun…”

Pre-Orders for the limited edition “Babalon” 7″ single are available here.

Hayley Williams Has Fans Leak New Track, ‘My Limb’

In what is probably some of the most unusual but best news of the year so far, Hayley Williams personally delivered a candle as well as a CD of an upcoming track, ‘My Limb’ to a fan in Nashville the other night.

In celebration of the Wolf Moon this month, (which is January’s first full moon named after howling wolves) the Paramore musician surprised local fan Carly Butler but not only dropping off a CD copy of My Limb, but Williams also gave her permission to share the track (which she initially did via a 30-second snippet appropriately accompanied by a video of the Wolf Moon).

“Did Hayley Williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a CD with her new song on it or are you having a normal night,” said Carly on Twitter.

‘My Limb’ has since hit YouTube, with Paramore Video Demp uploading the track and writing:

“Hayley Williams asked fans to leak her song because she doesn’t care about sales or promo. This song is called My Limb and it will probably be available on Spotify soon. This may be the lead single for an upcoming album.”

Check out ‘My Limb’ below.

Tigercub Returns With New Single ‘Beauty’

Tigercub have returned to the world of music with their latest single, ‘Beauty’.

Released today with Blame Recordings, it’s the first taster of a series of recording sessions which was produced by the bands own Jamie Stephen Hall, with the co-production and engineering from Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse, Everything Everything).

On the release Jamie says:

“Don’t say you think that you can feel it, because you don’t. Feels like my personality is just a series of instinctive reactions based on past experiences, I feel disconnected to everyone else, no matter how hard people try to empathise, it just feels like they will never understand. “Beauty” is an attempt to journal that mental tug of war.”

Check out ‘Beauty’ below.

Yonaka Release ‘Seize The Power’ Single

Remember yesterday when I posted about Yonaka’s new single?

Well, it’s dropped!

The British Quartet have released, ‘Seize The Power’, their first debut of new music since their 2019 record, ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’.

Check out the track below.

A video for the track is set to drop today at 8PM (UK Time) and is available to watch here.