Story Of The Year Release New Single, ‘War’

Story Of The Year have shared their newest single and music video “War”, out now via SharpTone Records. With verses that quickly build up to a hard-hitting chorus and wicked guitar riffs, “War” takes listeners on a journey through a cautionary tale of revenge. 

“’War’ is about a person hellbent on getting revenge and ultimately finding no peace in the process,” shares guitarist Ryan Phillips “Lyrics like ‘this game will kill you in your sleep’ directly refers to the mental toll of trying to get revenge on another person: it winds up consuming you and ultimately destroys any your life and any chance of a present, balanced existence.

Check out the video for ‘WAR’ below.

Story Of The Year Share New Single, ‘Take The Ride’

Story Of The Year have shared their newest single “Take The Ride”, out now via SharpTone Records.

The band brings their trademark energy to the new song, complete with an undeniably catchy danceable rhythm and vocals, to leave both diehard fans and new listeners hitting repeat. 

In the end, ‘Take the Ride’ is a song about surrendering to what life dealt you and embracing the chaos instead of fighting it,” shares guitarist Ryan Phillips “The song captures the spirit of finding freedom through a reckless adventure, even if it’s internal.

Check out ‘Take The Ride’ below.

Story Of The Year Announce New Record, ‘Tear Me To Pieces’, Release Title Track

Story Of The Year have announced their upcoming 6th studio album Tear Me To Pieces, out March 10, 2023 via SharpTone Records.

The new album is distinctly, invitingly, loudly Story Of The Year. Heartache, desperation, motivation, toxic relationships, pain, loss, anger – all of the essential ingredients of the classic Story Of The Year sound propel Tear Me to Pieces in dazzling new ways. 

On the new record, Dan Marsala (lead vocals) says: Tear Me To Pieces is the best of everything that SOTY has to offer. It’s heavy, it’s catchy, it’s fast, it’s fun and most of all it sounds like Story Of The Year. 
This song fully represents the lyrical and musical vibe of the entire album.  That’s why we chose it to be the opening track and album title as well. Tear Me To Pieces puts you in the right mindset to hear the best record SOTY has recorded in a long time. 
Lyrically, ‘Tear Me To Pieces’ is about the constant anxieties and demons that we all deal with inside our heads. It’s about how sometimes it would feel better to give up than to battle on.”

Ryan Phillips (lead guitar): “Perhaps more than any song on the record “Tear Me to Pieces” checks all of the boxes in regards to what best defines SOTY: Anthemic pop choruses balanced with gutteral screams, high energy punk rock inspired drums, dark-ish lyrics, and aggressive guitar riffs. This one song runs the gamut. 
It was thrilling to experiment with baritone guitars in extremely low tunings. Typically you associate that sound with Nu-Metal and the like, but I found it hugely inspiring using brutal, drop-A guitar riffs to craft songs that still easily fall under the umbrella of screamo / emo, or at least still easily in the ballpark of what people associate with SOTY. It was a really, really fun challenge. 
Most SOTY music comes from demos that we bring into the studio, but not this song. There were a couple of baritones in very low tunings  laying around the studio that just by default made every riff uber heavy. One day I picked one up and worked out the entire song on the spot. I showed it to Colin and he just instinctively belted out this chorus melody and BAM! Two  hours later the entire song was finished and we all knew it was really special.”

Check out ‘Tear Me To Pieces’ below.