Single Review – Skarlett Riot – Stronger

British rockers Skarlett Riot have shared a new song called ‘Stronger’, which comes from the band’s upcoming album, ‘Invicta’.

Here’s what the band had to say of the track.

“‘Stronger’ was written about standing on your ground, standing up for what you believe in and not allowing yourself to feel inferior to others as we are equal, no matter what path we choose in life!”

This track just takes Skarlett Riot up a lot of steps. The production and sound of the band has just elevated the band to new heights since the last time I listened to the band. The drums are more heavy hitting and the guitar when the breakdown comes in is just masterful. They are in every sense of the word ‘Stronger’ and one band that you constantly need to keep an ear out for.

Rating: 5/5.

Check out ‘Stronger’ below.

‘Invicta’ is set to be released on May 7th 2021 via Despotz Records.

Pre-Orders can be made via the label’s Webstore and Bandcamp.

Macmillan Festival Announces First Bands

It’s been ten years in the making as Macmillan Festival is returning to Nottingham on the 7th September 2019, of which the proceeds will be donated to the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.

Oceans Ata Alaska, The Bottom Line, In Visions and more are all a part of this announcement.


Below is the full list of bands on the announcement.

7eventh Sea
A.A. Williams
Al Dale
As December Falls
The Bottom Line
Dead On Arrival
The Escape Artist
Familiar Spirit
Fast Car To Florence
Joey Collins
Lotus Eater
The Mocking Jays
My Pet Fauxes
Nordic Giants
Oceans Ate Alaska
Our Hollow, Our Home
Parting Gift
Skarlett Riot
True Colours

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online from

Live Review: Sumo Cyco @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank, 19/3/18

Support: Skarlett Riot


Now, I’m getting right into my Canadian bands at the moment. They’re providing a sense of individuality that’s just being confirmed with every single release and Sumo Cyco are no different. What’s incredible is their fan base though because they’ve helped catapult them to larger venues without the backing of a label! With huge personalities on every band member, I just had to go down and see for myself what their sound is in person!

First up was Skarlett Riot. Now, I hadn’t seen this band live in a few years now so it was certainly a treat to be seeing them after so long after a few EP’s and a record since their last releases. But what I did see was a continued evolution of the Yorkshire rockers! Similar to each release, you just see their energy and motivation turned straight up to eleven. This isn’t the same Skarlett Riot I saw a few years ago in York at the Duchess supporting Heaven’s Basement. This is an updated band that is currently at their best and I couldn’t be happier to see them. The new record is called ‘Regenerate’ and I don’t think that could’ve been a more precise description of what I saw from them. Tracks such as ‘Break’ and ‘The Storm’ seen live just ignited my love for the band I once fell in love with but I don’t recall seeing any of their older material. That was one question I didn’t ask them but I have my own little theory there. I think it’s because they don’t need to backtrack as their focus on the here and now as this is Skarlett Riot through and through. The tracks are a statement for who the band really are to Reignite them to be one of the best things about British Rock at the moment. However, from their set it wouldn’t surprise me if they would start announcing some headlining set because in my eyes they’re ready for the challenge. They hit top gear in places but if they can continue their steady rise, it’ll be fantastic.

The headliners on the night were the Canadian rockers Sumo Syco playing out to a packed audience at the Think Tank. There were some Skarlett Riot merch on the attendee’s in the crowd but if you asked me if the two bands complemented each other, I’d say these two bands touring together was a match made in heaven! Because of the similar music style, sure. Because of the energy output they gave? You might say that. But what topped it was Sumo Cyco’s personality because that’s what they had over the support. Everything just seemed absolute. It was a high octane, hilarious and thought out performance from every one of the band members and this year, one of the best I’ve ever seen. They managed to do everything a band should be doing in a set but more to the point of having fun, every single word that was spoken by Skye ‘Sever’ Sweetnam was pure magic where you just wish that there was more time for them to. Charging through their set, they never lost pace during the performance so it is fair to assume that they could’ve gone for a few more tracks for the duration, Here though, we observe a band on top form, not afraid to think outside of the box, they’re open to trying anything during their set, which does involve some audience participation and a rowdy storming set. Honestly, if you want to see only one band this year, I advise you go see Sumo Cyco and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 9/10


Skarlett Riot

Sumo Cyco

A Conversation With… Skarlett Riot

Yes! I’ve waited patiently a few years for the chance to see Yorkshire rockers Skarlett Riot again! They’ve had quite a few releases, grown up a lot and become even better musicians along the way and I couldn’t be more excited to see them take to the stage later on in the night! First though, I had the chance to hear about everything that’s been going on recently with Skarlett (Vocals) and Luke (Drums)


Jack: Hey guys, nice to see you again. I think the last time I was you were on the Heavens Basement tour a few years ago.

