Music Video’s 02/03/18

It’s time for another round of music videos! If you’re new to the post, I pick ten that have been recently released for everyone eyes and ears to feast upon!

First up is the British extreme metal group Conjurer who has released a 360-degree video for Retch, which will feature on their upcoming record ‘Mire’.


This one is about a month old but it still packs a punch. This is off Crossfaith’s latest EP Wipeout and the brilliant title track off it.


Good Tiger have just recently dropped their newest record, ‘We Will All Be Gone’, and it’s been a very good listen and this is the video for Salt Of The Earth.


This track isn’t technically in the genre of rock but I’ll allow it for this one only. This is Lights with the next instalment in her record, ‘Skin & Earth’ and the video to accompany the track, ‘We Were Here.


Off the back of the self-titled record for Malevolence, a metal group from Sheffield, they dropped this video for Self Supremacy a few weeks ago.


Following its premiere over on Revolver Magazine’s website, the Canadian metalcore group Counterparts have released the video of their titular track ‘You’re Not You Anymore’ off their latest record.


These days, Germany isn’t short of its metal groups and the trio known as O’Mara is one of their best exports at the moment.  They’ve just debuted their latest video for the track, ‘Relapse’ which sees the band going through some psychosis within the halls of a school.


Now, I’ve loved this track since I first heard it over on Radio 1’s Rock Show a few weeks ago but now The Faim has released a stunning video to go with their huge track, ‘Saints of the Sinners’.


Anybody need some more Waterparks in their life? of course, you do! It’s got everything you want. Colour, the lads and some strange goings-on. This is the video for ‘Not warriors’ and ‘Crybaby’.


Lastly, ahead of their upcoming UK tour, Canadian Punk Rockers Sumo Cyco have dropped a track off their forthcoming EP. Details are a little sparse at the moment, but for now, here’s the video for ‘Undefeated’.


And that’s it for another round of music videos for one more week! Be sure to check out next week’s post for more music-filled madness!

Bands To Check Out – Eva Play Dead

For fans of: Marmozets, Sumo Cyco, New Years Day.

Pulsating and headbanging vibes with amazing riffs, this can only be the band known as Eva Plays Dead from Nottingham/Derby.

Image result for eva plays dead

They’ve been on the underground circuit for a little while and released a few EP’s, but after gigs with the likes of New Year’s Day, Alien Ant Farm, as well as slots at Macmillan Festival and Teddy Rocks among others, they’re ready to take on the world.

What makes Eva Plays Dead unique though?  Well their consistant work ethic is always intruiging to see, from touring to working day jobs and back to recording, it’s quite clear music is something they breathe for. Also, they’ve just been in Cardiff, hopefully working on new material. What’s more is that their off on tour within the next month, showing that they’re comitted people who want to take their music to as many people as humanly possible. Who knows?, they might be playing this new material on their shows with Sumo Cyco and Devilskin.

Adding to this hard working ethic, this band has shown time and time again they won’t let the world get them down. Last year, they were the unfortunate victims of a robbery where most of their gear was stolen, £3,000 in fact but through a GoFundMe page, their fans as well as a donation from Doc Martens, they were able to help fund the money for new equipment. Now six months later, they are gearing up for another tour.

Their last EP ‘Sounds of The Written Word’ featured some of the best sounding tracks form a lesser known band I’ve heard in a while. In fact, they’re one of the best underated band within England in my opinion. If you don’t beieve me, well check these two music video’s. The first is called 1950’s Woman which includes some live footage from the last year.


And here’s the latest hard hitting single, Bones.



Woah! Powerful tracks there and what’s that you ask? When are they touring?

Well, they’re off on tour, opening for Sumo Cyco and Devilskin within the next month.

Here’s the dates.

Image may contain: 11 people, text

They’re also playing a few festivals near you this summer.

They are:

Wildfire – Wiston, Scotland, 23th-25th June

Fort Fest – Thurleigh, Bedforshire, 4th-6th August