EP Review – Slowmove – Haven

Allow me to introduce you to Slowmove. No it’s not another Band Interview Of The Day post, this is a new EP you have to get listening to. Influenced by Pixes, Weezer, Tigers Jaw and more, the members have all been part of various bands over the years but now they wanted to concentrate and contribute on a different genre they all love.

Recorded intermittently over the last year, the band have dropped the EP which is available to listen to right now.

In addition, both music videos they have released were filmed by members of the band David and Kat who make up Dai Tan Films.

Now going into the EP, we’re kicking things off with Behind Closed Doors. Now this track does exactly what it says on the tin where the progression of the track moves past what you think you’ll expect from the band right from the very start where the vocal harmonisation mixes better than your average track to great appeal.

Now taking a slightly different approach for ‘Here And Now’, this is a slightly slower paced than the rest of the EP but is reminiscent of Milk Teeth’s ‘Swear Jar’ in a way, at least that’s the way I hear things. Persistently here though, it’s a very notable earworm that’ll you’ll want to come back to again and again.

With the penultimate track, this is a very different approach to most bands where it is just an instrumental track. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good change of pace to most tracks where you can truly hear everything that’s going and so that the band can get to grips with a whole lot more without being dragged down and when they do play this live, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun for the crowd to watch.

Lastly we have Haven.The title track lives up to the expectation which has been set. While most title tracks currently disappoint, this one doesn’t because of the added layer of the psychedelic rock nature with a sprinkle of the gothic nature to make the track stand out just that much more.

haven – the title track lives up to the expectation that it’s set. while out title track currently disappoint, there’s an added layer of the psychedelic and a little gothic rock nature to it that makes the track just stand out that much more

Overall, what’s been produced here is above the norm for bands on their first release (where the members have learned from their past projects) and there’s a definite impact that it will have, especially with the gigs to be had in the near future but I can’t help but feel the EP is missing just a little substance help elevate the overall feel of the body of work as a whole. On the other hand, this is damn fun to listen to.


Be sure to check out the Music Videos for ‘Here And Now’ and ‘Haven’ below and listen to the EP via Spotify.

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