Skarlett: Oh gosh, was that 2013?

Jack: And the venue’s closed now. It’s a housing development now it think.

Skarlett: That’s what most places tend to get turned into, unfortunately. But at least we still have this place, the Think Tank.


Jack: Aye, I love it here. So how has the tour been the last few days?

Skarlett: Really good. Sheffield sold out and that was a more hometown sort of show for us as well which was amazing and we’ve had a couple of days off while Sumo Cyco went to play a Hammerfesterfest festival and now we’re back in Newcastle. Every show has been really busy and ticket sales have I think doubled we all thought they’d be each night so we can’t wait to play tonight.

Jack: Oh I can’t wait, things got rowdy here last time I came up so I’m hoping it’ll be as good.

Skarlett: Who were you seeing?

Jack: Spring King. Everyone was jumping all over the place. There’s no barrier so it’s always fun to watch and see that energy. On that note as well, the record you released ‘Regenerate’ was fantastic. On the way up I listened that that and your first and I just couldn’t believe the feel of energy in that, there’s a lot more.

Skarlett: It’s a lot heavier

Jack: Is that something you’re happier about?

Skarlett: Absolutely


Jack: How was the writing different to the first record?

Skarlett: Well, we have a label for this album so as soon as we signed they told us you’ve got about six months to record it and it comes out a few months later so there was a bit of a rush to get this one ready so obviously you write until you’re ready and then you release so with the label we had a set time schedule so we didn’t write 30 songs and pick the best ten this time. We wrote a round 12 and went back and re-wrote them, rewrote verses, choruses until we were happy with every song.

Luke: It was more we were knew what was working as we went with every song. Even if we didn’t feel it, we’d finish it and it’d be on the backburner but now it was like that was bad, let’s get rid of it, and if there were songs we were really stocked on we chose the ten best ones of what we did have but it was more about focussing the parts for a while. In the last month and a half of writing it was refining the songs and we were in pre production, recording them ourselves and listening back to them and thinking think just needs tweaking, because the molody or this drum part wasn’t right, it was painstaking, it took so long to do but we’re better for it.

Skarlett: With The Storm, I think I rewrote the vocals a few weeks before we went to record and we scrapped it and just completely changed the whole feel for the song and if I imaged it the way it was, it wouldn’t have been as good so it worked for the best.


Jack: And being on the label do you think youre happier with the writing this time around?

Skarlett: Definitely. I think it gives the extra push, the pressure with a deadline. It’s like here’s what you’ve gotta do, and obviously, we wanted to make a good impression because they went off our insenitiency piece. They were like right, we love that we want you to write an album with us but they din’t want us to use any songs from that, and we thought right, we need to write something that’s as good and if not, better. We try to better ourselves swith each release so we’re definitely happy with what we’ve put out.


Jack: With the festival season coming up, where would you love to play? Im guessing download or if it was still about, sonisphere?

Skarlett: sonisphere would’ve been amazing yeah download but we do have Camden rocks coming up which we’re really excited about.

Luke: It just gets better every year. We’ve been on that a few times now and it’s a great festival. We’re lucky as well because we’re on it and because of the timing we can go check out the venue, go see other bands and you’re spoilt for choice for it being an independent festival, there’s about 250+ bands and around 30 venues so it’s massive for what it is.

Skarlett: We always have. A great time there and this time we’re playing at about 3PM this time around so we can go see bands, eat food and it’s like to a festival where we also have the privlidge of playing it as well. Bloodstock would be amazing to. I mean that’s a heavy festival so it would be cool to get back to there again. This year it’s looking amazing.


Jack: Are there any others you guys would be hyped to play?

Skarlett: ROCK AM Ring in Germany would do, that’d be cool

Luke: Some of the foreign ones would be really cool, there was a few we played last year or theyear before in belgu, metal female voices and the crowd you get for the core fanbase is really loyal so we know some people going but they’re just absolutely insane shows for what we expect of them. And this year, we’ve got a week at home then we have one in france then another in belgum we’re actually headlining in May.


Jack: And it helps that Sumo Cyco have given you the opportunity to support them in preparation for that.

Skarlett: Definitely. I mean we’re good friends with those guys, we’ve known them for a few years now so it’s like we’re really laid back with them and it’s really cool, we’re really enjoying that.

