Check Out Beauty Schools’ Latest Pop Punk Track, ‘Pawn Shop Jewels’

Slam Dunk Records latest signing Beauty School have dropped a brand new track,.

Vocalist Joe Cabrera says the following on the release:

“If I could pick any one of our songs to kind of sum up what we do, then Pawn Shop Jewels would be it. It’s got a slice of everything we have to offer. We wanted to make a song that was as catchy as it was technical, whilst juxtaposing the darker lyrical content against bright, upbeat music.”

For You The Moon Announce Signing To Slam Dunk Records, Release New Single

For You The Moon have announced that the band have signed to Slam Dunk Records.

In addition to the signing, the band have released their new single, ‘Lost Without It’.

It’s an early teaser from the pop-rock newcomers’ upcoming debut EP, set for release in 2021, and it arrives with a video that was shot in their current homebase of Leeds.

Frontman Isaac Cooter explains: “I wrote ‘Lost Without It’ when I was in that weird period after breaking up with somebody, in that place where you’re really trying to numb your own feelings and I was partying more often than I wasn’t. You end up surrounded by other people who are just as out of it as you are, probably trying to forget their problems by doing the same thing.”