Music Video Roundup 22/02/19

Friday already? That can only mean it’s 4PM! This it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or the roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I view some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. First up are Australian newcomers Dealer who’ve recently signed to Stay Sick Recordings and they have a new video for the track ‘Crooked’.


Next, ahead of the release of their third record, O.r.k. have released a new video for ‘Black Blooms’, which also features System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian. This is off their upcoming record, ‘Ramagehead’, which is set to be released on February 22nd via Kscope Record.


Continuing this weeks list, with their recently released record, ‘Designed Obsolescence’ Death Metallers Continuum recently dropped their latest video for ‘A History Denied’. On the video, the band said: “We knew we wanted to do something other than your typical band performance video and Marshall Wieczorek and Michelle Nisbet did a great job at writing and directing the plot-driven video that is loosely based on the concept of our new album Designed Obsolescence. I feel like the vibe of mystery and intrigue go great with the song which has some new songwriting elements we’ve never used in Continuum before. Hopefully, you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it.”

Continuing on with the heavy theme, which is becoming more and more apparent for this week’s videos is Lakeshore who have a new video in the form of Sorry which is taken from their second EP, ‘Secret Weapons’, released a few months ago.


We’re heading down to Essex for our number five pick of the week and steering into the Alternative Rock genre now is Sun Arcana. The band have a new track in the form of ‘Let Me Down (ventilate) which acts as the follow up to 2018’s ‘As I Take A Breath…’ and Acoustic Sessions EP.


And moving across the pond to Delaware for Hardcore band Year Of The Knife, they have a video which was first released on Pure Noise Records for ‘Fatal’. It’s the first release for the band on Pure Noise which is a compilation of their Ultimat Disease and First State Aggression EPs.


And we’re going a bit softer for our next pick of the week with one track from Weezer’s cover record. It’s the video for their cover of ‘Take On Me’ which also stars Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard in a full 80s outfit with massive hair which pays homage to the original video.


Going for more a Pop-Punk vibe next but not more acoustic for this selection. This is With Confidence doing the opposite of the norm these days and reimagining their track for ‘Without Me’ as a fully loud and produced version, which is something you could possibly crowd surf to as well.


For the penultimate pick, we’re going back to the heavy vibe of the week. Our Hollow, Our Home fans have made the track ‘Wraiths’ a fan favourite since their latest record was released in October and the band have listened to fans, giving the track a huge music video. Speaking about the track in question, Vocalist Tobias Young shared that:

“This is my favourite track on the record. Its written from the perspective of someone who suffers with IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder – anger management) and how living with it effects your thought process. Easily one of the most difficult songs to play musically, but also the most fun to record, and I hope it will go down well live! I think it does a good job of tying up any loose ends from “// anger” as it has a positive spin towards the end.”


And now, for the last track of the week. I sometimes choose my favourite based on the band. Sometimes the video itself but this is a combination of the artist, the video and the cinematography. This was filmed while our on their tour of Asia and their newest record, ‘So What’ is set to be released on March 1st. Ladies and gentlemen, for the last music video of the week, I give you While She Sleeps track, ‘The Guilty Party’.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundups. Be sure to check back next week for another ten of the best right here at Almost Anything Media.

Sun Arcana Announce Debut EP

I’ve been waiting for this one!

The rising rockers Sun Arcana have announced details of their upcoming EP ‘As I Take A Breath’ which is set to drop 9th March via Easy Life Records. It’s being produced by Chris Coulter (Jamie Lenman, Arcane Roots) so expect this to sound awesome!

On the EP, the band have said:

We are absolutely over the moon that we can announce our first EP, let alone release it! These songs embody a sort of ‘twisted fantasy’ theme. They don’t necessarily tie into each other but they all relate back to the fantasies that everybody has at some point but are too afraid to share. We’ve been sitting on these songs for a long time, so to finally release them for everyone to hear is the best.

They’ve also dropped a new video for the track, ‘Fracture’, which sees them return to the narrative previously seen in their past videos.

Sun Arcana are also fresh from a support slot with The Xcerts, and are heading to the prestigious Download Festival this summer.

Here’s the tracklisting.

  1. Fracture
  2. Oxygen
  3. Everybody
  4. When I Turn Cold
  5. Wonderful
  6. Oblique

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New Music Videos 24/11/17

It’s that time of the week again. Friday. But it’s more than that, it’s time for a new list of ten of the best recently released music videos. Let’s go!

First up is Anti-Flag and their old-school music video for their track, Liar. This is off their latest record, American Fall which is out now via Spinefarm.


Next up are rising giants Nothing But Thieves. Their latest record, ‘Broken Machine’ was a stellar effort from the group and their music video for Particles is nothing less than brilliant.


Now, we’ll go a little hardcore from the energetic band, Blood Youth. This music video is a look at what the shows of the band are like. They’re loud, hectic but absolutely brilliant! Here’s Parasite.


This next offering is from Hopeless Records band Drown In My Mind whose record, ‘Waves’ is set to drop February 2nd. Here’s Story Untold With Drown In My Mind.


Next, let go for some up and comers. This is a band’s first release since signing to Easy Life Records and this is the latest offering from Essex rockers Sun Arcana. Check out Wonderful below.


Next an unconventional track but which has been covered by non-other than Hayley Williams. It’s an amazingly animated cover track of the classic Tegan And Sara track ‘Nineteen’.


And we’ll keep things up with another cover but put a spin on the restriction for this video, it’s from Radio 1 Rocks the other earlier in the month when Neck Deep visited to play a few tracks. They have previously recorded a version of this but everyone loves a little bit of a Green Day cover. Check out the live version of Welcome To Paradise.


Pressing on, this is a huge video for this established band. It’s off their latest record, ‘The Spark’ and transports them to Outer Space! Well, not really, in the video, yes but now the band has donned their space suits yet again for their video for ‘The Sights’. It’s Enter Shikari.


Now this band isn’t usually intense but thanks to the fan reaction, it’s become one of their most important track in their short history to date! This is As It Is with a storming track off their second record, ‘Okay’ which is probably their best-written one to date! Here’s No Way Out.


Okay. Final track time. This band has been teasing a video for their latest track for a while now. You may have seen the Hashtags for Soon and listened to this one by Thirty Second To Mars. It’ll tie into a film project they launched earlier in the year for which they filmed in all fifty states in America where this video is a very small selection of the footage you see. This is the stellar video for Walk On Water.


And that’s it for another round of Music Videos! Check out to see another ten of the best next Friday! Also, I have a student radio show titled The Rock Show where I play some of the tracks seen here as well as bring people on so we can chat about different music topics as well as have general banter between us. Check me out every Friday 1PM – 4PM (UK Time). there’s also some amazing shows every day on the station which is all led by students who are utterly enthusiastic for Radio Production. Check us out via the following link.