Sleep/Less Release New Single ‘My Serenade’

Beau Turner, Brad Conrad Wiebe, John Corsiga & Zach Fedorowich – also known as Sleep/less, formed in late 2017, with a mission to start a band influenced by the artists they grew up with. In 2020, the band released their song “Laska,” finally shaping the sound they’ve been crafting. Since then, they have been creating an innovative, layered fusion of pop rock and pop punk. 

Their latest track, ‘My Serenade’ is a triumph in every sense of the word. With a head banging start, it evokes the best of the nostalgic emotional Pop-Punk feel but in a more modern sense with the lyrics, it makes you want to hear more from this group.


Check out Sleep/Less’s latest track, ‘My Serenade’ below.

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