TellTale Debuts New Single, ‘Slowburn’

Fresh off signing to international label Rude RecordsTelltale have shared a scorching, and environmentally conscious new single “Slowburn“. 

I’m not claiming to be an expert on the climate crisis,” shares vocalist John Carteret. “The goal of a song like ‘Slowburn’ is to encourage people to ask questions. It doesn’t require an uncompromising shift to sustainable living, just an introspective look at ‘what can I do better?’” 

He continues: “The biggest effort that young people can make right now is writing to their local politicians to oppose corporate CO2 emissions, and learning through research. Staying informed on the effects of globalization, polarization of the media, and just generally informing your political stance can make all the difference.”

‘Slowburn’ is out now via Rude Records.

Check out the music video below.