Jack: It’s like a dream lineup for you and them as well

Skarlett: Yeah a lot of people have said you really compliment each other with the music and I think it’s soldwell so far because of the compliment with the bands that share the same sort of sound between the bands so it’s nice to be with bands we suit because sometimes we’re on tour with bands that we’re like so, people aren’t going to like us here but it’s worked out pretty well.


Jack: And it does help the bands are all rocking.

Skarlett: Absolutely


Jack: And after the festival toward the back end of 2018, what s the plan?

Skarlett: We’ve got nothing set in stone but we’re toying with ideas but we’re looking at going back out toward the back end of the year but we can’t give away any details at the moment. We’re so sorry we can’t but we have the festivals and planning toward something toward the back end of the year.


Jack: If you could work with anyone living or dead in music who would it be?

Skarlett: I think that’s a hard one because we have different music tastes don’t we?

Luke: I’ll throw another one out there, the original Avenged lineup so when the Rev was in it but obviously that can’t happen

Skarlett: If I had to pick a personal one I’d go withHalestorm

Jack: I do have a soft spot for Halestorm. Are you guys going to see them when they tour in September?

Skarlett: Hopefully

Luke: Hopefully, maybe, if you guys go, I’ll come, ill sneak along.

Skarlett: I haven’t been to see them in a few years so it’s definitely overdue.


Jack: I don’t think I’ve seen avenged live, but as you said I’d love to see the original lineup.

Luke: Yeah, I’m the same, I kinda got into them as he died, the Rev so I was kinda late to the game on that and the new drummers is great but I kinda wanna see that lineup. That self titled album was my favourite album so its bit sad that I can never get that full experience

Skarlett: I saw them last year and everything was really tight and everything but I much rpefer the older material to the new stuff unfortunately they playing their newer material more than older stuff but they were still really tight, you couldn’t knock em for that stuff.


Jack: And is there anything else you guys would like to say before we wrap things up.

Skarlett: Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show tonight. We are skarlett riot, check us out on Facebook, Youtube, other Social Media and keep in touch with us.

Luke: Check out the new single afflciation, available on all good outlets for you to buy and watch


You can watch Skarlett Riot’s music video for Affliction below.

New Music Videos 3.10.14

You thought I forgot??? Not this week. It’s time for another round of music videos! Ten of the best from the last week’s releases. Here we go.

First up is Our Last Night. These New Hampshire rockers have released a stunning new video for their track, ‘Ivory Tower’, which comes from their latest record, Selective Hearing.


Now, we go to Hertfordshire. This post-hardcore band just released this track as a self-released single. They’re called ‘Chocolate’ and this is their brilliant new track, Ninth Cloud.


Next, we’re going a little retro for Turnover’s new video. This track is taken from the bands latest record, ‘Good Nature’ which was released in August through Run For Cover Records. Here’s Super Natural.


Now, we move to something a little more spooky (given that Halloween has been this week. This is Courage My Love and this track from their newest record, ‘Synesthesia’ which was released in February on Warner Music Canada. Check out their claustrophobic video for the track ‘Walls’ below.


For this band, we’re coming back to the British Isles. They are due to go out on an Arena tour of the UK next month and their second record, ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ was met with critical acclaim. This is the title track from the record from Royal Blood.


Now this next British band dropped the track to acclaim from many but the track always makes you want to find and listen to more because of its huge sound. With these trippy visuals for the track, The Free Life, Turbowolf can do no wrong.


Let’s turn our attention to some up and comers. This rock outfit called Track And Field will be releasing their debut album in a few weeks but now they’re gearing up for its release with this new video. Here’s Drown.


Going to the capital next, (London) for this indie-punk group whose name is a little mouthful (itoldyouiwouldeatyou). This comes released by Failure By Design Records and is one that catches you just that little bit off guard. Here’s ‘Mourn’.


We’ve reached the penultimate video of this post and the sound comes reminiscent of early Pop-Punk. so think Green Day, Blink 182 etc. This band hails from Berlin and are the newest signings of Krod Records. This is South Berkley with ‘Tiny Rascals’.


Now, this last track comes from a band who has arisen once again! This comes from the Yorkshire rockers; Skarlett Riot who have just dropped their new record, ‘Regenerate’. If you have had any doubt about this band in the past, then this video for their new single ‘Warrior’ will put your mind at ease.


And that’s it for another round of music videos. Don’t forget to check back next week for another ten of the best.